GTA V Release Date | GTA 5 Game Details

I love You – As these three words are divine in love and romance world, so are these three letters in gaming world – GTA. The entire Grand Theft Auto series is famous and has changed the way games emulate real-world life. Several other games have tried to mimic the open world arena presented in GTA game, but failed. GTA IV was released back in 2008, which even after four years has not yet lost its popularity. Gamers are eagerly waiting for the next part of the game franchise i.e. GTA V. Finally, after years of wait, RockStar Games, the developer of GTA, had announced about upcoming GTA V back on 25 October, 2011. After few days, a trailer of GTA V was officially released which pushed the craving among gamers real high. It’s a kind of game which can be played at all times.

GTA 5 Trailer

The 1st official trailer of GTA V was revealed on November 2, 2011. The trailer was uploaded on YouTube on RockStar Games channel. Till date, the trailer has received over 25.5 million views (about to touch 26 million, add to that other uploads by several fans which would culminate to the count of about 30 million. GTA 5 trailer gives us a good hint of Los Santos, which is said to be the prime location where main gameplay would take place. The song that plays in this trailer is Ogdens Nut Gone Flake by The Small Faces (British Band). A second trailer was to be released on November 2, 2012 (after 1 year of the 1st trailer), but due to hurricane sandy issue, it has been delayed. RockStar promises to unveil something strong and exciting soon to compensate for the delay.

We’ll update this post as soon as the second trailer of GTA 5 is out (scheduled to be revealed on November 14 now).

GTA 5 Game Details

The game is set in Los Santos (equivalent of modern-day Los Angeles and its California surroundings) including Vinewood (or say, Hollywood). We rural areas as well in GTA V (We missed those,something like those present in San Andreas version). This is said to be the largest game ever made by RockStar. The game features Gyms, restaurants, girls (you know what I mean?), new cars (convertibles also), new jets (including private jets), airship, new radio soundtracks and of course, a complete new lengthy storyline with deep character immersion, while retaining the open-world gaming flavor and several in-game engaging missions which include playing like a cop, robber, shooter, gang leader, car racer, pilot, agent, drug-dealer, etc.

Go on adventurous tour to mountaineering, or drive a boat even if you’ve never been in real-life, interact with people on the streets, or just cause havoc and chaos in the city, or get some shots of tequila — It’s all up to your imagination. New bikes including the old pedal bikes are there for you to ride the way you want. GTA V is being developed from scratch to address the restrictions and players’ complaints in earlier versions, while making the gameplay more free open-world oriented, engaging, and missions harder with several challenges in your way, in your pursuit and hunger for green bucks. With enhanced SocialClub features, multi-player gaming will also be lot improved with ability to form your crew and beat the competition online. Multiplayer crew support so that you can play from Max Payne 3 to GTA V.

GTA 5 Release Date

Based on several leaked screenshots, artwork, and reports from various trusted sources, we’ve come to conclusion that GTA 5 will indeed be released in Spring, 2013 for xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 (it has been officially confirmed. Although, exact date is not announced, we expect it to be in May, 2013. Furthermore, keeping in view the release date, we’re certain that this game is to be launched for current generation of console and not the next-gen i.e. PlayStation 4 and xbox 720, these upcoming game consoles are still about 2 years away, probably in 2014. Read the linked article on these consoles to find out more about them. {As we’ve reported about PS4 that it might not support backward compatibility, so our concern is if we’ll be able to play GTA V on PS4 or not.}) but pre-order for GTA V for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 has started on Amazon, Best Buy, GameStop, Target, Future Shop and other stores. First come First serve -i.e. early customers will receive photoviewer keychain showing off locations from the game. As reported, there are 4 kinds of photo viewer in distribution toas pre-order bonuses for GTA 5, each depicting a different location from  GTA V. In addition to photo viewer keychains, some early customers at GameStop might receive double-sided GTA 5 poster. The leaked artwork image contains “Pest Control” artwork. A new  unseen artwork came online which contains a thug with a baseball bat and an angry-looking dog on a chain. Another leaked artwork poster contains female cop arresting hot and kinky blonde girl. An official poster is recently posted on GTA V Official website with a Girl in Bikini holding a mobile phone, at the bottom of the poster, it is clearly mentioned that GTA V is scheduled to release in Spring, 2013. GTA 5 for PC will come few months later, because no details for the same has been announced, even pre-order for GTA V for PC has not started while the console edition as started (so the chances of it being released along with release for console platforms are few).

Are you eagerly waiting for GTA V release? What do you expect from this game? I’ve always loved GTA series, it is one of few games which I can play anytime. Gear up and Put your valuable comment below .

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