Find Reliance 3g data balance and usage | know reliance number

3G data services is one of the easies, fastest and convenient way to connect to internet in India either on phone or on laptop/desktop via 3g data cards but 3g is costly and no Indian cellular operators are providing truly unlimited 3g data packs. Using 3G and not checking your data usage can result in heavy account bills and balance deductions if your 3g data pack has ended because we all know how fast 3g data is consumed up (Remember the Reliance advertisement shown on Televisions starring Anushka Sharma and Rannvijay). So, If you’re using Reliance 3g and want to know the remaining 3g data balance and usage, don’t worry, there is a very simple way to find this. With this method, you can find Reliance 2G gprs/edge net data balance and validity as well.

  1. Just sms Mbal and send it to 55333 from your reliance mobile number. Within a few seconds, you’ll receive a message which will show your 2g and 3G Net bal in mb and its validity.
  2. You’ll not be charged for sms  don’t worry, it is free to check your reliance 3g data balance.
  3. There is another trick also. Dial *367*3# but it’ll show you your GPRS net balance only, not 3g. Also, the balance shown is in Rupees. So to get your actual data, just divide the shown amount by 1000. The result will be roughly equal to remaining 2g net balance in mb. (We donot recommend this. We recommend the sms method mentioned in step 1)
  4. This works for Reliance 3g Netconnect dongle as well as for normal Reliance 3G sim.

We’ve also informed about promotional 10 % extra free Reliance 3g data , you could also check on how to track owner name of Reliance mobile number. At the time of writing this post, the cheapest 3g service provider is Reliance as per my experience especially at place where I live. In your circle, this may not be the same case because 3g network operator distribution is not uniform pan India.

 How to know your Reliance Mobile number ?

Sometimes, you forget your reliance phone number and you don’t have any talktime or balance available on your no so that you could find out by calling another person. Here is a trick to find your reliance mobile number without calling.

Just dial *1# from your reliance number. Within a few seconds, it’ll display your reliance phone number. The number displayed willl include 91 in the begining. So just ignore 91 and see the rest of the digits which is your original mob no.

We’ll update this post with more tricks and secret codes of reliance as we find it. Keep reading our blog for fresh and new tips and tricks. If you want any help, comment below and we’ll try to solve your problem.

12 Replies to “Find Reliance 3g data balance and usage | know reliance number”

  1. i have trying to find out my balance by sending sms in 55333, but unfortunately i m always getting the reply, fail 1 no response. i m trying this for more than a week but i m not getting any reply, ultimately i have decided to change my service (very very poor) to BSNL. i have made several call to toll free no. but all went in vain, i m not getting perfect reply..un fortunately i made a wrong decision by taking up yur service. i will not advice my other frnds to go for reliance service as it is always fail to send balance.

    1. You’re right.. Since the start of this week, reliance users are not able to send messages to 55333 for checking their data balance.. So, in such situation, one can contact reliance customer care and find their remaining data from them..

  2. I recently bought a Reliance 3g 7.2 mbps datacard. And I don’t know what type of plan it is loaded with coz whenever I try to send the sms to 55333(MBAL as text), sending always failed. Do you have any suggestions regarding this query. I just want to know what plan it is loaded with (UI shows the HSPA signal to its 3g).


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