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Grand Theft Auto 5 – one of the most anticipated game ever and as we move closer to its release (it is to be released in spring, 2013), Rockstar games is couteous enough to reveal more in-game screenshots for all fans and gamers like us. So, here we’ve listed the gallery of newly released GTA 5 screenshots/images (total – 5) which Rockstar games unveiled as christmas gift. In one image, we’ve planes flying which kind of give us the impression that in GTA V, we’d get to engage ourselves in more of the plane-boarded missions. In another image, there is underwater shot. In a screenshot, One of the GTA 5 characters is sitting along with his pet on a car, so this gives us a sign that we can now have pets with us. Just take a real good look at the screenshots to make your own opinions and do comment your interpretations from these images.

Courtsey: Rockstar Games. Click on these images to view them in full size and save them on your system.

If you’ve not watched its trailer, I’ve also embedded official Youtube trailer video of GTA 5. There are two trailers that have been launched till date. We may expect more resources and insights as the release date nears.

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GTA V Trailer 2

GTA 5 Trailer 1

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