How to change or reset lockscreen password or pin on Android phone or tablet

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[sch i=”description” c=”Watch this video to learn a new trick on how to reset your android phone lock password/pattern/pin if you’ve forgotten the same. Thanks to the newly released lock feature in Android Device Manager service of Google.”] We’ll log onto on our pc and use the lock feature. From there, hit on lock button and enter new password. This will change the default password of your phone as well as the security method to pin-based authentication. This service is usually intended to lock your device remotely if misplaced somewhere, but we can utilize this feature in our special scenario.

So, this web utility overrides the default security method of our mobile, as well as reset the password to new one so this works for pin/password or pattern method as well. This is a great and easy way, but of course has some limitations in which case it may not work. The two limitations are:

  • Your phone should have access to internet or mobile data, because Google sends password reset request via internet on your smartphone.
  • You must have enabled “Allow remote lock and factory reset ” option under Android device manager in Google Setting app on your android device, otherwise the lock and erase option on the web-based interface will remain

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16 Replies to “How to change or reset lockscreen password or pin on Android phone or tablet”

  1. Thanks for the website for unlocking the phone – it worked and I was spared of losing phone data. Your solution was unique then others.

  2. I tried your suggestions regarding password recovery however, I have one issue is the fact that everything works except the device doesn’t register the new password and remains locked. Please help fix this because my S4 holds school work that aren’t on the SD card.

    1. Thank you for doing this by helping others in need! I rally want to say thank you very much for taking the time to do this. You’re very inspiring!

  3. My phone are not connecting to mobile data. and also not enabled “Allow remote lock and factory reset ” how is that. what is the other thing to do? please help :((

  4. need help—–its saying as google is recognizing Your phone has already got phone lock so you dont need a new password

  5. dear brother
    I tried to open pin lock screen through my gmail as u showed in ur video, but it says u don’t need the password , and itdoesn’t work

    plz help me

  6. Hello. This does not work on my phone or my tablet. My tablet is not locked, BTW, I was just checking out the device manager. Supposed problem, my phone is already locked so I don’t need a new password. PLEASE HELP ME! I lost my husband, then lost his voicemails on my last phone. I just can’t lose these last pictures.

  7. I forgot my phone pin password so please can you help me please my phone’s name is mobicel android smart series…please help me….

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