Flash Samsung Galaxy S Advance with Official Jelly Bean firmware

Finally after a long wait, Samsung has started pushing up Android Jelly Bean firmware updates for Samsung Galaxy S Advance users. This phone initially launched with GingerBread firmware didn’t even receive ICS update. The first country to get jellybean android 4.1.2 firmware update is Russia. Firmware updates for other regions like India, UK, US, etc will be released later, but why wait? With our tutorial given here, you can flash your Galaxy S advance phone GT-I9070 with official Android 4.1.2 firmware. So, if you’re like me, impatient and want to get your hands on the goodness of JellyBean, go ahead.jelly-bean-galaxy-s-advance


  • Fully charged Galaxy S Advance phone (I9070) – Make sure your phone is fully charged or atleast >60% battery capacity. (This doesn’t work with I9070P)
  • USB Data Cable.
  • Laptop/Computer
  • Backup your android phone because after flashing this firmware, we need to factory reset our phone.
  • Risk: Sometimes things may go wrong, so proceed at your own risk..

How to update Galaxy S Advance with Official Android 4.1.2 JellyBean Firmware

  1. Download XXLPY JellyBean firmware for Galaxy S Advance from here (resume, download manager-supported mirror link), Update 2: Official Indian Jelly Bean firmware for Galaxy S Advance has also been released, download it from here or here.
  2. Download ODIN for Samsung Galaxy S Advance from here.
  3. Extract the downloaded files in step 1 and 2.
  4. Turn off your phone.
  5. Now press volume down key+ home key + power button together simultaneously for few seconds until you get haptic feedback from your phone i.e. until your phone vibrates to enter download mode. Now press volume up key to confirm that you want to proceed ahead when asked to do so on the screen.
  6. Launch ODIN program on your computer. Make sure Samsung Kies program is not running on your computer at that time. If it is, just close Kies.
  7. Connect Galaxy S advance phone with usb data cable to your comuter.
  8. In ODIN program, you’ll see a box colored with com number indicated. In the log section of ODIN program, it’ll display Added message. This indicates that your phone is successfully detected by ODIN program.
  9. Click on PDA button and browse to the firmware extracted folder and select the firmware file.
  10. Hit on Start Button. You’ll see the download progress bar moving on your phone. Wait for sometime. Since this is major release, you might have to wait a little longer.
  11. After flashing everything, ODIN will reboot your phone automatically and display PASS message in its box.
  12. Done. When phone starts again, it’ll take time to start. It’ll display that Android is upgrading and optimizing apps.
  13. You’ll be presented with Set-up wizard where you’ll have to enter certain details, select your language, enter your samsung account details, etc.
  14. After completing everything, you’ll find that all your previous apps, messages, contacts are intact. Well, don’t be hopeful because you might face several problems like no network connectivity after flashing jelly bean firmware on Galaxy S Advance, or the UI screen very laggy, or excessive RAM usage, etc. To solve such issues and to experience speed Jellybean butter effect, you have to factory reset your phone. So, Switch Off your phone. Press Volume up key + Home button + power key together simultaneously to enter recovery mode. Use volume up/down key to navigate through the options and power key to select/execute a particular option. Select Wipe Cache here. Now select Factory Reset. Now Select Reboot. Galaxy S Advance will reboot in normal mode. After successful start, you’ll be again presented with Set-up wizard. Here, select English language first of all as the defaul will be russian. Now proceed as usual with other details.
  15. Done! Now enjoy and experience JellyBean on Galaxy S Advance phone in any country. Do tell us what’s new in jellybean for galaxy s advance. We’ve found speed improvement, RAM addition (about 100mb more RAM), Zoom support in Camera, Pop up Play support, Smart Dial feature, Shortcuts on Lockscreen, Nature UX Touchwhiz UI, etc. Unfortunately, Smart Stay feature is not there.


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          1. To change DNS, you will have to root your phone using the tutorial mentioned here : https://techotv.com/root-galaxy-s-advance-jelly-bean-android-4-1-2-video/

            After rooting the device, use any app to change dns.. I hope this helps..

        2. Hi, thanks for effort to bring us jelly bean. But I have aproblem after update. Wifi hot spot is not working. While connecting my lap to mob, it is asking network security key
          I didnt given the same for my mobile. Pls replyhow can I find the key.

        3. if i install JB with XXLPZ any kind of signal problem will be caused?
          In the video in sgs advanceJB signal is loosing.

          1. As I instructed in the video that the phone needs factory reset after upgrading, else you might encounter network signal problem.

        4. mahsa allah u very smart on these things .can u giv e ur email or facebook address i got some important messages my FB. ad habo

    1. Hello sir,
      If i flash jellybean 4.1.2 to my galaxy advance and the ”official” firmware for my country is available, will i be able to install the updates that will be released in my country after the xxplz firmware or do i have to flash the version of my country to my phone when it is released?

    2. Dear Saurab,

      I have downloaded the suggested softwares for the purposes of upgradation of Samsung Galaxy S Advance as per procedure explained by you. However when I want to extract the file XXLPY JellyBean firmware, I am not able to proceed further as I keep getting error reports. Please guide me as to how to extract this file so that I can benefit of upgradation. Regards.

    3. thanks a lott…i was really waiting for this onee..everything went well…i did the factory reset and backed up my cell again…but it seems that the internet(3g) works very slow….it was not soo when i was using ginger bread…that too only the downloading speed is slowed down way too much…rest all browsing facebooking is okk…thanks!!

    4. Hi. Do you know why my rooted phone cant go in dowloading mode? Please help, i want tomake update bu dont go in recovery. Whats up?

    5. hey saurabh i installed jb 4.1.2 xxlpz my phn is hanging when i play the video it stucks! n when i play the game it crashes n stucks what can i do i clear the ram also when i play the games even my frnd phn is also hanging what can we do even i rooted the phn also reset i try every thing bt its lagging?plzzzzz help me……………!!!!!!

      1. We’ve replied this answer several times. Read other comments and use search feature on this site before asking any questions.. This will speed up solutions and prioritization.

    6. Hi Sir! I’ve just done that method, and I can’t use my phone… It doesn’t responding to nothing… Not that flash was the first I’ve done before and not for Samsung phones… What shall I do then? Please write as soon as you can…

    7. your doing it great but my problem is i cant see te COM number.
      i put the cable on my Phone and the Laptop/Computer but i dont see the COM number if that works then i have jelly bean
      Please help me :)

    8. Sir, do i need to use the latest odin version before i start the process.
      i’m kinda nervous about what’s gonna to happen to my phone.
      i’m afraid the maybe my phone might not turn on again ever like blank.
      i’ve tried it before but it didn’t work so i was hoping for a tip or something for me use during a process like this cause it really is risky…

      1. Download ODIN from the link given in the post..
        Flashing is risky process., but if you follow the guide as mentioned. You should be safe.. This tutorial is strictly for GT-I9070 model.

    9. after updation of my samsung s 4g mobile my mobile start reboot automatically and its hang on its starting screen, so please guide me how to start my mobile. its now in completely hanged mode on restart also

  1. Hi, i have updated my s advance phone, everythng done its working fine, bt i can’t change my IP address, it says unavailable, pls help me..

        1. That’s what I am asking.. From where are you trying to change ip? In Aceess Point names? What’s the option name that you’re trying to change? You might be already connected to network resulting in failure to change ip address.. Disable packet data connection and then change ip address.. If you’re trying to change ip address in WiFi.. then just press and hold on the connected WiFi network and then select Modify Network config.. And then enter password.. Select Advanced options.. Scroll down and change DHCP to static and enter ip address.. and then save..

  2. I am Trying to download the Firmware but it’isnt Downloading it cancels the download in midway,
    What should I do?

    1. We’ve provided two links.. Try from either.. There might be problem in your net connection.. The 1st link is resume supported so download via any download manager.. So, if it cancels in middle, you can start again from the same middle point..

      1. while i m download, suddenly stop from download..
        now my phone write
        Firmware upgrade encountered an issue. Please select recovery mode in Kies and try again

  3. my phone baseband ver. is i9070JPLD3.
    can i update ?
    actually i am confused because your phone baseband ver is I9070DDLK2
    that’s why i’m asking

    1. Baseband version doesn’t matter… just the model name should be same i.e. I9070 .. So you can update without any problem

  4. iIts not working the ODIN and not recognizing my device what should i do?
    and also its not downloading also in the phone?

    1. fIRST, LET odin recognize your device.. For that, install Samsung Kies on your pc and connect your phone with kies.. Samsung kies will install the drivers required for detection of your phone.. Then close kies and run ODIN. It’ll recognize your device..

  5. sir,after loadig PDA file and i clicked on start button it is showing that “the parameter is incorrect” please help me what does it means…?

    1. You might not have selected the downloaded file properly in PDA.. In your other comment, you’re still figuring out appropriate way to download, and in this comment, you’re already using ODIN? kinda confused.. Where are you exactly stuck?

      1. no i downloaded from second link…after downloading that i extracted using
        winrar app… after seeing the video i did the same thing but after adding the
        extracted PDA file it is showing “the parameter is incorrect” with a dialogbox so what to do..?

        1. That means you are getting error while extracting? This happens because the file was not downloaded successfully.. Download again.. Use the 1st link as the 1st link supports resume which means you can pause and resume downloads at any time..

  6. and i hv another doubt, how to download XXLPY JellyBean firmware for Galaxy S Advance fro first link that u hv given in step 1

  7. Hello iv tried to update and i have done as it was in the instructions and after saying pass on odin my phone didnt reboot or turn on. What happened to it ? plz help

    1. Remove the battery and reinsert it.. Make sure your battery is charged.. Try to turn on the phone.. I hope you’ve flashed the appropriate file on GT-I9070 i.e. Galaxy S Advance phone and not any other model.

