How to check Vodafone 3G/2G data balance validity

Increased smartphone usage and high speed 3G data access have resulted in high data consumption behavior among consumers. This might further cause expensive billing once our data pack turns empty or validity expires. Hence, periodically checking remaining net balance is necessary otherwise you might wake up one day to find that all your talktime balance is gone because your smartphone (likely android) was automatically updating all those installed apps while you were sleeping. Such incidents have occured with few of my friends. That’s why I’m writing this post so that my fellow readers shouldn’t face similar issues. I’ve already written about how to check aircel 3g balance, airtel 2g/3g data.

In this post, I’ll share with you info on how to check remaining balance and validity of Vodafone 3G data packs or 2G gprs net pack. For most of account related queries, self service vodafone ussd code is *111#. This works for both prepaid as well as postpaid vodafone number. Upon dialing this ussd code, you’ll receive a list of menu on your phone and then you could respond accordingly to find more details about your vodafone no, like data plan, vas services, bill details in case of postpaid, etc. Prepaid gsm users can choose data plan option in *111# menu whereas postpaid users could choose internet plan details option to check complete details about Vodafone data packs/plans and validity.

  • Dial *111*6# and then proceed as per the instruction. If this doesn’t work then dial, *111*6*2#. These ussd codes will tell you both vodafone 3g data balance as well as 2g gprs net balance validity.
  • You could also send sms DATA BAL to 144 to find out remaining internet balance on your Vodafone number. These sms/ussd codes should also work for data card.

vodafone-postpaid-prepaid-ussd-sms-codes-3g-2g-balance-transferIf the given ussd or sms codes do not work, repy to us in comment section along with your circle/location detail and we’ll try to find the appropriate way that works fine in your circle.


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  1. till now no ussd code has yet been known
    to watch the remaining balance of 2g prepaid voda data balance.

    1. There is a code

  2. Thank you. the code worked.

  3. Yup, codes works

  4. nope…code to check data balance doen’t working…

    1. Try SMS – send DATA BAL to 144

      1. There is no response by Vodafone
        DATA BAL TO 144 And also *111*6# and *111*6*2#.

  5. The cod you have given does not work. Please find me a way out to check my 3G balance as soon as possible. Thanks

    1. *111*6*2# for 3g

    2. Dial *111*6*2# for 3g balance check

  6. Code to check data balance doesn’t work

  7. thank you

  8. why cant i activate 3g in my prepaid number.. tried act 3G to 144.. still replys that i entered a wrong keyword.. im sick of this sheet

  9. does not work for 2g net pack *111*6#

    1. *111*6*2# now can

  10. Sabhi mobile per vodafone mb chek number bhejo

    1. *111*6*2#

  11. I am getting connection Invalid IMEI code error.

  12. Data balance after recharge is not giving crrect information

  13. Thank you so much! :-)

  14. Thanx, code for checking internet balance is working

  15. how to make 3g mobile data from balance in Gopalganj Bihar

  16. Does not work for 2g pack *111*6#

  17. Code Provided by is not working and showing invalid input

  18. What to dial to activate 3G internet 1GB pack on phone?

  19. The remaining balance for 2g is not appearing as it used to be before.
    Only consumed data is showing up.

  20. 2G net balance what number ?????????

  21. *111*6*2# kaam kare h…

  22. This code works
    Thank you

  23. not working so please send valid number

  24. for data its *111*2*6*2#

  25. Provided number of vodafone for 3G Internet *111*6*2# is not working to know data.Reply

  26. I just tried… you need to send “DATA BAL” to 199 and you’ll received the approx usage.

  27. *111*6*2#

  28. it is working. thank you

  29. I have fixed Vodafone SIM in my Car tracking device. So, obviously I cannot send USDD codes. Is there any way to find via vodafone website or any portals?

  30. I’m getting error,thanks

  31. how to transfer vodafone to vodafone data

  32. How to check data balance in up east ?

  33. *111*2*2#

  34. I cannot check balance, data, nothing! I was using just wifi as I live overseas, I go to Oz once a year so I usually update it there, how can I find out the problem if it doesnt respond to anything, even the date on it has gone back 3 years and I cannot even change that, I think I pressed the wrong something and stuffed everything up. Any suggestions?

  35. Hi guys, I have tried to check my Vodafone 3G data balance & validity using the code *111*6*2# but every time it is showing the error message as “Invalid Input”. Earlier back in March 2017 I used this same code to check data balance and it worked. Why it is not working in May 2017? Did the code got changed? Please suggest.

  36. It is showing invalid input for both the no’s. Please help

  37. It doesn’t works , when i have dialled the code ,a message appears teeling invalid input.

  38. None of da given code doesn’t work here in Aizawl, Phuihnamchhe-veng. Am fed up of seeing “Invalid input. please try again”.

  39. *111*6# & *111*6*2# this codes r not work for 2g pack… How i check 2g pack blance….. Plzzz help me…..

  40. can I recharge another netpack while I having already old netpack validity or net balance has been over..

  41. USSD code has been changed to *111*2*2#. This is only for Vodafone Maharashtra circle. Prepaid numbers.

  42. *111*6# & *111*6*2# ARE NOT WORKING FOR 3G PACK..

  43. Hlo data balance checking is not working

  44. how to check 4g balance

  45. I have bought a new sim just now I want to check my free balance but the code is not working..please help

  46. *111*6# & *111*6*2# these nos. are not working for 3g data pack pl. help

  47. *111*1*6# for 3g data bal

  48. *111*6# &*111*6*2# not working.I want to know the validity of my 4Gnet pack.Recharged for Rs 199/ on 9th Oct.No confirmation sms .

  49. How do I know my 4 g data plan for free means includes in monthly rental, and balance now

  50. Your most of the service codes are use less.
    Most hopeless service.

  51. Your given code does not working

  52. Vodafone internet balance check code are must important for Vodafone users. your article are complete list i have ever find. i must recommend it with Vodafone users.

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