How to get Dark Mode & Night Mode on Windows 10 [Tutorial]

Did you know you can enable Dark mode and Night mode on your windows 10 desktop, laptop, computer as well? Yes, dark mode feature is also available on your big machine, not just on your portable device like smartphones. Dark mode is really handy on any device with display, it feels easy on eyes especially

Google Chrome Installer failed to Start – Permanent Fix (Solution – How To)

Not often but very problematic could be Google Chrome for windows users occasionally. Many users face Google Chrome installation problems especially when they try to reinstall Chrome on their windows computer. The infamous error – “Installation failed. Google Chrome installer failed to start”. Such a deterrent dialog box comes with just a close button. There

USB 3.0 not working on Windows 8.1 update? – Fix

Of late, I was trying to connect my mobile phone to computer via usb data cable, but it wasn’t being detected. I thought my the data cable might be defective so tried with another cable and the same problem persisted, leading me to suspect something wrong with usb port as the data cable was working