    1. Your files, videos, pictures won’t be erased.. Your contacts, messages, apps will be erased after factory reset.. Export contacts to a file by choosing Import/Export option in contacts.. Backup messages using any app.. You can also backup apps using titanium backup or any other similar software from Play Store..

  8. yes i used the GT-I9070 my battery is fully charged and i used the file from the link in the discription and it still doesnt turn on no mater what i do.

    1. Go to recovery mode by pressing volume up+home+power button together and tell me if you’re able to enter recovery mode.. Also try going to download mode.. If you’re able to enter any of the two modes.. In recovery mode, try factory reset option and then reboot.. If it still doesn’t start, try download mode and flash older firmware again..

    1. Your phone is bricked.. Take it to service center.. I don’t understand why, because many other users have reported success with the update..

    1. In normal circumstances, this shouldn’t happen because several users and you can see in the video that I myself reported success with this update.. So, there must be something out of way in your case..

    1. When you update, your language setting will remain as usual but we recommend factory reset your phone after update as mentioned in steps above. After factory reset, the language is changed to Russian but as soon as you start your phone for the first time, it’ll ask you to choose your language and you can choose the desired one.

  9. i have successfully upgraded my phone to JB.after this Kies doest recognizing the phone what to do….? and after doing Wipe Cache/Factory Reset also my phone is little laggy and while playing any game it will struct in middle and some time UI wont work properly and some time phone will restart automatically….plz help me how to come out with it…?

    1. Check RAM usage.. There might be some apps using excessive RAM.. This is official firmware, if you’re not happy with it.. FLash old firmware of gingerbread again..

      1. Sourab,

        after update the JB os, we have install latest kies which is V 2.5.1, for 2.3 and older version it won’t support . wat do u say??

  10. how to extract file in odin.?after i finish download XXLPY JellyBean firmware,when i tap PDA button i dont see XXLPY JellyBean firmware..how can i do..?please help..thank you very much!!

  11. One more thing sourab, you said after JB update phone performance will increase right??, in my phone RAM usage increased to above 520 MB, is it normal??

    1. Did you factory reset your phone? After factory reset, RAM usage goes to about 300-400mb.. I said that total RAM was earlier about 550MB, but after JB update, you’ll see about 650mb RAM..

  12. nononono…thanx you very much bro because now i have update to 4.1 Jb..thank you!!!i dont know how to say thank you for you man..:)

  13. ya, i got about 625 MB ram out of that phone using 540 – 550 MB, and performance also little slow.. is there any solution? i did factory reset aslo, apart from that everything working fine..

    1. Well.. I can’t really say anything about performance.. It depends on your apps and other things.. Also, Galaxy S advance is mediocre phone. You can just try to close unnecessary apps and check what’s is causing more usage..

  14. i also want to update to jb asap. but can you tell me that it will void my warranty or not??? and is there any disadvantage of upgrading to jb?? because i am new to android just bought my fone 10 day ago. so that why m asking

    1. Warranty issues – I can not confirm.. Every blogger has his own theories.. Some say that since this is official release, it should not void warranty, but I am of this opinion that since we’re using ODIN program to flash the phone and not the official Samsung Kies to update – Warranty issues may arise, but it depends – how they(service team) handle or you argument. When the official release will be out, you can flash again with the official firmware and so in such case warranty will be maintained. It also depends on Samsung Mobile service center and their support intention. So, I can not claim anything here. Proceed at your own risk. or you may ask Samsung customer care regarding this, but I think they’ll give you negative reply.
      About disadvantages of upgrading – well everyone has their own opinion. For some users, JB has increased performance, for some the opposite. Total amount of RAM has certainly incresed. Camera zoom feature is available on JB..

        1. Yeah.. xxlpz is also russian.. this new firmware is just released so if you’re going to flash this one, do leave your feedback/difference from xxlpy

  15. Hi..I have 3 questions…
    1) I have backed up my data using kies for my galaxy s advance. After flasing Jelly Bean as per the above steps, will i be able to restore the data using kies?

    2) will i be able to use kies with this phone after the upgrade?

    3) Also in your tutorial video, u said that there will not be mobile connectivity. Will i get mobile connectivity after i factory reset my phone from the recovery mode?

    1. 1. Kies may not detect your phone
      2. Same as above.. although not confirmed because the phone is not now with me, so can’t check it personally.
      3. Yeah, you’ll get connectivity as I’ve checked it personally after factory reset.

        1. Search Google play store for sms backup and restore.., app backup & restore…
          GO to contacts on your phone and export contacts to sd card to backup contacts.
          What else do you need to backup?

  16. Thanks a gain…also..i have downloaded the firmware file…its shows as HOME_I9070XXLPY_I9070SERLPY_660490_REV00_user_low_ship.tar.7z. IS this the correct file? Or do i need to unzip it using winzip?

  17. And the size of the above file is 347MB. Is it the correct file? I used the first link you have mentioned above to download the file

      1. hello , i use XXLPZ firmware his doesn’t support Arabic language at all , please i need arabic window in my I9070 firmware , thx

  18. Hi,
    I have updated to the XXLPY version, will I be able to flash XXLPZ version after doing this? Any reviews about the XXLPZ version?

  19. I did it successfully! Thank you Saurabh… Please let me know how to make the device visible in KIES, Its not detecting now..

    1. Try changing USB connection mode.. Also make sure developer option in phone setting is turned off. Well, it may not work in Samsung Kies for now.. When the official update for your country will be released. Flash it with that firmware and then it’ll be visible in Kies easily. Subscribe to our blog from the right side and connect with us on Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter to keep yourself informed of updates..

      1. I have read lik there will be ram enhancement after flasing. But mine is showing 624 now. Before t was 700 something. Pls advice

  20. hello

    i followed everything and it worked for me but since then m not able to get my device id after dialling the combination .why is this can u please tell me

  21. Hi
    I am running XXPLY firmware and have rooted my phone also. Now can I install new XXPLZ firmware using same method.
    Also do we need format cache partition also.

    1. Yes, you can… Formatting is your choice.. If everything works well without formatting, then don’t do it otherwise format..

    1. I think titanium requires root.. Read my other article about how to root jelly bean firmware on galaxy s advance..

  22. I succesfully update mine to JB..Thank you Saurabh..The problem im getting now is the magnetic sensor goes wrong..The compass app i installed showed the wrong north direction..i tried to install another compass apps and still show the wrong direction..any ideas to fix it?Thank you in advance..

  23. Just want to share an interesting features in JB..there is option to show battery percentage ..can choose it in Setting> Display> Display Battery Percentage..Previously in Gingerbread i need to install GO Power Manager to have that battery percentage indicator..

    1. XXLPY was released earlier whereas XXLPZ has been released few days ago.. SO, XXLPZ is newer.. Some users have reported better performance with XXLPZ..

  24. I can’t watch youtube videos and online videos after i updated to jelly bean 4.1.2.Plz help me!!! I am waiting for your reply

    1. Go to phone settings > mobile networks > Access point names .. And check it there is correct profile or make correct profile with apn..

  25. Thanks Saurabh for the tutorial. It works fine. Lots of features like CPU power saving, motion unlock, etc. Which are added make it really interesting!

  26. Sorry, but one last question, should i turn usb debugging on when flashing my phone? And do i get the firmware updates from russia(like OTA or with kies) or do i have to flash every update that is released in russia?

  27. Thanks Saurabh…for the tutorial. I’ve updated with XXLPZ. It works fine and the look & feel is nice. But my digital clock widgets are not updating time.It frozen after the screen lock. Is there any solution for this.
    Thanks in advance.

    1. In such case, mobile maybe damaged.. It takes about approx 15 minutes for flashing, maybe longer in some case.. So, Overall, you must have 30 minutes of power supply..

    1. Smart Stay is a feature which keeps the display of the phone on as long as you’re looking on your phone. This is useful when you’re reading something on your phone as the display won’t turn off as long as you’re reading. This feature is not available in Jelly Bean Update for galaxy s advance..

  28. sir what is the differences between gingerbread and jellybean …. is there any new things regarding market, other apps…

    1. Read the article carefully, we’ve already mentioned the differences.. Several news apps like Snapseed, Google Chrome, New Gmail, etc are supported on Android 4 and up versions only which include Jelly Bean..

  29. bro am totally noob…and i cant wait for the jeely bean for india..my question is that vch file you have puted while flashing resumble or filehosting hot file link? plzz say…..mine is 16gb verson…and am afraid of flashing…will it gonna harm my phone..what is the reason phone may get soft or hard brick? … your video is realy given me some hope..but i dont wanaa brick my phone….and cant bare the cost again to buy another one ….so what shuld i do? my qs r as flows bellow,if u can solve? . . 1. If i flash jb in my 16gb versn ,cnt i ll b bck to gb again? 2. B4 flashing do i need to chnge in usb debuging,koz no one,evn xda dint mantined to do so,did u done anyting here b4 flashing? 3. The link is for lpy or lpz both the firmwere in a filehosting si8,and my conection is slow ,scince it cnt resumble,n am hving slow cnctn smtime shows,dwnld cmplt,though it did nt cmplt dwnld,? fs1.d-h.st/download/000…_ship.tar.7z bt in the last sec it is 7z why? And its for 8gb or 16gb? .. 4. If i dwnld frm filehosting s8 or any other resumble s8 ,and if incase any file mising while dwnld.and flsin via odin in pda tab dat particular msing file frmwere will nt gonna brick my phone na,wat u suggest i have to do?? should i go 4 that koz am fed up of wating for jb in india and reading lot of blogs,s8,xda bla bla. . . :( help . . . And if i stuck btwn flasin or botlop animtn aftr instlatn dn wat wil i do? Thanks,help asap

    1. 1. Yes, you can go back to ginger bread..
      2. I didn’t do anything like that.. But you may do so..
      3. it is 7z because it is compressed using 7-zip program. You need to download and install this program to extract it.
      4. There is always certain percentage of risk associated with flashing. SO, you either have to take the risk or just wait for official jellybean india update for galaxy s advance.. TO verify that you’ve downloaded the correct file, match the filesize.. After extracting, there is only one file you need to flash..

