Dance Central 3 for xbox kinect Released

Reaping on the success of Dance Central game franchise, Harmonix has released Dance Central 3 exclusive for xbox 360 kinect game console. This is the game which teaches you dancing in effortless manner that you enjoy playing addictively on your xbox machine. This game truly utilizes the good performing points of kinect to harness its actual potential to deliver experience which you expect from kinect. The playing behavior is essentially the same as its previous version but storyline, and certain features have changed.

In Dance central 3, we’ve 40 plus new song tracks(from 70’s{70s hits like Gloria Gaynor’s ‘I Will Survive’ and The Trammps’ ‘Disco Inferno’} and 80’s as well as modern songs from 50 Cent, Nicki Minaj, and Katy Perry, etc..  Other hit songs include “Ice Ice Baby” from Vanilla Ice, “Everybody (Backstreet’s Back)” from the Backstreet Boys, “Scream” from Usher and “In Da Club” from 50 Cent. ), new dance moves. You as an agent of Dance Central Intelligence, have to go through time travel i.e the past in want of dance crazes with which the villain Dr. Tan is committing ‘dance crimes’ in the present. You can even create your own dance moves and let your opponent play it as challenge. SO you dance, you compete, you learn and you play in Dance Central 3. It has player’s difficulty level from beginners to hard. The more the difficulty level, the more dance moves you have to try. If you fail to perform a particular portion successfully, a ring below your character will notify you of the same and you can always rehearse that particular portion of the song to perfect your moves. Achieve more and more stars and believe me, it would be difficult if you’re new to this game. After successfully completing story mode, you’ll able to play master quest which allows you to be a dance perfectionist. The party mode to bring your entire friends circle on the floor (upto 8 players) has improved significantly and now it randomizes everything depending upon your skill level, but still you need to have enough space in your room to fully enjoy the party mode. Another exciting addition is Crew Throwdown, and a new mini game called as Keep the beat in addition to Make your move if you want to calculate your choreography talent.

If you really want to enjoy Kinect power, Dance Central 3 game is for you. Sadly, online multi-player mode is not there even in this edition. Sometimes, Kinect detect your correct move as incorrect and vice-versa, but this is very occasional and we all know kinect is not at all perfect. Furthermore, to import songs from Dance Central 1 & 2, you need to pay a small fee (if you do import from both the previous version, total number of songs will count over 150 – enough to bring your body in shape if you’ve been going sluggish earlier). The game visuals could be improved more. Nevertheless, Dance Central 3 is worthwhile upgrade if you love dancing. Although the playing mechanism is nothing new, yet dance lovers would love to flick their arms and legs to the rhythm of wonderful disco songs.

Watch Dance Central 3 Game Trailer

Boy, I love this trailer, what about you?

You can buy Dance Central 3 game as it is to be released on October 16, 2012 from xbox marketplace or from game retail stores or other online shopping websites (you might find a discounted deal – the price of Dance Central 3 varies by country also depending upon the channel from where you’re buying). You can even download its demo version (1.6 GB )from xbox marketplace on your xbox console to try it before buying. Download Dance Central 3 Demo from here .

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