Flexible Phone Concept – Everything you need to know

Samsung's Flexible phone concept at CES 2013

About 5-6 years back , Nokia had posted a concept video called the ‘Morph concept phone‘ and it went viral on YouTube and other  social networking sites . Back then , as  a kid , i was so excited and been waiting till date to see a phone like that . It wasn’t just me  , but most of them who saw that video were so excited because a concept like that was so hard to even imagine in those days .And soon the idea just faded away. But over the recent times , the idea is again taking shape and the dreams of millions of people (including me ) will soon come true . For those of you who followed the CES 2013 , you would have seen flexible phones in one of Samsung’s presentations. But the very idea of flexible phones is still a dream which is actually so close  to becoming a reality . The devices that Samsung showcased are under  beta stage since , a lot of factors have to be taken into account while considering the case of a  phone which can actually bend and still not break . As of now , manufacturers have figured a way to produce flexible displays which is a giant leap towards the goal of a flexible phone . The flexible display could bend , twist , swirl , roll and still not shatter into pieces .Yes , certainly there were challenges to overcome before they could actually start producing flexible displays .The glass-epoxy material  of the display had to undergo many chemical processes to attain high degree of bending stress  and tensile strength ( the maximum stress/force that a material can withstand ,while stretching or pulling before getting damaged ) .So the glass has been made flexible . What next ? The touch screen of course . The traditional touch sensor cannot be implemented in a bendable display. So researchers have found a workaround for this problem by using chemicals in place of sensors . Now that we have attained a completely working touch screen display which is bendable , what about the other parts ? The Battery and the motherboard wont bend . Staying rigid is the key to a Li-Ion battery’s life and researchers have  started developing alternative sources like nano cell batteries and nano tube batteries which can actually bend . The engineers at major chip manufacturing companies are also trying their best to innovate .The battery and the motherboard (which includes LTE , CDMA and other chips ) are the biggest challenges to a flexible phone since all other components like camera , microphone , speakers are too small and don’t affect the flexibility  of the phone

Gadget Show Samsung

The advantage of flexible phones is that high quality components can be used and the cost of manufacturing can be reduced by 30% . And of course , we consumers can drop our phones from a 10 storey building and still watch the phone bending and rolling like a caterpillar rather than watching  it shatter into pieces .

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