  30. my qs is flashing jb firmware will not gona harm my phone na? And if it will give us 11gb internal space on jb like gb give,is that enough to having lot of hd games? Can’t we use our ext sd card to put some hd data,games and play through it (mmc for playing purpose like we do put game data in our internal storage gameloft,data folder) ?and wid colectn of lots of game(here am talking aböut keeping dos games hvy data,big files) koz we can easily buy a 16gb memory card. . . Dats it,plz help bro asap,i saw u guys r genius,and plz help me a bit to know android, @ saurabh can u send me a req in fb,i want ur help alot 4 flashing, a little talk for concern about android,thanks,my fb id – prasenjit.prince, And anyone can help me,plz if possible :)
    [MOD EDIT: Do not post personal information so openly – It’s for your own safety and privacy.]

    1. thank you…even i thought so..thanks for removing …but please contact atleast if you dont have any problem … and send me gingerbread link ….

  31. can u give me lpz resumble link …and some are complainig in upcoming coment they have bricked there pone,,cant be abale to go to the download or recovery mode? why did it happend if they did the same as u did in dis tutorial and video? plz help

    1. Well, as I said earlier, things could be risky.. I am not the one whose phone is bricked.. SO what they did, how they did – one can not say

  32. Dear sir i have download firmware 347 mb file but if i open odi3 and my phone is downloading mode i connect my usb port my lappy after that i select pda option but there are no shw home i9070 how to select sir hope u understand.plzz rply me bcoz last 2 days i tried but i can’t do.i m waiting for ur suggestion

      1. Dear sir can u operat my pc through team viewer i have facing pda browser prblm there are not selected firmware file plz help me sir i m tottaly ambrassed i have several time tried but i can do it sir plz help me i have many time u send u comment and u suggest me every time but now i m facing trouble kindly help me? i am waiting for ur responses .

  33. First of all thanks for the Update Dude. :)

    I have tried this on my SGSA and it was working fine but performance is too slow…

    1) RAM showing only 625 MB as in GB it was 725 MB ( Correct me if I am wrong ).
    2) Hanging problem when shuffling between various App.
    3) Camera quality gets a bit low as comare to the previous version.

    It will be great if Saurabh would also share his experience with us on SGSA.

    PS. These all are my views & I don’t know about the others.


  34. Dear sir i alrealy download firmware but i open odi3 through pda but there are not seected home i9070 347 mb firmware this file is default winrar format plz suggest me how to select pda for firmware

  35. Dear sir, I sami khan frm ksa I buy galaxy s advance last month dec i watched ur video and i m very impresed i have download firmware and odin3 . first i switch my mob and i press vol+home+pow after i go download mode . after i start my odin3 and click pda and browse the firware file but there are major prblm i saved this file is my doucument but this file is not shw the pda browse file how to select the browse file sir i try many time but i failed this prosugare. plz help he hope u understand with me sir. rply me fast.

  36. Dear sir, finnaly I update gb in my s advance phone thanx mr.saurav but one prblm is if I open livestreaming cricket one thing say upgrade ur flash player plz how to upgrade correct flash player rply me fast

        1. Flash player is available in jb..just google it and u will find it..or give me ur email and i send it to u the installer

  37. I have updated my galaxy s advance device to gelly beans but i m not able to use internet over it. so can u help me?

  38. bro why do we need app restore and backup ? if my internal storage did not wipe even after flashing jb in our pone and after doing restore factory and clearing cache ,,,,,,it did not wipe my internal storage or anything file in my internal storage along with dos apk which we store to install again..in that case we only loose our installed app which installed on our 2gb app stoarge ,,,then why did we use app restore and backup ,can u elaborate please brother …or it will restore installation of dos app in 2gb after applying new firmwere which is swithced gingerbread to jelly bean ? please help..i did not understand here a little bit,,i did sms and cntct backup…and another qestion can you give me the link of official gingerbread ddlk link so i can revert back to gb anytime if i dont like jeely bean for 16gb indian verson… qs : after extracting that firmwere file (xxlpy) via 7zip will it take more dan 700 data? you said it will more than 400 but it shows more dan 700 mb…a frnd was upadtin so he says that,,he were following ur blog…cant we extract these file (xxlpy) using winzip or winrar softwere? qs : during odin conect my device n says added in odin directory, bfore chosing pda ( firmwere file .tar) if i disconnect my device will it brick my phone? in odin only f reset and auto reboot chechkd right? do we need to enble moock location? and please can u tell me which wipe my 2gb app installation apks? ether its reovery modes reset factory or wipe cache help asap …. thanks,,, regards :-)

    1. 1. If you’re going to do factory reset, you may like to use app backup and restore.. You may not backup apps.. You can just connect your google account and all your apps will then again be downloaded..
      2. TO revert back to gingerbread, the process is little complex. You can’t go back to gb just by flashing the gb firmware..
      3. yeah, after extracting firmware, the total filesize goes above 700mb.
      4. If it is of 7z format, you can use winrar or 7-zip program to extract it. 7-zip program is free to download..
      5. If firmware flashing process has started, then it may brick your device if you unplug your phone in between.
      6. Reset factory option deletes installed apps..

  39. dear saurav thanx to given me information abt jely bean. i want to say something abt jely bean i did update xxply firmware but it is not fast can u send me xxplz link.

  40. I can’t find xxply firmware. after extracting the files .I am working on Windows 8 on my device and i can’t fine the file

  41. Thanks for your guide.. So i Updated My My Galaxy S advance to JB now.
    But i have small issue regards to Mobile data connectivity.. I am unable to do any downloads from Google play from my Mobile data connection but i can access internet. but everything works very well in WiFi..

    Pls help

  42. How to downgrade my phone back to gingerbread? Please help i dnt want jb any more its draining my battery way too fast.. please help

        1. We’ve already published downgrading tutorial here : https://techotv.com/how-to-downgrade-jellybean-to-gingerbread-on-galaxy-s-advance/
          Always pay some of your time to read other comments and see if the query is already answered to someone else. This will save yours and mine time as well.

  43. Hi Saurabh! I updated my phone to jelly bean. I found the battery draining too fast. Also games like Templee Run 2 lags alot. Is their a fix?? If not can u email the link to downgrade to GB again…. Pls help

  44. Dear saurav can u send link gingerbread bcoZ jely bean is not fast internet plz send me gingerbread link.I m waiting u.

  45. Hi Saurabh! I updated my phone to jelly bean. I found the battery draining too fast. Also games.How to downgrade my phone back to gingerbread? Please help i dnt want jb any more its draining my battery way too fast.. please help

      1. Had a awesome experience but now my phone lags even after factory reset. iam plannin got install the official version when its released how can i get back to the Gingerbread version.
        pls send link and instructions

        1. check the downgrading tutorial here : https://techotv.com/how-to-downgrade-jellybean-to-gingerbread-on-galaxy-s-advance/

    1. Read other comments, I’ve already replied number of times that you need to create access point names under mobile networks in phone settings

  46. Saurabh, I appreciate your efforts in responding to our queries patiently and in detail. Keep it up. Regards.

  47. Hi Saurabh! I updated my phone to jelly bean. I found the battery draining too fast. Also games.How to downgrade my phone back to gingerbread? Please help i dnt want jb any more its draining my battery way too fast.. please help

    1. Hello, we’ve posted link on how to downgrade here : https://techotv.com/how-to-downgrade-jellybean-to-gingerbread-on-galaxy-s-advance/

  48. Hello, i got a problem… everything was going smooth….. in ODIN .. i got message as all threats are completed 1 success and 0 failed.. then it shown me the green android logo…after that step my phone is rebooting only….its not going further….but later on i saw on my laptop in odin message, it says removed….. i dont know y its not working .. please help me quickly…… :((((((

      1. hi , i dont know how to go to recovery mode…..i really appreciate your patience and efforts…however i took my phone to samsung center.. and they are going to fix it.. let c what happen ?

  49. Hi dear, i have a problem with my update!
    How about Arabic language ??? it doesn’t belong to other languages

    Any solutions??

    Thank you ~

      1. Sorry, the model is Samsung Galaxy S Advance with number GT-19070P.

        This is a product of Poland Samsung purchased in Singapore. I live in India.


        S. Prabhakaran

  50. hay. i installed it on my phone ,and everything warks good thanks .
    my language was in hebrew ,and i dont now how to change it back to hebrew
    can i ?

  51. After updating to JB, I am not able to paste files in the phone internal memory, from my computer. I have even formatted the USB storage, but the problem continues… Pls help

  52. Is it compulsory to root the phone after updating it to JB? Also, if it doesn’t happen properly, will that brick my smartphone?

    1. No, it is not compulsory to root phone…
      Flashing process is considered risky so things may turn undesired leading to bricking situation..

  53. hi Mr. Saurabh, whether it can be used in all countries? I am from Indonesia.
    What the Backup program do you use?
    thank you in advance sir

    1. Yes, it can be used in all countries..
      Export contacts to sd card..
      Backup sms via sms backup and restore app from Google Play Store..
      Likewise, download app to backup apps..

  54. hi mr saurabh.i have updated to jelly bean on my s advance i9070.tried both versions of jellybean…
    both has various problems like lag,heavy battery drain,processor speed has reduced to 800mhz….. etc.factory resetted many times but no good.Itried going back to gb but it does not work.i flashed original gingerbread firmware via odin but after flashing it stuck at bootscreen.tried many times and no good.i searched internet but the say that it cannot be downgraded.is there any way that i can go to gingerbread…..pleeeease help me…….

