Free Online Converter – Units Converter

You can use Google as unit converter to convert values and data from one unit to another of measurements.Listed below are the conversion types that we can do on Google Unit converter. Just chose the desired converter from the dropdown arrow. See the image below :

We don’t require these conversions everyday but sometimes we do. On computer, we have several choices but on mobile, using online converter is preferred. Further you don’t need to install several apps for these basic conversion job when you have Google with you on your computer as well as on your mobile. All you need is internet connectivity. There are plethora of units converter built shown on Google SERP (Search Results page) when we search for unit conversion or unit converter or temperature converter on Google. Alternatively, for direct result and one time conversion, we may directly enter in the following format: value unit1 to unit2 in Google and the result will be displayed along with the concerned unit converter. For example: 3c to f for conversion of temperature, 500km to mile, 50km/hr to mile/hr, 250kg to pounds, etc.The list of unit converters available in Google unit conversion tool are :

Temperature Converter : Convert from Celsius to Fahrenheit or Kevin or vice versa.

Length Unit Converter : To convert to miles, kilometer, centimeter, yard, foot, inch, etc.

Mass unit converter : To convert to milligram, kilogram, pound, ounce, etc.

Speed converter : TO convert to km/hr or miles/hr or feet/sec, etc.

Volume converter : TO convert to US Gal,  US quart, US pint, Imperial Gal, Imperial quart, Imperial pint, liter , milliliter, cubic foot, cubic inch, etc.

Area Converter : To convert to square kilometer, hectare, sq mile, sq yard, square feet, etc.

Fuel consumption : To convert to MPG(US) to MPG(Imperial) or km/liter.

Time Converter : To convert to microseconds, nanoseconds, hours, minutes, day, year, months, etc. Although, timezone converter is not built into it, yet you can find current local time, just search for Time on Google and it’ll display you the time in your location. You can also find current time in other countries by typing Time in countryname, for ex – Time in London or Time in NewYork or Time in India.Data Storage unit converter : To convert to bits, bytes, kilobytes, megabytes, gb, tb, etc.

These were bunch of units that we could easily convert from and to. We’ve also published about using Google as online calculator and currency converter , so don’t forget to check them. Trying these conversion onto Bing search engine didn’t help much because most of the times, these don’t work on bing. Even I copy pasted the query written on  bing guidelines page for doing quick conversions, but I didn’t get the result in SERP. Hence, Bing has to work on to output results on such commonly done conversion tasks by users understanding their queries in a smart way as Google does.