Top 5 Tech movies for Techie Geeks

I can watch five movies at one go, believe me. Even if my friends suggest me that I should not watch more than 1 movie in a day to get a feel and hold of the characters, storyline, cinematography, script and of course the themed idea presented in the movie, but I do not listen

Target Facebook Page’s posts to specific gender, age, location

If you’re a brand, you ought to have a Facebook page; because if you don’t have, you’re missing the power and influence of social networking. Since the launch of Facebook pages, brands and business have adopted happily because they got something finally to make heart to heart connection with their prospective consumers, users, fans, readers..

Move Gmail chat box to right side like Facebook or Google Plus

Chatting is all but a great way to connect with friends and families online. For this, Gmail chat is there to keep us connected without loosing track of the work spirit. But not all genius people like to chat especially when they’re making some keys burn during work. So, they make their chat status invisible

Free Online Converter – Units Converter

You can use Google as unit converter to convert values and data from one unit to another of measurements.Listed below are the conversion types that we can do on Google Unit converter. Just chose the desired converter from the dropdown arrow. See the image below : We don’t require these conversions everyday but sometimes we