    1. Downgrading method is posted here : https://techotv.com/how-to-downgrade-jellybean-to-gingerbread-on-galaxy-s-advance/

  55. To all those thinking about downgrade
    I suggest u try XXLQ4 VERsion of rom first
    Its the most stable jellybean for s advance.
    The file is available on sam mobile site firmware section choose country as Russia

    1. I used xxlpy for a day beforee upgrading to lq4

      It doesnt have any lag with temple run and subway surfer
      Battery is similar to gingerbread

      No crashes or restarts. It happened tome with lpy.
      I think lq4 is the proper stable version for s adv.
      The only con is the dialer/contact app is nit laggy
      Maybe becauwe I have 1000 + contact.

      And as u must habe noticed with my typing I havebt got used ti new keyboard yet :)

      Overall its wiriing fine for me

      Not many new features

      Battrey life similar to gingerbread.
      Battery last 24 hrs with 2g data always on for whats app and email.

      It hqs no crashes .. lpy would restart my ph ones in a while.
      I think lq4

  56. Saurabh,
    I successfully updated my s advance to Jelly Bean. But I am having issues like the phone hangs alot ! and also I am unable to take the screenshot.

    Please help me solve this problem.
    Thank You

  57. hii..
    the odin downloader v3.04 , which u recommended is nt responding on ma device …can u plz help me out on dis ,, regardz ,,,

  58. Hello sir !

    just wanted ur help in few questions..
    i am from india as u are..
    my questions are :-
    1> will there be any problem if i install the latest version i.e. XXLPZ…
    2> can i mount a ntfs card wen i upgrade to jelly bean ( as the 2.3 is not allowng ) if not then hw should i do that …
    3> after flashng were will be the new os data be stored in the sd card ( that 11.34 gb given by samsung ) ??
    4> will i be able to install the new updates wich might be given my samsung in future via ota n kies
    5> can i roll back to 2.3

    plz ans these doubts foe me its really very imp to me…

    Thnq sir…

  59. I just wanted to know that if I flash with XXLPY/PZ/Q4 whatever firmware is available whether I will be able to connect to KIES again? whether the original rom will be replaced? and what if the official update will be available through KIES later…???

  60. at first thanks for your precious effort.everything is going fine after jb update.but in recovery mode neither can i change wipe cache nor factory reset.i used volume key to navigate and pressed home key several times but nothing happens.solutions???? how can i reset factory settings??

  61. i want to buy a new mobile in this range.. it this good or other is better than this below 20k?

    can you upload a video review for galaxy s advance with JellyBean?
    Thanks in advance….

  62. Hi!
    Succesfully updated to JB! I installed XXLPY but i want XXPLZ… “Can I install it again, with those instructions”

  63. saurabh i want to ask you that how to recover my data from phone again once i format it because as u said i will not be abel to connect it to kies again as it is not launched in india.so what is the other option bro

  64. I found a flaw here, for its installation or upgrade process went smoothly. but, perhaps because of the upgrade package is not available in my country (Indonesia) SIM Card connectivity it can not be optimal. that could only call and SMS only. I try to use Mobile Data to connect to the internet it can not.
    is there a problem here? because I also do not quite understand the Android version. what can I do? thanks in advance.

      1. but whether this also depends on SIM card in each country as well? I’ve already made the access point but still can not.

        1. Depending upon network, you need to create access points.. Find out the apn from your network provider and set it accordingly on your phone.. Or download Tweakker app from Google Play Store which will set apn of your network automatically detecting it.

        2. Hi Wahyudi,

          I also upgrade using latest firmware I9070XXLQ4. it is working fine. using XL Provider. Mobil data also fine.
          it was detected automatically.
          Problem is only sometime laggy especially for youtube or mivo streaming. I didn’t face this problem when using gingerbread.

  65. Thanks because you answered but i have one question. I have now XXPLZ and i maybe want root my I9070. Can i root my phone with XXPLZ and your instructions without bricking phone.. again… :D . Please answer ;)
    Writed from my Galaxy S Advance

  66. Hello

    Thanks for your post
    I have successfully upgraded to Jelly Bean

    I had downloaded the XXLPZ. version and I am facing 1 problem
    The phone is not detecting my SD Card

    I need to restart my cell many times and after that it detects
    Could you let me the why is this happening

    Will wait for your reply

  67. i just want ask that if i flashed this (russian) jelly bean version on my s advance. And if after some time indian jelly bean update available for s advance will i be able to install indian jelly bean version on my phone without any issues.

  68. Hi. After I upgrade my SGSA with Jelly bean 4.1.2 . I have this problem .Baseband version is Unknown , IMEI is null/null. I type from dial pad *#1234# it’s show PHONE : Unknown but PDA and CSC is showed right. My SGSA’s origianl firmware is 2.3.6 (i9070ZCLH1) China. How can I fix this problem? Please help me.
    Can I fix this problem by installing it’s original 2.3.6 firmware?

    1. Is your phone’s model number exactly I9070? If you’ll try to flash 2.3.6, it won’t work.. So, you need to follow the downgrade method here : https://techotv.com/how-to-downgrade-jellybean-to-gingerbread-on-galaxy-s-advance/
      and then you need to flash your original 2.3.6 firmware again to get back to the firmware on which you were earlier..

      1. Thanks for your help. My phone model number is exactly I9070 (samsung galaxy S advance 16GB) . I will try as your advice. Sorry for my poor English Skill.

      2. Saurabh I hav updated my s advance with russian firmware. 4.1.2 but its not working property hangs a lot.
        Tired of thi plz tell a solution. Urgent

  69. If i flash it can i still get the old version back ???? and if i have any problem will the samsung store help me????????

      1. what i ment is since jelly been is not out in india so will samsung people question me as to how i upgraded it???? also will i be able to get back the old version if i dont like jelly bean????

        1. Yes, Samsung people will help you as this is official update (It doesn’t matter whether it is for India or not. This is not custom ROM or Firmware).. Yes, you can go back to gb..

  70. Hello sir !

    just wanted ur help in few questions..
    i am from india as u are..
    my questions are :-
    1> will there be any problem if i install the latest version i.e. XXLPZ…
    2> can i mount a ntfs card wen i upgrade to jelly bean ( as the 2.3 is not allowng ) if not then hw should i do that …
    3> after flashng were will be the new os data be stored in the sd card ( that 11.34 gb given by samsung ) ??
    4> will i be able to install the new updates wich might be given my samsung in future via ota n kies
    5> can i roll back to 2.3

    plz ans these doubts foe me its really very imp to me…

    Thnq sir…

    plz sir rply to my comments

  71. HIi saurabh everything is perfect with my mobile after upgrading except internet problem. wifi is working well but i internet through my vodafone connection is not connecting , i changed the sim also but facing the same problem plzz let me know thw solution

  72. hey saurabh i installed jb 4.1.2 xxlpz my phn is hanging when i play the video it stucks! n when i play the game it crashes n stucks what can i do i clear the ram also when i play the games even my frnd phn is also hanging what can we do even i rooted the phn also reset i try e

  73. excellenttttttttttttttt……but i have a question ?? i forget my s advance password and i must install new software is this help ??? and is this will affect my warrenty ??? plz answering me >> thnx alot

  74. Dear saurabh,

    Thanks a lot for whole setup. i have complted process successfully. I am facing two issues my mobile network is disconnecting and system memory 2GB is shoing full. Kindly help me out.
    Thanks again.

  75. Bro everything is fine just 1 doubt how do i use multi window and the new side bar????? the option does not come in the display option !!!!plzzzzz reply!!!

      1. any way i can get it ????? because from video i can do multi window but other wise i cant . my phone is hanging up any way i can solve it (factory reset dose not work)
        and last question can u also give me the site from were i should download android 4.1.2 for ace s5830i????
        sry for all the trouble!!!

  76. hi Saurabh,
    im from Phillipines, is this update be applicable here (Phillpines)???co’z i’m waiting for this update for quite a long time….thanks….i’ll be waiting for your reply

    1. Hi John,

      I’m from the philippines and flashed my samsung advance to JB. I downloaded the LPZ file. I was successful and didn’t brick my phone ( i thought i did because it took too long to start after updating it to JB even after a long press of the power button). I got the file from a different website but the procedure was the same as what Saurabh gave to this blog. JB eats a lot of RAM amd was lagging. I did a factory reset and had a bit improvement but the phone was lagging and slow. I just received the latest firmware from KIES with the LQ4 latest firmware. It was still slow. I encountered a few bugs but was able to resolve it by checking other forums. I will try to do a factory reset to see if there would be improvement. I just don’t want to do it now because i don’t want to re download my apps again and change the setting. The good side is that JB will extremely improve your phone. The screen was more vivid and crisper. The touch sensitivity was improved drastically exept when its lagging. The UI was so beautiful. It feels like i bought the a new phone even though the phone was over 6 months old. I just hope we’ll get a better update from Samsung next time.

      1. Salamat Rhom…I really appreciate it…just have one question?. do all updated s advance are having that kind of problem???or that only happens because we haven’t get the update direct from samsung?…

        1. Most of the users are facing problems playing videos.. These are updates official from Samsung so even if you get it direct from Samsung when it’s released for your country, you’ll face the issues most probably until the issue is officially fixed by Samsung..

      2. Hello Rhom.

        Is your phone’s proximity sensor and Ambient light sensor working? after this JB update. Let me know, as it seems i lost both of them in JB udpate. Even i updated with latest LQ4 firmware.

        1. Yes. Proximity and ambient light is working. My only issue was that the phone kept on freezing and became sluggish. But I became used to it.

