Mozilla Firefox 15 Free Download

Update: A new version has been released, get Mozilla Firefox 17 instead of downloading this version. Mozilla Firefox is the best open-source browser known for its security, speed, flexibility and stability. It is being rapidly developed and so Mozilla Firefox 15 has been released for windows xp, windows vista, windows 7 including the newest upcoming

How to find wifi password

If you’ve several laptops, smartphones, smart TV and other devices at home which require internet connection, the best way is to set up a home wifi network using a wifi router. Nowadays, even 3g wifi router is available in which you can plug your 3g data card and access internet on all wifi devices with

Resize any image by right-clicking

Often, we need to change the resolution and filesize of images or digital camera pictures stored on our computer to share it on facebook or web because images of lower resolution has low file-size and it takes very less time to upload them. Pictures taken via digital camera generally have higher resolution and thus higher

How to change from IDE to AHCI after windows installation

This tutorial is for those who have advanced knowledge in computer, who can alter BIOS settings (and understands what BIOS is, regedit is). If you’ve installed windows 7 in IDE mode and for some reason, you want to switch it to AHCI mode. If you just go into your system BIOS settings and alter the

SSD Optimization Tips and Tweaks on Windows 7

If you’ve added a new SSD(Solid-state drive) to your computer for the first time, you must be amazed by its speed but if you’re like me, you’d always want more speed. So you might think – Is this all I get with my SSD or is there any way so that I can get even