How to find own Aircel number, Know my aircel number

We’ve earlier posted tutorial on how to find own number (owner number) of aircel sim card. If you’ve aircel sim card but you somehow forgot its mobile number. If you’ve balance in it, you’ll simply make a call from that number to some other number to know its mobile no. But what if you’ve zero balance? You can not even easy-recharge your aircel no. without knowing it. So, you’ll have only two choices, visit local recharge shop and buy paper-recharger voucher or try this tutorial given here. find-aircel-mobile-number

On you aircel number, just dial *234*4# and you’ll see a message on your screen with your aircel mobile number. This is USSD number so you can use this method to find aircel number on your aircel usb data card/ 3G dongle as well by using USSD feature of dongle software installed on your computer.

I’ve personally tested this before writing and it works very well. Be smart, act smart!

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25 Replies to “How to find own Aircel number, Know my aircel number”

  1. Hi,

    I have tried all the options given in your esteem webpage of using USSD to check data balance in my Aircel 2G failed. I am in North-East Telecom Circle. Pls help

  2. i tried the thing what you have suggested but did not work on my pc. is there any other alternative to get my number? if there please tell me.

  3. i would like to know how i can get back my old number which i have not been using for the past 1 year

  4. Hey it really worked…thank you so much 😊 I was very tensed and I wanted to know any how…though I tried 20-30 code but any didn’t work….but this work ty ry ty

  5. Hello, I had an aircel number long time back, I used it for couple of years and then I stopped using it though it was activated, now I want to use the same number back as it was a very unique number and it has some fond memories, is it possible to retrieve the number and use it once again, I m ready to pay any fines if any
    Kind regards

  6. I tried all options but it still shows MMI COMPLETE but not
    showing 3g balance plz guide how to know 3g remaining balance.

  7. Hi,
    I’m in US now and have an Aircel data card from Karnataka. I forgot the number. How to know my number from US? I am planning to visit India and has to recharge.

  8. Sir , I have no network in my aircel sim as the company is closed. Sir please tell me how to find sim number of aircel.
    Thank you

  9. sir my aircel sim is not there it was leaved above 5 years .
    sir my phone number is 8801618219.
    so , plese sir active my sim agian.

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