Facebook updated for iPhone, iPad and Android

Facebook has always mentioned that better fb experience on mobile has been core part of their strategy. Many of fb users access facebook from their smartphone. To ease mobile experience, FB has even partnered with many operators around the world to provide free internet access to Facebook website. From time to time, they have been working to provide a faster and smooth feel even on fb app available for mobile phones. Hence, iPhone, iPad and Android users received update for their facebook app on mobile.

Facebook for iPhone, iPad is updated to v 5.0 which is touted as major update as it brings faster social networking experience. Facebook for iOS has been built from the ground-up using native sdk rather than HTML 5 and hence it now provides a richer experience, instant access to notification, easy and fast seamless navigation, instant loading of photos and other media content in news feed. Download Facebook for iPhone, iPad from itunes store from here. This download link always point to the latest available facebook application.

Facebook for Android is updated to v 1.9.8 and this new update brings easy events creation, option to upload multiple photos at once, more emoticons and easy sharing of photos in messages and few other enhancements. (Even now Facebook for Android is not as good as Google plus app for android). With Facebook app for android, you can get push notifications when your friends like or comment on your photos or posts. You can share your photos and videos right from the gallery. You receive fb messages notification as well in realtime. You can even chat with your friends, play games and access other apps. For all these, internet access anytime is required. If you’ve allowed automatic update, facebook will update itself automatically from Google Play Android market else launch google play and hit on option button and select my apps and update facebook. If you’ve not yet installed Facebook app on your android phone, head over to this link to download fb app from Google Play store. Note: This download link is always for the latest version available. When I updated it on my Samsung Galaxy S2 and then launched it, for some reason, it presented a grey screen and was not responsive. I had to hit back button repeatedly and then exit the application from task manager. I launched it again then and it worked fine. So, that was once-occurred type of problem; hence don’t worry, update it to the latest version.

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