Fetch as Google in GWT for more than 500 times [How to]

Fetch as Google in Google Webmaster Tools (GWT) is a great option to check if your webpage is accessible by Google. Note that Fetch as Google option is only available for verified websites in your GWT account. If you have not added your website in gwt, you should do that now because it would be very helpful to you in long term as gwt provides a number of tools to webmasters to keep their websites in healthy condition. Site performance, crawl errors, average loading time, sitelinks, backlinks – all these reports are available in gwt. To use this option, log in, select your website and then in the left side, collapse the ‘Health’ option and chose Fetch as Google. After checking, you can also hit on Submit to index option to make the indexing of the concerned webpages on Google faster but in a month you can use it to submit 500 requests for your website only.

When you hit on Submit to Index option, you get two radio buttons to select one -1. URLĀ  2. URL and Linked pages. You can submit 500 requests for the first option while for the 2nd option, only 10 requests in a month. But if you exceed your limit in a month and want to submit more requests, here is a way :

Just add another verified user for your website (Create another email account and using that account verify your website in Google Webmaster tools. You can verify your website either by uploading a webpage or by entering meta information or by linking google analytics account. Using a different method than the method used to verify with primary account is recommended).

Now use that account to manage your website and submit more requests to Fetch as Google. This way you can exceed the limit given to you.

Isn’t it cool?


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