Customize Win+X Menu on Windows 8 | Start menu Alternative

Ever pressed win key + x together on Windows 8? If not, hold windows key on your keyboard and press x, you’ll see a little context popup menu at the bottom left corner of the screen with advanced system settings and configuration related quickly accessible shortcuts like Device Manager, Disk Management, Command Prompt(Admin), Computer Management,

Windows 8 Start Screen Tips

The start screen in windows 8 contains metro tiles which are being updated in real time, so this makes every metro app shortcut a live widget in itself, so that you need not launch to program to know what’s inside. In this tutorial, we’ll see how to interact with these tiles i.e. customize windows 8

Free up space after Windows 8 Upgrade

Have you already upgraded your older windows machines to the latest version i.e. Windows 8? If yes, does everything, your apps and windows os work as expected? If you’re satisfied with the upgrade, you may want to delete old version of windows completely from system. Whenever we upgrade windows, previous version of windows go into