Beklin Handheld Home Theater for iPad – Details, Price

Bored of unwieldy sound from your favorite tablet – iPad? Want to turn your iPad into sound blowing system? Beklin has introduced Beklin Thunderstorm Handheld Home Theater for iPad in two variants, one with 30-pin connector (for old iPads), other one with lightning connector(for the new iPad with retina display). This home theater attaches to your iPad as if iPad is embedded right into it. It works as a case also. It has a stand as well. Although, the name includes the word ‘handheld’, but after using this with your iPad, you’ll feel it bulky, thick and not very easy to hold. The speaker grill is at the bottom. As it promises to blow you away with its sound with clear bass and treble, so it does in reality. It also has inbuilt battery in it which is quoted to give backup of about 10 hours, hence also adding as extended battery for your tablet. It doesn’t block the rear camera of your iPad.beklin-handheld-home-theater-for-ipad

The price of Beklin Thunderstorm Handheld Home Theater for iPad is $199 and it will be released for sale in market starting February. Is it worth the price? Well, the inbuilt speaker in iPad is inferior as it doesn’t give you the bass, it produces sound with treble frequency while loosing all other important variations in the original sound. This Beklin home theater really adds to the sound capabilities of iPad, but it may not look as appealing as you wanted it to be. Beklin has also developed an iOS app for controlling this home theater from your iPad to tweak the sound output according to your liking. So, now you can enjoy your favorite movies on iPad with punchy sound.

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