  77. Hi Saurabh
    First of all, thanks a lot for all this procedure. It feels quiet good using Jelly bean on SGSA but to my utter dissapointment I couldnot find the Polaris Office app as in Gingerbread. And I need Office tools anyhow. What do I do…? kindly help.

  78. Please update post with note that this not working for i9070p so people not brick their phones like I did. After bricking I read in comments that it is not for i9070p.

    1. We’ve mentioned the model number of the phone with which it works.. You should have asked before flashing your phone.. Anyways, we’ve added your request.

  79. Hi bro
    After upate of JB, when I am seeing video’s in my s advance, the video is not ppaying very well… just like when we see the movies on scratched disk in the player… please help me bro. At that time am not able to use any other button.. at that I am removing the battery and restarting my mobile.. please help bro plz.

  80. Thanks alot, Saurabh, for the support and for this blog. I need to know how to fix some bugs i encountered with JB. Keep it up!

    @ John,

    I’m from the philippines and flashed my samsung advance to JB. I downloaded the LPZ file. I was successful and didn’t brick my phone ( i thought i did because it took too long to start after updating it to JB even after a long press of the power button). I got the file from a different website but the procedure was the same as what Saurabh gave to this blog. JB eats a lot of RAM amd was lagging. I did a factory reset and had a bit improvement but the phone was lagging and slow. I just received the latest firmware from KIES with the LQ4 latest firmware. It was still slow. I encountered a few bugs but was able to resolve it by checking other forums. I will try to do a factory reset to see if there would be improvement. I just don’t want to do it now because i don’t want to re download my apps again and change the setting. The good side is that JB will extremely improve your phone. The screen was more vivid and crisper. The touch sensitivity was improved drastically exept when its lagging. The UI was so beautiful. It feels like i bought the a new phone even though the phone was over 6 months old. I just hope we’ll get a better update from Samsung next time.

  81. Not detecting the phone 19070 in downloading mode… Any links to update USB driver in windows 7….. n never installed kies….

  82. After installing JB, when it will release for my country then can i update it through Kies or i need to use odin again ?

  83. Hey saurabh i installed jb 4.1.2 xxlpz my phn is hanging when i play the video it stucks! what can i do i clear the ram also what can i do even i reset every thing bt its lagging?plzzzzz help me……………!!!!!!

  84. Please help!, i was following every steep in the guide, but then a little while after cliking “start” an diaologe box appeard saying “c:\users\personal\desktop\odin3 v3.04.exe with an yellow warning side, and i only can click “ok”, what does it mean? should i click ok and it will continuie?? if i cancel something bad happen?, how should i properly cancel the procces without bricking my phone?

  85. Hi,

    After installing the LQ4 firmware, my phone internet (2G) has become very slow, any pointers?

    Also the video playback is choppy sometimes, so can I downgrade to XXPY?

    Thanks in advance.

  86. Hi,
    I downloaded XXLPZ file from above link. after downloading that file, I extracted it using WINRAR and got this file (HOME_I9070XXLPY_I9070SERLPY_660490_REV00_user_low_ship.tar.md5)
    so my question is…is that .md5 file is proper? how to use that file or extract that file now?? plz reply asap. coz m stuck in the middle of downloading process. need help urgently.

  87. hey thanx..i’ve successfully upgraded to jelly bean…
    but i observed that video brightness has been decreased…
    So plzz suggest something to avoid this problem….

  88. if i flash my galaxy s advance for the update will my warranty expire coz i just bought my phone last week ..??
    Help will be appreciated ..

  89. Hi Saurabh,

    I have few of questions for you and I am sure you have the answers :)

    1) I have been going through a lot of reviews about this phone on the internet. I noticed that most of the people are complaining about the network connectivity issue in this phone. Does this phone really have this issue? Did you faced it personally?

    2) How is your overall personal experience after upgrading this phone to JB?

    3) The price of Galaxy S advance as dropped to 15k. Another decent phone in this price range is Galaxy S Duos with comes for 13K. If I compare compare both S Advance beats S Duos in terms of specifications. But the only drawback is that S advance comes with Gingerbread.

    **Galaxy s Advance (after upgrading to JB) or Galaxy S Duos (which comes with ICS),** which one will you rate better in terms of performance?



  90. I have upgraded my newly bought mobile. Everything works well but, sometimes it doesn’t respond. One main major problem is with while playing videos. Any video format even YouTube video is also getting struck. Planning to get back GingerBread. Any suggestions?

  91. Hello Suarabh,

    I was able to successfully udpate my S advance to JB. But i see that proximity sensor is gone and is ot functioning. I also checked it from call settings. I also doubt that light sensor is also gone. Any fix for this?

    Regarding performance of phone, it’s a bit laggywhile playing subway surf/temple run. Not bas as Gingerbread. But a bit.

    Batttery life is shortened as well

    Inerface is cool far much better then GB.

    Sometimes it gets hang on occasions.

    I did all steps like factory reset, wipe caceh etc., as explained by you.

    Will there be any more version in JB for this s advance.

    But i want proximity sensor, and light sensor more than anything..

    Thanks so much for your response. awaiting for a reply…


  92. hi sourabh,
    my phone is brand new without any apps ,music or contacts.do i still need to back up it.
    also is it necessary to download the drivers and kies

  93. if i flash my galaxy s advance for the update will my warranty expire coz i just bought my phone last week ..??
    Help will be appreciated ..

  94. dear sir,
    i have flash using your format and installed the JB for my s advance, but it is little bit slow, like gallery and internet and some times its hang.

    is it possible that using your ODIN i can flash with XXLQ4 .

    if yes please let me know.
    my phone no.

      1. i have flashed with ODIN 3.04 and the firmware version XXLQ4 ,

        but it is not completing full, in 80% i will get the error, and it stop,

        if i do with XXPLZ it is working why..

        please give me the solution for the same


  95. great work Saurabh .i sucessfully installed the latest jelly bean and also got some updates. it worked well without any problem. thanks dude

    1. @Anoopkrishna
      DID U PLAY THE VIDEO IN UR PHONE AFTER INSTALLING JELLY BEAN…..???? it worked well without any problem…?????

      1. @ tarun bedi

        hi tarun i can play videos through mx player. in mx player settings u can find decorderclick that der u can see ‘use h/w+decorder ‘ un tick this option and scroll down den u can see ‘s/w decorder’ click all boxes of s/w decorder such as ‘s/w decorder local’, s/wdecorder(network), s/w audio. u cann see every videos through it.
        try this u can solve the video problems..enjoy let me know when u do this

        1. @anoopkrishna
          but when i select sw decoder video plays slowly and audio not match with video..in both mx player and mobo player

      2. @tarun bedi

        hi tarun i can see my videos.. without any problem. problem is our device is registerd with divx software thts y we can see any videos. u can transfer videos through divx player it will work perfectly. also u can try on mx player. go to mxplayer settings> decording > select s/w decoring options also un select h/w decording option u can see videos

  96. u can also use mobo player to play all your videos..same method go to mobo player settings> select s/w decorder. thts all. u can playy all videos without any problem ….u can down load pro versions of mobo and mx player @ kick ass torrent

  97. i have updated my galaxy s advance from ginger bread to jelly bean.
    every thing went well and phone working properly..except i have trouble with my phone sometimes.
    it is hanging and getting stuck when watching streaming videos..
    help me with that..

  98. Thankz a lot.I ahve updated jb and it is smooth.The problem now is the wireless doesnot connect in my phone.Please help.

  99. bro plz help me i downloaded both firmware and odin to my pc,when i am going to open odin it is’nt detecting my phone.i downloaded 1st firmware from ur website,i used different usb data cable for that (i mean to co. Of samsung) it does matter.what i have to do right now plz suggest me i am eagerly waiting for ur valuable response.thanku.

  100. no i did’nt install drivers plz tell me how to install,and also i did’nt installed kies to my pc.plz teach me both the process/step.thanku.

  101. Can u Please upload more updated version of JB if you have it. since software updation is causing failure all the time.

    Thanks and Regards,

  102. hey pls help me.after doing this upgrade my phone is hanging too much.it stuck in middle of videos.unable to play games even when aftr I clear the ram.pls help me.

  103. Hi, I successfully updated my SGSA to JB.
    Everything seems to be working fine, only that i cannot watch videos, either streaming videos or the ones placed on my storage. None of them work. And if i try running them, my phone hangs n I have to remove my phone battery to restart it.
    Kindly help. Apart from that everything is working fine

    1. Mr. Admin, can you please help me out with the lagging video problem? Apart from that everythng else is wrking superb. I cannot even watch small pixelated videos on my phone. Before the upgrade, i used to watch 720p videos on my phone.
      Kindly help. Is it some software related issue? like maybe with the MX player on which i watch my videos?

  104. Hello,
    my odin is not responding,when i click the”start “button..
    and when i extract the file it says some error,help

  105. The Guru or Android Technology Mr Saurabh. Have a very important question for my device.I have bought my cell phone in Aug 2012 GALAXY S ADVANCE.
    Since then iam facing connectivity issues with the phone.
    My Phone details are:
    Android Version: 2.3.6
    Baseband VersionL I9070DDLK2
    Kernel Version:
    SMP PREEMPT Fri Nov 16 14:20″37 KST 2012

    1. You didn’t mention what kind of connectivity issue? Data connectivity or network or wifi or some other kind?

      1. Data and Network Both
        Network goes off and comes sometimes.
        Sometimes it shows full network but actually there is no network.

        Data connectivity goes on and off in background still showing full network sign and 3G sign on my phone. But when i use internet it shows no internet connection.
        It happens randomly.

        1. Have you ever tried factory reset? Factory reset solves most of similar problems.. But factory reset deletes all your apps, contacts, messages, etc, so backup important contents before doing factory reset.

