How to create a new local user account on Windows 8

By default, windows 8 uses your Microsoft account to login to your PC. The big advantage of using Microsoft account as user account on windows 8 is that all your settings are synchronized on the cloud, but you may prefer to have a local account which is not connected to your Microsoft account. So, in

How to prevent charms bar accidental popup in Windows 8

In windows 8, Microsoft has removed the start button. Start screen is our default zone from where we can launch any app or switch to desktop mode. In windows 8, all the four corners of screen are sensitive. Whenever you take your mouse to the top-right or bottom-right corner, charms bar shows up which has

How to enable Hibernate option in Windows 8 power menu

Windows 8 indeed starts faster and so shuts down with great speed too. This is because of the hybrid start and shutdown procedure that Microsoft had added in Win 8 which makes the boot time and shutdown time remarkably lower in comparison to previous version of windows. This may be the reason why hibernate option

Mozilla Firefox 17

Continuing its tradition of improvement, Mozilla team has released Firefox 17 browser for windows pc, linux, mac and android mobile phones. Although windows 8 mode is still not implemented in this version, yet it is worthy upgrade and we highly recommend our readers to stay updated to the latest version of Mozilla Firefox (Firefox windows

How to Use Google Chrome in Windows 8 Metro Mode

Google Chrome has already become the no.1 web browser covering majority of browser market share as it is being continually improved. On Windows 8, Internet Explorer 10 feels no longer like its previous versions, instead it is much more advanced, faster and reliable. What’s interesting about IE on Windows 8 is that it opens in