Google LG Nexus 4 Specification, Price, Release Date

Lifting off  the veil from LG Nexus 4, Google has officially announced the phone featuring Android 4.2 (which is still called as Jelly Bean) on promising hardware. Viewing by design, that’s more classified along the look of its predecessor. It has height of 5.27 inches, width of 2.70 inches and is about 9.1 mm thin(0.36 inch – thicker than iPhone 5{7.6mm} or Samsung Galaxy S3{8.6mm}). Nexus 4 has weight of 139 gram (4.90 ounce – slightly heavier than S3{133 gm} or iPhone 5{112gm}). The display is 4.7 inch sized with True HD IPS screen with resolution of 1280*768 pixels featuring LG’s Zero-Gap technology to produce remarkably sharp and rich visuals. The display is curved around edges and is protected by Corning Gorilla Glass 2 for robustness and scratch-resistance. Talking about this beautiful and vibrant display, we must say it’s praiseworthy, and makes it one strong reason to buy Nexus 4. The pixel density is 320 ppi which would make the text and other elements on screen look true with finely appreciable details.

On the performance side, it beats most of other phones as it derives its strength from the latest quad-core Snapdragon S4 Pro processor which is built to provide fulfilling performance without using up all the battery juice. Coupled with 2 GB of RAM, this makes Google Nexus 4 smartphone powerful enough to play all those demanding 3D games beside allowing hiccup-free multitasking. The battery in this phone is of 2100 mAh capacity.

Smartphones have replaced point and shoot cameras, without doubt. Although we are not getting 13 megapixel camera in Nexus 4 as we get on LG Optimus G, yet the 8 mp camera present at the back of Google Nexus 4 promises to capture your memories with fine details. The camera module is improved and it allows you to appreciate all the real-world scenes into digital Photo sphere so that you could live that moment once again. On the front, we’ve 1.3mp HD camera, sufficient for 3G video-calling or skype or for other video-chatting needs, or even self-shooting.

On the connectivity side, it has bluetooth 4.0, high-speed dual-band WiFi a/b/g/n, micro-usb, NFC. It also supports wireless charging. On the network side, you can use this phone on GSM or (3G) HSPA+ networks around the globe. It provides downloading speed of upto 42 Mbps (DC-HSDPA). Unfortunately, 4G LTE support is not there. So if you want 4G support as must-have, you may have to ignore LG Nexus 4, unless your carrier comes with specific customized contract-locked LTE-supported Nexus 4 phone, which is highly unlikely.

The hottest selling point of Google’s brand Nexus phones is that they come with latest version of Android OS without vendor-specific toppings i.e. customization, so you get native stock android experience with refinements and purity as offered by Google. Nexus 4 phone is the first phone to be running Android 4.2. Like other nexus phones, this will also be among the first few devices to receive OTA updates when Google releases another version of Android. Beside several improvements and features addition in Android 4.2, we’ve improved Google Now, Google Maps, improved keyboard with Gesture typing (something like Swype).

Nexus 4 Price, Release Date

Nexus 4 is to be sold as it is i.e. factory unlocked (no-contract or carrier-based pricing ). It comes in two variants i.e. 8GB version and a 16GB model with no support for external memory card (Is it taking a step backward because 16GB is being accepted as standard for high-end smartphones with other choices like 32GB or 64 GB variants, or is it intended step of Google – hinting users to shift to cloud?). The release date of Nexus 4 i.e.  general availability on Google Play store will be from November 13, so you can be among early adopters if you’re from countries like US, UK, Canada, Germany, France, Spain and Australia. In retail stores, phones shops and other markets in Europe, Central/South Americas, Asia, CIS and the Middle East, Nexus 4 will be available for sale/purchase from the end of November, 2012. The price of Google LG Nexus 4 is $299 USD for 8GB) model and $349 USD for 16GB version. Keeping price in view, this handset really offers much more and appears lucrative.

Should I buy Nexus 4 ?

Yes if I want :

  • Latest Android version
  • Default android experience and Google offers.
  • Stunning screen : Zero-Gap technology based True HD IPS display with 1280*768 resolution
  • High-speed 3G internet access.
  • High performance with quad-core 1.5 GHz processor and 2 GB RAM.
  • High-speed dual-band supporting WiFi
  • 8mp rear camera and 1.3mp front camera
  • wireless charging support
  • reasonably priced phone

No if I want :

  • 4G LTE support
  • External micro-sd support
  • Higher storage capacity than 16 GB.
  • to buy something much more costlier than this.
  • everything else that is not present in Nexus 4 ;)

For our Indian readers, Nexus 4’s availability or release in India is not yet confirmed. Looking at the past, one may reach to conclusion that Nexus 4 may not be launched in India, but if you take the market demands, nature and type in India, Nexus 4 fits that very well if the actual price of Nexus 4 in India at the time of release matches INR currency equivalent of USD.

What do you think of this phone? Are you going to buy one? We’d love to hear from our readers. Share your views in comments section. Need advice buying phones, feeling confused, feel free to ask as we respond to each n every comment posted on our blog here.

15 Replies to “Google LG Nexus 4 Specification, Price, Release Date”

    1. Take it for certainty.. Nexus 4 will be selling factory unlocked and is compatible with over 200 carriers worldwide based on GSM/HSPA+ networks.. So, it’ll surely work in India..

      1. But aren’t they talking about only 200 supported carriers? Or does that mean they support any carrier operating on the frequency the Nexus can use?
        What is the chance that India may get the nexus if they release it in Asia in November end?
        What about warranties and repair if you get it shipped from abroad?

        1. Well, 200 supported carriers are just an indication that Nexus 4 will work with most of the carriers that follow standard GSM/HSPA+ network rules and protocols.. Hence, without doubt, Nexus 4 phones will work in India..
          Based on past records, chances are less, but since Nexus 4 doesn’t have LTE and its price is really attractive, chances of Nexus 4 release in India go manifold as it suits Indian Market.. If the product comes with International Warranty, then you’ll get warranty and repair service from LG in India also, else you need to buy Nexus 4 only when officially released in India..

  1. Can you buy international warranty separately? Will the phone have an international warranty version?

    LG India won’t even repair it if I don’t have a warranty?

    1. As far as I know, you can not buy international warranty separately.. You’ll have to contact the seller or the point of purchase to confirm if the phone carries international warranty..
      In case of any issues with phone, you can always opt for third-party repairing services..

    1. Due several factors at play, one of them being lack of manufacturing units of big companies in India.. Good are imported and therefore liable for import and other taxes.. Hence overall, prices go high..

    2. Currently, some sellers in India on certain websites are taking pre-orders for Nexus 4 for about Rs.27,000 (expected delivery by December 10).. An example of overpricing (because it’ll be imported from US)..
      So, if the Nexus 4 phone is officially launched in India, one can expect reasonable price (but don’t expect much for now)

    1. The apps and games you’re talking about, if these work on other android phones, they’d surely work on Nexus 4 as well.. And remember, android has lots of interesting, addictive, engaging games..

    1. yes, nexus 4 will be officially released in India (as per my sources in LG Mobile) but the price will be high i.e. around 27-30k…

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