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Who knew that Google could come up with a smart, simple, intuitive, fast and smooth browser like Google Chrome and establish it as one of the best web browser. Just hit on the Google chrome icon on your desktop and it starts in a blink. It is amazingly fast. The interface is so simple and lovely that you just want to browse the web without witnessing any clutter or complexity. Google Chrome is all about making your web browsing worthwhile without making errors, problems and technical issues. It is not just a browser that qualifies, it is a kind of browser that set marks, ideals and envision the way internet should be surfed. It is created on the goals of providing users with speed, security, stability and chrome free download Google Chrome Free Download | Offline Installer

Features of Google Chrome Browser

  • Attractive, Easy and Simple UI – Google chrome browser looks very simple yet very attractive. There is a large empty omnibar on the top which is a single box encompassing the function of url bar as well as search box. You can just enter any website name and if that website is previously visited, it automatically completes the full website name while you type. Or just enter any search query in the omnibox and using Google Instant feature, it suggests you possible search query just after your type a few letters. With omnibox, you’re most likely to make almost nil url errors or spelling mistakes while typing website name. Even chrome logo was changed from 3D type to simple logo to relect sense of simplicity for which this browser stands proud.
  • Like every other browser, it offers tabbed browsing but on the tab page, it lists thumbnails of 8 most frequently visited websites which is pretty cool feature, it also displays bookmarks toolbar there. You can even re-arrange those thumbnails, pin them. It also gives links to quick access installed chrome extensions or visit chrome webstore to add more.
  • When it comes to browsing speed, Google Chrome really does a very good job. It uses dns-prefetching techniques to speed up domain lookup times. It renders webpages quickly using webkit rendering engine. It utilizes its own SPDY protocol to serve google websites and services. It also makes use of Google Instant and Google Search smart predictions to prefetch websites you’re most likely to visit based on your search query. Java Script Execution is very fast in Google Chrome. You don’t need to tweak its settings to make it more fast. It just works speedily out of box.
  • Talking about security, at present times, we all know how valuable user data is. If a browser is not secure enough, it is not worth using at all. Google Chrome addresses security concern by using multilevel security layers. Each tabs of Google Chrome run under its own separate process which isolates it from the adjacent tabs. Hence if a malicious website is opened in one tab, it won’t affect another tab. This sand-boxed method of browsing is considered more secure. It prevents malware from installing itself automatically.
  • Automatic webpage translation : Based on your location and your primary language, Google Chrome detects the language of the visited websites and offer optional automatic translation option if applicable using Google Translate services.
  • With Automatic Update feature, Google Chrome update itself automatically. You don’t need to keep yourself informed about the latest release and update your browser manually by downloading and installing it. Chrome does the job for you on its own. It checks for update and if available, download it and install it. It is updated regularly.
  • HTML 5, CSS 3 support. It is regularly updated with new definitions, property introductions and upcoming updates/changes to web standards.
  • Integration with Google services to provide you with syncing feature. Just sign in your google chrome browser and set up your google account and it’ll backup all your browsing data, bookmarks, id & passwords and link these data with your google account so that you can take your entire browsing session wherever you go and access it on any other device be it computer or on mobile phone in Google Chrome Browser.
  • This browser is really stable. It also includes a task manager to monitor which webpages, plugins, extensions are causing load on your computer and the ability to stop them. Also, since every tab runs on its own process, when one tab freezes, it doesn’t crash the application. You can just end the freezing tab and work with others in most cases without any problem.
  • Google Chrome Webstore for Extensions, Games, Plugins and Themes : This is where Google Chrome provides you flexibility, customization and entertainment options. You can install chrome extensions which are basically little tools that will extend the features of your browser. You can change the skin, appearance by applying new themes. You can even play games like angry birds right in your browser. Google Chrome Webstore is central point to access all of these. Also, it is integrated with Google Plus so that you can see what your friends in your circles are using.
  • Incognito Mode : This mode is kind of private browsing mode in which you can browse the web without storing any details of your browsing session on the computer. Whatever you do in Incognito mode is not saved locally so this gives you privacy in case you need it. Incognito mode is also advisable for guest surfing.
  • Several other features are there which has earned Google Chrome the title of the Best free internet browser.
  • It is available for all platform including windows, mac, linux and Android os.
  • It is free which means all these awesomeness for free. Also, Google has made large portion of it as open-source as part of chromium project.

Rating for Google Chrome : 5/5

Not just yet another browser, Google Chrome is very powerful yet simple browser that works out of box!

Download Google Chrome Offline Installer for Windows xp, windows 7 and 8, Mac OS x, Linux from here

The chrome Browser link given above is of standalone offline installer with full setup file of the latest released version. It doesn’t require you to remain online during installation process. Just download it and install.

Google Chrome Free Download Latest Version- Online Installer from here

download google chrome windows xp 7 8 mac os Google Chrome Free Download | Offline InstallerThe Google browser download link given above is of online installer. During installation process, you need to remain online. Just download it and run it. To complete installation via this method, you need to remain online during installation. After installation, you just need to choose your default search engine. This post is always updated with links to latest stable version released.

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