Free Online Calculator on Google

Google can be used as online calculator as it present a visually appealing calculator on search results page when you try perform any sort of calculation via it. It is your primary search engine not just because it presents you relevant search results to your queries but also because it serves as handy utility tool

VLC Player for mobile – Android Version

When it comes to the best media player, vlc comes in mind. It is a great media player for pc/laptops but is vlc for Android Mobile phone great as well? Lets take exhaustive look into vlc player for android. It has been officially available in the android market i.e. Google Play store but it is

How to create custom fancy url for facebook profile or pages

If you’re addicted facebook user, you might have already set this up but if you haven’t, you might want to. With this tutorial, you can create your facebook public profile url easy to remember, easy to communicate, easy to spread. For example, My facebook profile url is .. So, I can easily share my

How to update kaspersky offline

Kaspersky Internet Security is one of the best security suite available for pc that protects our computer from all kinds of viruses, malware, spyware, Trojans, malicious programs and other threats but it is resource-heavy. If installed on a system with low resources, it might make the computer slow. Furthermore, the update process is also slow

5 less-known but useful email tips free email service is new and exciting and also it is as powerful as you want it to. There are many features of outlook which you might be already familiar with. Here in this article, lets take a look at some of the less-known but useful tips about outlook free email. How to Change

Top 5 Free Addictive games for Android Phone

There are lots of free games available for Android phones which will take you to another level of mobile gaming. In this post, lets talk about some of those addictive games which take most of your leisure time and are so addictive that even adults become kids for the time being. These games are either