Mototrola X Phone Specification, Release Date

Samsung is riding on the front with its Galaxy S series whereas other android manufacturers are trying to grab a piece (need I say, bigger piece) of the huge smartphone cake. After Google’s aquisition of Motorola, industry analysts and experts have been expecting something new on the table (Motorola has already limited its market reach

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Specification, Release Date, News, Rumors

[box]Note III is launched officially. Check here – Galaxy Note 3 Specification [/box] It amazes me the way the smartphone industry is changing, evolving. Fierce competition among manufacturers have led to innovation and specs bump. A phone manufacturer who fails to bring something new, exotic and advanced on table, is eliminated from limelight race. Even,

Sony C6603 Yuga Release Date, Specification, Price

When we wrote about HTC J Butterfly smartphone on our phone blog, we predicted the upcoming trend of Full HD resolution i.e. 1080p on high-end flagship smartphones. Our prediction now holds true as leaked images of ‘Sony C6603 Yuga‘ phone has come to spotlight. Sony C6603 Yuga phone has 1080p display with resolution of 1794*1080