      2. Yes SIgnal/ Data Both
        I use 3G Connection.
        but my network goes off and come .
        It shows full network and 3G sign but still when i access apps .
        It says No internet connection avaliable.
        i have to restart phone or restart network.

  106. Hello,

    I just bought the Galaxy s advance and the first thing I wanted to do was upgrade to Jellybean. It took me a whole day to get reliable information on how to do the upgrade. Finally on the site and I followed the instructions. Everything went smoothly. Thank you very much.

  107. Dear Saurabh, I have successfully updated my device’s firmware, however, I cannot connect to the internet, although the network is connected. Every time I enter playstore, it says server error. Does this have got to do with the update to Jelly Bean? Or is it just the network problem? Thanks.

    1. If you’re able to browse websites on your phone, it might just be network problem.. JB update doesn’t have network and data connectivity problems.. If internet is not working on your device at all, you should go to phone settings and check access point names configuration and make sure it is correctly set as per your network.

  108. hello dre, i myself using galaxy note 2 and i have ordered galaxy s advance today itself…wanted to update it to jelly bean but after reading all the comments and the responses of the users , what i feel is that i should wait for the official update from samsung…
    as most of the users are facing some of the problems, or i can just give a try and if things dont work well than get back to its older version.

    1. These are official updates so unless Samsung decides to fix the issues users are facing, nothing much can be done.

  109. as instructed by u i have downloaded everything u told to upgrade to JB update to sam s advance,but for rooting u told to download root.exe where can i find it.

    1. root.zip not exe.. Full tutorial for rooting is given here: https://techotv.com/root-galaxy-s-advance-jelly-bean-android-4-1-2-video/

  110. i have an otg cable and a s advance with xxql4 jelly bean.tried many ways to connect just failed.any hope for otg in my phone??????:-(

  111. Dear Saurabh,

    Thank you very much for this tutorial it was really helpful. I updated to JB, it was laggy but after update to Q4 it improved a lot and then I rooted my device and installed seeder.apk, which fixes the lag and dxtoolbox which clears the ram efficiently and now my mobile is working like a charm buttery smooth.

    JB is awesome. I have been using my mobile for months now but it looks like i just bought it yesterday lol.

  112. hello,after downloading the jelly bean my phone isnt working….the phone restarted hemself and now just showing me on the screen jelly time and beating as heart :))))what i have to do???

  113. I am having small problem.. after updating,my mobile data is not working. APN has an extra option naming Baerer and that has three options naming LTE, eHRDP and unspecified.. Which one should i select? please help me out with this.

  114. Dear sir, I am encountering some glitches in video playback after upgrading my s advance to JELLYBEAN. Also the ph. Is getting hanged if multiple operations are being run……plz help

  115. i really really love your tutorial yaar…
    i have a small problem that my ram id decreased to 625mb and games are not running well…please reply soon…but everything u said in this is very valuable….

  116. Hey Saurabh
    i updated to jb today
    I got a OTA update .Should i update? or will it give problems later.?

  117. dear sir ! I have a big prob with my Advance after rom flashing.

    1. My old baseband is ZSLK3 ( bought in Hong Kong). When I upgarded to JB 4.1.2, there is no network connectivity, SIM card is not recognize then I press *#06# to check IMEI and that said null/null – baseband is unknown. I’ve tried 4 times to upgrade and downgrade, Wipe Date/Factory Reset but it still doesn’t work.

    2. I heard that Samsung S advance will be gained RAM 550Mb —> 650Mb but not with my phone, everything almost the same…

    Can you help me to fix that prob…

  118. Dear All,
    If i am updating to JB whether ill lose my mobile warranty or what? Because somewhere i heard if we updating we will loose the warranty period.

  119. HI, the error popped out and said that ‘parameter is incorrect’ when i hit the start button during odin3, may i know how to solve it?

  120. Thanks saurabh… It looks pretty…. It is little bit laggy when we open contacts… everything works fine..

    Guys do factory reset then only mobile will smoothly..
    Can we do multi tasking as like in S3????

  121. Hello, I’ve followed all of the staps and now have Jelly Bean on my S Advance. It is very beautiful, but it isn’t really smooth… Even if I listen to music with my headphone I very often hear the ‘lag’. In two days time, it crashed 10 times. How can I make it smoother or just put the original Gingerbread on my device, and wait until the official (in my case) Dutch software comes? I hope you can help me.

  122. I followed the steps perfectly and have updated my S Advance to Jellybean!
    the problem is that my mobile hangs very frequently ..
    i have tried uninstalling apps that takes a lot of RAM, but still the problem persists..
    Can you help Me ??

  123. hi saurab,
    after updating with jelly bean os my phone gets many a time and when i play the videos or youtube it gets hanged plz plz suggest what to do . plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  124. I have follow tru every step.. it is ok thanks
    but i still didnot reset it to factory setting…
    i am worry all my info in the fone will be erase,
    just want to know.. is it… everything will be erase….
    as i have lots of information, account, detail, contact and everything
    i dont have a backup anyware.. what is your suggestion

    Thank you

    1. Backup your contacts by choosing export option.. Yeah, all your apps, personal details, account details will be erased so backup everything that you want to..

  125. i allready follow your step but i have some problem..

    i cannot connet to internet by my mobile network.. why??

    pls help.

  126. my samsung galaxy s advance chews up my minutes even though phone is just idle. Is there a setting to stop this?

  127. Thanks buddy.. I have upgraded my S advance with recent firmware as per above link and it is working superb. I didn’t even did wipe cache and factory reset. Now my device mem has increased, zoom in camera and lots of cool features.. Thanks once again for such a smooth process :)

  128. Hello Saurabh Could you help me please to restore the old update for my Samsung advance since i downloaded Jelly Bean 4.1.2 and it have been destroying my phone starting with Videos,YouTube And Games and it keep restart by it self Much Lag even tho i got more Ram,Camera Zoom and most of all speed but the lag and crashes when i watch a video is making me sick…it makes me wait it least 5-7 minutes until it works could u please send me a link of the old update which came with the samsung advance when u buy it [Ginger Breed] with steps of how to download it and i hope also if u can tell me when i re update it to the old ginger breed well the lags when i watch videos or youtube still with it or it well be removed …. please replay fast thx!!!

    1. If you had analyzed this page properly, you might have already seen the tutorial link on downgrading to GB. Anyways, here is the link : https://techotv.com/how-to-downgrade-jellybean-to-gingerbread-on-galaxy-s-advance/

  129. I cannot download XXLPZ because download time from hotfile is 30 minute.I have slow internet connection which takes about 1 hour 15 Minutes.So can i get another link.

  130. Hi Saurabh,
    I have got a question..?
    If I install I9070XXLPZ firmware on my S Advance through Odin.. Will I automatically get the I9070XXLQ4 update ?

    1. i did so probably u will do too.i don’t know if the region counts but i’m from east europe and as soon as i did the steps and finished i got the update.and before that when i had 2.3.6 i didn’t saw any update

  131. hi saurab,
    wanted to suddenly by phone is discharging very quickly what may be the reason can i do the factory restore again does this will loss my photos and videos and music or any othere thing on my phone. plzz advic its very urgent friend

    1. If you do factory reset from recovery mode, photos, music, videos are not lost.. Contacts, apps, messages, personalized settings, etc are lost.

  132. Greetings from roumania.You’re a life savior.I’ve just upgraded to jellybean and it worked perfectly due to your perfect step by step explication.After i did the upgrade and i cleared the cache and i have powered it on for the first time with the new OS, my phone wanted to make an update .I dont know what it did but it tooked as long as your procedure and i needed to repeat the steps(language,wifi,time…) but now it works like a charm.Before my carrier didn’t provided any updates so that was wierd.I used the 2nd one XXLPZ and after his own update now i have XXLQ4.So i just wanted to say thx and keep up the good work

  133. Hi Saurabh… I updated my Samsung Galaxy S Advance with Jelly Bean successfully. but now, i am not able to connect to INTERNET. When, I activate Data Network mode, there is a fluctuation in the network. Most of the times network is fluctuating. Kind help me to overcome this issue. i am not able to access INTERNET.

  134. Apologies… I posted my queries on the wrong forum.. I have reposted it on the correct one.. having topic with DOWNGRADE to GB

  135. Dear Saurabh,
    Thanks for such a useful info & video tutorial for updating the os of galaxy s advance. I have downloaded the XXLPY firmware from the links given by you. But before updating I am having some queries.
    1. What new features will be added after updation? Is there any video you have uploaded to show the new features?
    2. Will my Galaxy S Advance be visible in Google Play Store after this updation?
    3. Where is the link for guide to downgrading to G.B.’’?

  136. Hey i factory reset my phone and followed all the steps but still my phones slow and hangs a lot y????????? plzzzzzzzzz help !!!!!!!)i have the latest version)

  137. Hi the update fully worked but after few days when I was going to turn on my phone it was repeatedly playing the samsung logo and it was like forever does factory reset will solve the problem please help me ASAP!!

  138. Hi Saurabh, thanks
    i upgraded my s advance & i dont have any problem only the my phone speed that will use 500MB (average) without any activity. of course it has 75 ram plus past. do yau have any suggestion to reduce ram usage?

  139. after updating my phone ……………………….my warranty will remain or not …because i m having 18th months of warranty left

  140. Thanks A Lot Sir !!
    It works !!
    Now my Samsung Galaxy S Advance is updated to 4.1.2 Jelly Bean
    No lag No Nothing !!
    Thanks again !!
    For others please follow every step in d updating process and it will work just fine :D

  141. First of all thanks for the support and for this blog.
    My device is working fine. I have no issue. Even my i9070 is working very smoothly before.

    1. Now my Samsung Galaxy S Advance is updated to 4.1.2 Jelly Bean
      No lag No Nothing !!
      I have no problem like hanging restart automatically ant many other.
      There is no problem in internet connectivity.
      Thanks again……….

