Download WordPress 3.5, Twenty Twelve theme – What’s New

Sticking to its promise to release one major version update every 6 months, WordPress 3.5 is finally released after weeks of testing. In this article, we’ll discuss what’s new in WordPress 3.5 and how is it going to affect our current blogs. A new default Twenty Twelve theme : With this theme, WordPress has introduced

How to change the default image size for medium in WordPress

The most popular and ubiquitous blogging script is WordPress, no doubt, because it is easy and it makes you do what you want to do i.e. blogging, while it oversees the technical aspect of your blog. While writing blog posts, we often include images for visual illustration purposes. WordPress resizes the images in small, medium,

WordPress Automatic Updater | WordPress Plugin

Whenever any update to WordPress core version, plugins or themes become available in wp repository, WordPress automatically notifies us in wp admin dashboard so that with just a few clicks, it could update itself and its components to the latest released version. This automatic update notification feature requires manual approval and intervention to for the

How to see Real time Traffic on your website

Traffic is the life of any website but measurement and assessing of the traffic and its conversion, the flow and user experience of visitors are equally important. There are several ways in which we can check live visitors on our website but our article is restricted to Google Analytics ways since most of the webmasters,

WordPress Keyboard Shortcut keys

WordPress is the most popular blogging script and comprise as backbone of majority of websites online. As blogs grow, readers community follows. Our blogs start receiving tons of comments. Many of them are also often spam. If you receive lots of spam on wordpress blog, make sure you’ve activated Askimet plugin successfully. Apart from spam