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Google can be used as online calculator as it present a visually appealing calculator on search results page when you try perform any sort of calculation via it. It is your primary search engine not just because it presents you relevant search results to your queries but also because it serves as handy utility tool for a lot of common operations like arithmetic calculations.  It is your smart search engine. Beside helping you with instant calculations, it also helps in several conversion task as you can use Google as currency converter or for temperature conversion but for all these to work, internet connectivity is must. There are two ways to make calculations on Google. First just directly write your maths in Google search box. For example – Enter 7+11 or 7-11 or 7*11  or 7/11 in Google now and see for yourself. As soon as you type any of these queries in Google, it automatically makes calculation and gives you the result and also populates an online calculator on its result page for you to make more calculations using Google Calculator. This is called smart job.

The second way to use Google as online calculator is to search for terms like calculator or online calculator in Google. The search results page will show you visual calculator which you can use to make calculations in realtime without the need to visit any other website. Why use Google online calculator ? The simple answer is that Google is one of the fastest website and it opens instantly. Also the calculator is handy with additional options like sin, cos, tan, root, log, etc. You can either use the visual number buttons in the online calculator on Google or you can just type the required numbers and operators from your keyboard.

If you have android mobile, you can long-press the option/menu button (left-most key of the three button located at the bottom) to launch the google search. Now in the search box you can enter 8+12= to do addition or 9-11= to do subtraction or 10*3= to do multiplication or 8/4= to do division. Note: Here on android mobile, we’re typing = (equal to) sing as well so that google could make the calculation in realtime and show the result in google instant suggestion just below the search box. This way, we don’t have to actually make search, we just have to type the arithmetic query and wait for google instant search to preview the result as suggestion below. Now delete your query and make another calculation this way. You can even bring the visual calculator by searching for calculator on google the same way you do on your computer. See the image below of Google Calculator on Mobile in portrait mode in which it just shows the basic operators and not the additional ones like tan, log, cos, sin, etc.

In Landscape mode, Google shows those extra buttons to perform additional operations beside basic calculation like sin, cos, tan, rad, etc. So, if you just want to use these extra operators, just rotate your handset to switch to landscape view.

Hence Techotv Rating for Google Online Calculator : 5/5


Basic arithmetic calculation is provided on bing search engine as well but at the time or writing this post, it is not working (maybe due to some internal technical problem or bing staff might have accidentally omitted the programming code required to intercept calculation). See the screenshot below for my trial of 18+6 calculation on Bing :

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