Mototrola X Phone Specification, Release Date

Samsung is riding on the front with its Galaxy S series whereas other android manufacturers are trying to grab a piece (need I say, bigger piece) of the huge smartphone cake. After Google’s aquisition of Motorola, industry analysts and experts have been expecting something new on the table (Motorola has already limited its market reach

Sennheiser Momentum, JBL J Series, Skullcandy PLYR2 Headphones launched

Appreciation of music, sound, voice requires great headphones, without which, you won’t be able to feel the sharp and sheer, true and precise, details and rhythm of sound that you listen to. This week, we’re getting some of premium headphones from JBL, Sennheiser and Skullcandy. JBL has launched affordable and reasonably priced budget headphone, Skullcandy

YouTube Most Watched Video – PSY’s Gangnam Style

I’m always wondering how come a song, dance, music video (not in international English) is so popular. After a thing has become popular, people and the so-called experts can start reasoning to account for its popularity, but did someone predict it in such a degree before the launch? Even, PSY, himself, has not had thought

GTA V Release Date | GTA 5 Game Details

I love You – As these three words are divine in love and romance world, so are these three letters in gaming world – GTA. The entire Grand Theft Auto series is famous and has changed the way games emulate real-world life. Several other games have tried to mimic the open world arena presented in

India Tech News: Nokia Asha 308, Lumia 510, LG Optimus VU, Airtel 4G

Welcome to Techotv Fast News Episode 110 in which we’re featuring new phone launches and other events of Technology in India. 1. Nokia added one more phone to its Asha series with the release of Nokia Asha 308 at price of Rs.5,685. This is series-40 smartphone with bunch of apps like whatsapp, facebook, twitter preinstalled

Embed External links in YouTube Video Annotations

Video annotation is useful feature in YouTube to highlight certain portions of our videos with important points or to link it to any other YouTube video. Such video annotations are clickable. YouTube publishers and video uploaders have always wanted to annotate their videos with external link to their website or blog but unfortunately, YouTube didn’t

Dance Central 3 for xbox kinect Released

Reaping on the success of Dance Central game franchise, Harmonix has released Dance Central 3 exclusive for xbox 360 kinect game console. This is the game which teaches you dancing in effortless manner that you enjoy playing addictively on your xbox machine. This game truly utilizes the good performing points of kinect to harness its