  142. hi if i update my samsung galaxy s advance to the firmware that u have provided here in the link… will this void the warranty of my phone . is this the official update .
    i have downloaded the file from your website and have extracted it completely.
    i have downloaded this version XXLPZ.

  143. is it need to be rooted before update Samsung Galaxy S Advance with Android 4.1.2 JellyBean Firmware ????

    can i follow the same process for my …. Samsung Galaxy S Advance [Built-In 16GB] ????

      1. Thanks for the reply…….Saurabh dada

        if i dont root my device after upgrade and also wipe cache & factory reset from the recovery mode……. then how will be the performance ???

        1. Rooting is not necessary.. But wiping cache and factory reset has been so far necessary otherwise you may face connectivity related problems or device lags, etc.

  144. Dear Sir,

    Please advise me as to what is the difference between i19070p and i19070. Are the features are same? Why the jelly bean update as advised by you in these discussions is not possible for i19070p.


    1. I9070p has NFC as well whereas the regular model doesn’t have. This JB Firmware is released for i9070 and so must not be flashed on i9070p, otherwise the device might be bricked..

  145. saurabh kumar!! plz tell me!! if i upgrade this Android 4.1.2 firmware will i lose my warranty??? plz tell me because i really want to upgrade my phone!!

    1. Read other comments. I’ve answered this several times. Hint:Use ctrl+f to find all instances of the word warranty on this page.

  146. Hey, Saurabh first off i think you did a great job with the video and the explanation.
    Second, I read all the comments and i’ve heard that the official JB update in India is scheduled for the 26th of April, since i’ve waited so long i guess i can wait for 6 more days. But if they dont release it on the 26th i will flash it using ODIN. For that I just have 1 question. After you Flashed the Phone using ODIN did you Encounter any problems with it?

      1. GT-I8160 Galaxy Ace 2 to Jelly Bean 22.04.2013;
        GT-I9070 Galaxy S Advance to Jelly Bean 26.04.2013;
        GT-N7000 Galaxy Note to Jelly Bean 01.04.2013;
        GT-P6200 Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus to the Jelly Bean 22.03.2013
        Information on the updated model, which is not included in the list at the moment is missing.
        * Dates are tentative and can shift without notice

  147. Hi !
    I can Download from the file hotfile download 300mb after automaticly stop so pls
    upload from torrenz , or more server pls help


    1. Via task manager.. Press ctrl+alt+del to start task manager or right click on taskbar and select task manager..

  148. Hi Saurabh, at first thanks for your support.

    I attempted very carefully following the steps to upgrade my Galaxy S Advance, but it seems like it is bricked, as after all seven threads successfully completed, and 0 threads faile,d the Odin3 showed message “IDxx:Removed”, and then my phone did not start, i waited for a considerable time, cable still kept connected, but no response,, so i tried to start in recovery mode, Volume-up + Home + Power key, but no response,,,

    what do you think, is it time to say Ohh Shitt, :-)

    just wanted to seek your help. I also tried battery out and back in, but no difference. I am in Germany, going to Samsung Service center will cost me not less than the price of a new Galaxy S Advance.

    awaiting your answer with some useful tips. :-)

    Thanks in advance
    Fakhar Khan

  149. mor einformation:
    – Charged battery 100% full.
    – Kies was not running, i even closed all agents for Kies using Taks Manager Processes, to make Kies is fully down.
    – I used I9070XXLPZ_I9070SERLPZ file.
    – using Odin3.

      1. Hi Saurabh,

        Thanks for your response

        My Phone model is I9070P.

        was it wrong Model for the firmware Binaries ?
        I also guessed so.. :-(

        What do you suggest for me in this situation ?

        Best Regards
        Fakhar Khan

        1. Yes, it was wrong.. I’ve already mentioned in the article itself that one should not try this with I9070P.. You need to get it repaired..

        2. Hi Saurab,

          you are right, it is mentioned, I overlooked due to excitement.

          Thanks for all your responses.

          Best Regards
          Fakhar Khan

  150. What’s in this version can not screen capture? I’ve succeed install and run the factory reset, I continue to try to screen capture (home button + power button for a long time) the result can not.

    1. This version can easily do screen capture, but many users like you find it difficult. It takes some practice to do it right way, but it works. Keep trying and you’ll master the method.

      1. ok thank you sir, it must be true simultaneously while pressing the home button + power button it. when using the GB can be done after I hit the home button and then I press the power button (not at the same time directly). thanks sir. : D

  151. Hi Saurabh,

    I have successfully updated the jelly bean on my s advance.
    Thank you very much for the post.

    But after installing jelly bean I feel that my phone is getting slow.
    Its memory usage is high. So I want to downgrade it to original one which was ICS.

    Could you please help me how to do that.

  152. Dear Sourav,
    Still you have not replied to my queries.

    I have downloaded the XXLPY firmware from the links given by you. But before updating I am having some queries.
    1. What new features will be added after updation? Is there any video you have uploaded to show the new features?
    2. Will my Galaxy S Advance be visible in Google Play Store after this updation?

    1. 1. Yes.. I don’t have the handset with me so I can’t create new video on it..
      2. Yes.. Since this is official firmware.. Everything will be as before. The only difference here is that this firmware is for Russia, but it works internationally for I9070…

  153. i hav already upgraded my phone to jb XXLPY version bt i m nw unable to upgrade its firmware…….
    plz help me ……
    hw cn i do it ………
    when i m updating it , it is shownig that unable to update .
    try updating using kies or contact ur service center

  154. Hey thanks Saurabh, i have updated it and its working fine but i lost my doccument viewer app how should i get it back? plz help me buddy..

  155. Thanks Bhai
    It Worked Great
    Really No Lag No Issue It’s Smooth Like Butter Better Call ‘Jelly’ :D

  156. Hey saurabh pls help me. .i have already upgraded my phone to jb XXLPY version And when i connect it with on my pc with kies it shows update i.e I9070XXLQ4 and i updated ……..i m from india But now when indian firmware of jelly bean is available i.e I9070DDULP8 i install with this firmware through odin…but now when i connect it with kies it shows that “YOUR DEVICE’S CURRENT FIRMWARE VERSION IS NOT SUPPORTED TO UPDATE FIRMWARE VIA KIES” ..NOW WHAT TO DO ..??PLS HELP ME…waiting for ur reply…..

    1. Flash your phone with official Indian Jelly Bean firmware using the same method as described in this tutorial.. The download link for Indian JB firmware is added in the first step..

      1. Hi Tarun, i had flashed my SG advance with russian firmware before. And now since Indian version of Jellybean was available..i flashed my phone with indian Jellybean version. So to connect your phone to PC via Kies, you will hav to upgrade kies which will support indian JB…connect your phone..let Kies detect it and then upgrade Kies software.

  157. Hi Sir
    my phone baseband ver. is I9070 JPLK2 Purchased from Saudi Arabia (KSA)
    can i update ?
    actually i am confused because your phone baseband ver is I9070 JPLK2
    that’s why i’m asking?

    If Update Is Possible Which Version Is Better For My Phone XXLPY or XXLPZ

  158. sir could u tell me about the ram issue
    JellyBean is a ram hog
    i consumes about 470+ ram which makes the games and the UI quite laggy.
    any solution would be appreciated…..

  159. plz bro change this website it is’nt supporting resume and i download it several times but sometimes it stoped at 300mb,sometimes 348-370mb.so plz plz change the format/website to fix this major problem.

  160. i upgraded my samsung galaxy s advance i9070 to 4.1.2 version..After the upgrade i’m seeing some storage space running issue, i can’t cance lthe google play download and even my internet is not working. Pleas help me

  161. After updating my advance phone it gone to reboot, later it doesn’t work what can do? Is the above method is good for me or not ?

    1. Hello Niket Chauhan there is nothing wrong with your phone.
      but you need to upgrade you samsung KiES as well.
      Start KIES without connecting your phone on top right options which is help select “Check for updates” download the latest update by KIES and then connect your phone it will detect and work if you have installed Official Indian Jelly bean

      1. Hey imran my kies is updated bt pblm same as it is as mentioned by niket chauhan..wht to do now..????

  162. Hi,
    I have updated the software on Galaxy S advance to 4.1.2 jelly bean, but when I try to update software via update command in settings then it says cannot update firmware. Can you please help me?


  163. Upgraded My new mobile to 4.2.1..looks like it’s a Developer Build, not intended for daily use.
    This field are not working :
    Camera — using camera stub
    Audio — blobs are being added to the vendor repo
    WiFi — module loads but other things needs to be fixed
    RIL — blobs are being added to vendor repo
    Vibrator — driver is not working properly
    Leds..what to do now..Mr2Cool

  164. after updating galaxy s advance to jelly bean, when I move to setting–>update then it gives error while updating firmware…why? please help??


  165. bro i have already upgraded to russiun firmware and now i want to update with indian firmware may i update or not? And method is same na.

  166. can you please send me link Jelly Bean 4.2 Rom .zip file for ace duos GT 6802
    thanks in advance

  167. Hello. Thanks for your great guide!
    I have not started the procedure yet, as I have some questions, that I would be pleased if you could answer.
    Firstly, what is the main diffirence between SERLPY and SERLPZ firmwares?
    I guess SERLPZ, right? Moreover, if anything goes wrong, will I be able to restore
    my phone? And if yes, how? Furthermore, there are some applications that are not compatible with this phone, for example Facebook home, will they be compatitible after the update? Last but not least, is it “legal”? I mean, is it allowed by samsung?
    I look forword to your reply.
    Thank you in advance for your time and assistance.
    Best Regards

    1. Read the guide and other comments thoroughly to avoid any problems..
      The difference between the firmwares is their release date. The latter is considered to be more stable..
      You’ll be able to downgrade to GB..
      This is legal and is allowed. Your phone’s warranty is not void.
      Facebook Home will still be incompatible because sgsa is not compatible with FB Home officially, but there are workarounds to install FB Home on incompatible devices as well..

