How to check Aircel PostPaid Unbilled amount, other details

Not much info is available on PostPaid usage on the web. For prepaid users, there are several methods to find out your balance, talktime, plan, validity, etc, but for postpaid users, neither so many methods nor such options are available. Postpaid users have to resort to calling customer care to find out details on their postpaid connection. Here, I’ve tried my best to collect info on Aircel Postpaid. I’ll keep updating as self-service sms methods are available to know more about Aircel postpaid connection.aircel-postpaid-sms-usssd-codes

  • On your Aircel Postpaid number, if you want to find unbilled amount (The amount that will be added to your next bill on bill generation date), sms Unbilled to 121. You’ll receive sms with required details. Periodically checking this is necessary so that you could keep your usage in check otherwise you may incur heavy outstanding.
  • To get free ebill i.e. monthly generated bill on your email address, you can send sms START EBILL TO 121. This is free.
  • To get hardcopy of duplicate bill, you can send sms DUPBILL to 121. Alternatively, you can download duplicate bill online from . In fact, using aircel official website is recommended as you won’t be charged for requesting duplicate bill online.
  • To get itemised bill (bill with complete call logs, duration and other details), send sms START ITEMBILL to 121. If you’re requesting itemised bill just for one time, sms ITEMBILL to 121. Alternatively, itemised bill is shown online on aircel website for free of charge.
  • To know your credit limit (the maximum amount upto which you can use services without paying i.e. your unbilled amount should not exceed this amount), sms ACC to 121.
  • For other information, just dial 121 from your aircel postpaid number and follow the IVR. More specifically speaking, dial 1211 for billed amount and payment details, dial 1212 for unbilled amount and related details, dial 1215 for latest bill plans details

These codes are applicable for all circles where Aircel provides PostPaid facility. Feel free to ask us in case of confusion or doubts. We’ll try to add more relevant sms codes to the list above.

82 Replies to “How to check Aircel PostPaid Unbilled amount, other details”

  1. yes.. Aircel Online Services / Customer Service are very worst. we are not able to view Itemized Bills for free in web. we need to pay Rs.25 to get that only in hard copy. This should be taken forward legally. “Poor Aircel Services”


  3. aircel bill amt already paid, customer care asking not paid how many times phone call,irrutrating aircel website not good

  4. Aircel Online Services is very worst. we are not able to login in aircel,history data usage Itemized Bills.i am tried to check with aricel .Very very poor ,all worst & waste of time

  5. Need my bill with all call n SMS status plzz. I want quit. BC your service is very por nobody is awere of policy who ever is ur excutve

  6. Not able to create the new account
    cant see the item wise bill
    Poor quality customer care service
    No response for mails.
    Few days back i got migrated from vodafone, now i feel why i choosen Aircel!!!

  7. Aircel service is very worst . I want itemized bill in the month of may 2015 but aircel store in perambur was told you sent in head office only through e mail .I don’t” know sent email how I get detailed bill. Pl tell

  8. The most worst network, after payment also asking to pay again. suddenly stopping incoming and out going calls. Opened aircel stores various places, but worst response.if anything we ask only one answer they will give “we don’t know”

    never faced such problems in other networks.

  9. I want to know my postpaid bill detail. But whenever we are contacting customer care service, the service provided by them is very poor. Try to update all in your website sothat, we can easily find out the balance amount to be paid for postpaid bill.

  10. seriously network is very bad please provide good network……. i lost so many clients because of your network.

  11. I hate Aircel Postpaid servise..i`m not able to see the details of Bill & even Internet usage. Last week i paid my bill and in office i use wifi network…In night time i switch off my data service….hence my data usage of Aircel is very less still i recieved message that your 3G plan has been exhausted..WTF.. without using how it can get exhausted…This company sucks!!!

  12. i want to see my unbilled amount but i did not see there aircel is very worst network idoes not like aircel postpaid please improve your self

  13. I paid billed amount for two service connections but they accounted the entire amount for one connection and when I pointed out their fault in accounting they shifted the entire amount to other account.I took it to custome care. they keep on transferring the amount from one to another .Meanwhile I have been receiving reminders to pay the amount for both bills immediately with penalty. They are not allowing me to switch over to prepaid service .Good service to customers.

  14. Worst company with worst staff who don’t care the customer & don’t update their records & go on harrasing the customers. I have already paid the bill in respect of my no.9716010282 submitted the proof but still getting phones mails to pay the bill.
    R S Yadav.

  15. If I am not able to view my bills by today, I have no other option but to disconnect aircel and go for some other one.

  16. Aircel co v frode India.this issweet poison.and frode dream at day. Khoob lootana deshko.

  17. This company loot us. I ask for the reason for sudden hike in bill from a normal bill of Rs.300 to Rs 400 rupees (each for two connection) per month to Rs. 2000/- plus. Customer care executives replied that they are helpless, and insisted me to pay the amount if restoration of service is desired.They want me to pay the bill without any proof of usages or break up of the usages. The Poorest service i ever come across. The network is equally poor like the customer executives.

  18. How can I check my Aircel postpaid unpaid bill, could not check by sending SMS because since February 2018 I do not have any aircel network. I have to clear my bill to port my Aircel number to Airtel. Even the Aircel store could not check my exact unpaid bill.

  19. Sir, we needful my Aircel post paid unfilled amount this my mobile non is 9865111961 my alternative mobile is 8220999155.pls inform to me .Any one help me .Not view unfilled amount reason is network issue. .any one inform to 8220999155 .

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