Apple iWatch – All you need to know – revealed from patents

Today , Apple has patented the most advanced form of wearable computer which takes the form of a flexible wrist band. Yes, its the iWatch concept that we are talking about. After tons of experiments and testing, the team has finally come up with a design for the iWatch. According to the patent submitted by Apple, the watch will be made out of nano materials which could easily slap on to a wrist of any size, automatically orient the display towards the user using gyro-sensors/accelerometer and resize the screen resolution to match the width and curvature of the wrist. The device will use flexible multi touch displays on top which can help users perform tasks like reordering playlist, viewing call logs and replying to messages using a simple virtual keyboard. Apart from these, the patent further states that the latest connectivity standards like Wifi 802.11 a/ac/b/g/n and Bluetooth 4.0 with A2DP will be adopted to sync with the iPhone. The iWatch will also have an option to perform a wired sync via cables. Apple states that a 5Ghz high speed bandwidth connection established between the iWatch and the iPhone will be sufficient enough to stream high quality videos. A secure protocol will be used to establish the connection in order to prevent unauthorised access to data.Apple iWatch concept

The patent also mentions a lot of other interesting uses of the iWatch :

  • Map viewing – A traveller can quickly view the map with a simple swipe gesture on his wrist without having to take his phone from the pocket or even hold a device.
  • Fancy edge lighting – The user can customise the colour of the watch by changing the edge lighting and even control the blink rate to show a warning sign to someone. The watch also allows users to customise the screen to display anything like a colour band, moving text, Barcode/QR-code/id to scan while entering a secure area, etc….
  • Night time security– Users could leave the watch switched on with a particular colour or a bright pattern running around the screen and strap it on their wrists or legs. This would be helpful to people who have the habit of cycling or running during the night as it would provide increased visibility to the vehicles on road.

The device can be charged via kinetic energy, solar energy and wired connectors. However, Apple hasn’t given a clue about the battery technology used in the iWatch. Being a flexible device which could bend over any curved surface, the battery must be distributed throughout the device.

Flexible displays in Apple iWatch.

Apple iWatch Release Date

Before Apple could release the iWatch for commercial use, developers will be given a sneak peek into the device and WWDC 2013 appears to be the right time for a demo. The iWatch rumours have been taking many shapes during the recent times and this patent has put an end to all speculations. It also proved that Apple is serious about the iWatch and it is not a fake project anymore. Apple has just filed a patent and has no plans to start mass production now as engineers are still experimenting on different iWatch models. So lets wait to see what’s in store (and yeah, the name – iWatch – may not be the real name of this prospective product when it is released commercially. Apple might coin something different as the name of this product).

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