How to convert sim to nano sim card for iPhone 5

As you might know that iPhone 5 can be used with nano sim cards. iPhone 4S could be used with micro sim cards. So, the size of micro sim cards has not been enough for folks at Apple so they decided to roll out iPhone 5 with support for further smaller version i.e. nano sim card. As the name implies, such type of sim cards are very much smaller than regular sim cards. Changing the size of 30-pin connector to something small and compact is reasonable but why the reduced sim card size? Further, such small sim cards are hard to handle and is more prone to damage or being lost. Many network operators all over the world has already placed orders for nano sim cards so that they could provide their customers with the required kind of sim card but the same not be the case in your location. You might not want to go to the store of your service provider to find out if they have nano sim card available. Further, porting of your service from your regular sim card to the new nano sim card might involve processing duration of a few days. Hence, here we’re listing methods on how to convert or cut micro sim card and mini sim card to nano sim card easily yourself. Before you proceed with the guide given below, take note of the risk associated with this method. By following this method, you may damage your sim card and it may become unusable if not done properly. So, if you can get nano sim card from your network provider, it is better to get it from them but if you’re on the other side and don’t mind taking the risk, you’re always welcome to follow this tutorial.

  • Download thisĀ nano-sim-card-cutter pdf file. Print this at 100 % scale on A4 size paper. This contains line markings so help you out with cutting of sim card.
  • Now, place your sim card on to the paper as per the illustrations made on the paper. Position it properly within the line markings. Adjust the position if required. There are separate line marking for micro sim card and mini sim card. Place your current sim in the appropriate section on the printed paper.
  • Using transparent cello tape, affix the sim card onto the paper firmly so that while cutting it, the position is not disturbed.
  • Use a ruler and marker pen to precisely mark the five lines on the sim card on the basis of which you have to make the cut.
  • Take scissor in your hand. Start cutting it slowly. Take reference of the marked line and cut accordingly.
  • After cutting, make the edges of the newly-cut nano sim card smooth by using file or sandpaper or anything else you might find appropriate. Done!

This way you can cut your existing sim card to make it nano sim card. As previously said, this is risky method but worth trying if you’re low on other options. iPhone 5 is expected to launch in more than 100 countries. Most probably, your network operator will provide nano sim cards for iPhone 5 users.

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