Dual SIM Samsung Galaxy S4 launched, full details

Why not in India?

Yesterday, we reported launch of Galaxy S4 in India at price of Rs.41,500 INR, but you know how Indian market has always appreciated dual-sim smartphones and how desperately we desire such high-end smartphones with dual-sim capabilities from reputed brand. But, the good news is not for us, but for chinese as Samsung has officially launched dual SIM Galaxy S4 model in China with model name – GT-I9502. This smartphone is same as the international version of GS4. The only difference and addition is the dual-sim capabilities with dual standby support, which means user can insert two sim cards of same or different network and operate two distinct mobile numbers on the same phone.dual-sim-samsung-galaxy-s4

GT-I9502 boasts of similar prowess as the international variant with Exynos octa processor, 2GB DDR-III RAM. The display is the same i.e. Full HD Super Amoled. All other specifications like 13mp primary camera, 2mp front camera, 2600mAh battery, etc are the same. The only difference is there in weight of the device as this dual-sim variant weighs 132g whereas the regular version weighs 130g. Another thing to note is that the dual sim model doesn’t support LTE 4G network connectivity.

China is the first market to get dual sim SGS4. No announcement has been made about its availability outside of China. At SGS4 launch event yesterday in India, None of the Samsung’s representative commented on any plans of releasing dual sim model in India, even though India seems to be very much prospective market for this variant. Even if the dual-sim variant would have been priced higher than regular version, it would’ve sold good. So, those users who want this GS4 dual-sim model are left with one choice – to import the phone from China – which is not convenient at all. So, wait for a while, some sellers might start selling the dual-sim model of SGS4 internationally online soon so that you can get your hands on such device. We’ll update this post with more information as when available on availability, pricing of unlocked dual sim galaxy s4 model.

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