      1. Ok, thank you for your reply.
        I successfully upgraded my phone :).
        Great Guide!
        However, I only face one problem.
        My phone says it has software updates, I download them, I install them, the phone reboots, but when it opens, it says the updates failed.
        I also tried via kies, with no results either.
        Any ideas?
        Thank you again!

  168. thank you very much . i had been waiting for the official update from samsung but it never came .. i have successfully done every step you said and it works excellent . again thanks for this help ..

  169. Hey Saurabh, as per your guidelines i installed JB on my SGSA 2 months back. After installation i did hard reset and even formatted my phone. But its lagging a lot. I dont know what to do. Plz suggest me good solution coz i dont want to downgrade my phone to GB.

  170. i have GINGERBREAD DDLK2
    i just want to root it but i m not getting rooted firmware for ddlk2…
    please help me

  171. Hi
    I have updated JB 4.1 after updated I am not able to connect the internet for my laptop (Windows 8) through Bluetooth please help me.

  172. whats the procedure in case I already have the first JB serbian and rooted phone,and now i want to install the new serbian version?shoud i flash again through odin,wipe cache and reset,and root again or?I had alot of problems with kernel battery drainage hope this version is better

          1. Yes, that root method and package works with almost all jb version for sgsa..

  173. i had downloaded India official Samsung-Updates.com-GT-I9070-INU-I9070DDULP8-1365435477.zip n its will work like other two..? plz help…

      1. thank you… but having problem with video.. show some green n red side of the screen while watchin movie.. is this fixable????

  174. Hi i have already follow all these steps and my phone is working great and now there is another update 4.2 i tried updating it but when it reebots there will be an android with a warning sign on it when the phone reebots again they say that there was an error while updating what could be the problem?

  175. hello… can i install ICS in my samsung galaxy Advance..? If can plz give me the link…reply plz

  176. hi..i updated to jelly bean via kies but after upgrade the phone lags and has become much slower although i did factory reset it after updation but still there are issues it hangs, lags….someone suggested rooting the device would help..does it or theres any other way to improve the performance??

  177. i live in hong kong so still can i update my phone here by following your intrucstions!!!!will it be bricked !!olease reply

    1. Make sure your model number is GT-I9070. Follow the instructions properly and you should not face any issue of bricking, but we can’t take responsibility for the unforseen..

  178. today i upgraded s advance from service centre.but now it shows no network signal. and battery drains too fast. 50% battery drins in 30 minutes.
    what should i do for those problems? plz help me.thanks

    1. Since the handset is not with me right now, I can not give you guaranteed solution. But 50% battery drain in 30 minutes is unbelievable. There might be something wrong with the battery.
      On another related note, To all those who’re facing battery and speed issue, you should try disabling data when not using mobile internet. OF course, this appears like compromise, but the mistake is from Samsung, which has not released stable, reliable or good Jelly bean update. Very poor after-sales support from Samsung for galaxy s advance.

  179. HI every one flash ur samsung galaxy s advance with 4.1.2 in India… all problem will be solved..no more problem with video n no more problem with battery drain ….thankue

  180. Hi, Saurabh Really Thanks For this update.. I update The India version Jellybean with the help of your information Given..Its Awesome and have no Issues..My Phone Speeds Is very Fast And Smooth.Camera is also Improved..Again Thanks..

  181. Dear Saurav,

    I have a smsung galaxy s advance NFC ( GT 19070P) model. I have seen that the upgrade to Jelly Bean has been effected for my phone having the following specification Baseband Version 19070PXXLK4

    How do I update my phone software. Please guide me.


  182. Awesome, this saved me a lot of frustration with Samsung Kies and messed up MTP-drivers. Thanks for the clear instructions.

  183. sir,

    I use u r JB.
    but phone is very slow in all time and stuck it and phone said that worked application is not responding .
    sir how to solve this problem .
    take me correct solution sir.

  184. hi, tried upgrading my Samsung G Advance phone ( I9070P) to JB, as per your instructions, first every thing went fine, but later (after passed message got in ODIN) screen went blank, no display. Now my computer not detecting the phone, also phone not getting start or get charge. its become like a dummy piece. volume up+home+power key press also doesn’t help to get any thing on phone. Please help to recover what I lost, my phone doesn’t work now. I read your message ( (This doesn’t work with I9070P) after I finished upgrade process..
    So what is your professional advice for me to get my phone start…

  185. Check MD5.. Do not unplug the cable..
    Please wait..
    MD5 hash value is invalid
    I9070DXAMD1_I9070OLBAME1_HOME.TAR.md5 is invalid.

    hey dude when i select the extract file in odin and i click on start i am getting this error please help me out

    1. i tried to download lot of time….. every time it is the same error
      and baseband version of my mobile is I9070DDLK2

  186. Please help me my friend i tried another process and I failed………………
    now my cell is not even starting or going into recovery mode
    What should I do now please help me.
    Please send me solution..Please.

  187. i’hav updated 4.1.2 last time ..it wrk properlly but problem is ..internet connection is not working through simcard connection and works wit WI-FI dats Y ‘m bak to 2.3.6 now….wat too do now my frend .??.any solution(lik dis prblms..???)

  188. sir, how to repair GT-I9070p no network and sim card can not detect problem after update jelly bean. please help me answer, thank

    1. This guide was not for I9070p. The same is already mentioned in the article.. Your phone is bricked.. You’ll have to visit service center..

  189. sir I had just updated my phone. phone updated but it didn’t boot anymore. my phone is dead. what to do. please help.

  190. Hi Sir, I did as u instructed.It is stuck on gsm verification..it keep saying google gapps has stopped & setup wizzard has stopped too.i dont have any chance to see a home screen! I already wipe data an cache but still the same problem. Also the “efs file failed to mount”.why? Please help me imediately..and i’ll apreciate it thanks.

    1. If factory reset didn’t help you.. You may try downgrading back to GingerBread by following our tutorial here : https://techotv.com/how-to-downgrade-jellybean-to-gingerbread-on-galaxy-s-advance/

      1. hi bro will the flash to mobile make the mobile the habit of flashing because some mobiles gets the problems after flashing it

  191. I am getting the following errors when setting the language on first load after install :
    – Unfortunately samsung setupwizard has stopped.
    – google apps has stopped working.

  192. sir…can i know what is the different between XXLPY and XXLPZ ? and which one is better to use ? i hope you can answer my question thank

  193. after falshing j.b i cant open my phone…it showing the application setup wizard has stopped unexpectedly………goapps stoped and all this in the 1st setting time…and in the boot loader it showing e: failed to mount /efs (Invalid argument)

    please help me guys…

  194. sir, what problem with my phone?i tried but it always appears like this
    Enter CS for MD5..
    Check MD5.. Do not unplug the cable..
    Please wait..
    HOME_I9070XXLPY_I9070SERLPY_660490_REV00_user_low_ship.tar.md5 is valid.
    Checking MD5 finished Sucessfully..
    Leave CS..

  195. Thanks man you are really helpful. Few weeks ago I upgraded my cellto jelly bean russia but I lagged a lot . Then I rooted my phone with customs. Then while rooting bricked it . Unbricked it at home with some help from other sites. But now as you uploaded indian version I had to trybit and its working flawlessly. Smooth as butter and fast. Thanks for everything.

  196. Thanks dude it works :D but i want to ask, if I factory reset my phone with the instruction on the video. My USB stroage will be deleted too or not?

  197. Thanks a lot. It works in my S Advance.. Now. I moved to jelly bean..again and again I Thank U dude……………………………….

  198. thankyou sir for the remarkable efforts.i have downloaded firmware through my mobile and then transferred it to pc but after clicking on pda it is not showing the extracted file of firmware.pls help sir; plssssss.

  199. hello brother i have installed cynogenmod custom rom but now i want to install official jelly bean in my s advance but i am not able to do it please can you help me

  200. Hello Saurabh
    My Galaxy s advance 5 Time Os Updated And Downgrade….but steel My phone normally work..but just tell me frnd my phone after update work slowly and lag…

  201. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you are the best …… if you can so please tell us how to convert it into kit kat 4.4 …. thanks a lot ..

  202. pls show how to update samsung galaxy s advance into kit kat as i had search through internet ,i found no one’s video was helpful as your video to update SGSA IN JB SO PLS ACCEPT MY REQUEST AND WORK ON IT…pls update SGSA 4.1.2 in jelly bean thanx..

  203. Hello, thanks for tutorial, it works, just pay your attention on the steps and you will done it. There is some obscurity about getting into the Odin mode:
    1. First press the volume DOWN, then home button, and last is power button, hold for 3-4 seconds and it will arrive. When you finish, to do last step:
    2. First press volume UP, then home button and last is power button.
    If you press all of three buttons in the same time, phone will just restart, that’s the point. Thans a lot one time more, this is COOL.

  204. hello sir, can i down grade my phone (s advance GT 4.4.2 to 4.1.2… with this?
    please help me…

  205. hello sir I m amjad from pakistan.. sir your work is soo beautifull …sir my qustion is how to use Official Indian Jelly Bean firmware for Galaxy S Advance ti9070

    how to use for me!

  206. Dear,
    i have download XXLPY JellyBean firmware for Galaxy S Advance from the link you given. but when i m trying to extract it’s not working i mean not extracting.

    please let me know what to do or give me new download link

  207. sir please could you say please i am from SAUDI and if i upgrade as same ur step the photos video will be delete and please how to copy voice recorder thanks..

  208. sir,
    when i connected my phone to my pc after switch offing my phone.
    it is not showing my phone in odin or in computer.
    sir, please reply as soon as possible.

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