Ambrane P-801 Power Bank 8000mAh In-Depth Review, Unboxing with Video

Portable Power Bank consists of a high-capacity battery and acts as portable charger for your mobile phones, tablets, other devices. Having a high-capacity power bank while traveling is must in digital age where you don’t want to be disconnected from the world, even for a minute. It’s one of those gadgets that I recommend to every smartphone user as modern android smartphones usually last 1 day (24 hours) or less on full charge. That’s why I bought Ambrane P-801 Power Bank for about Rs.1300 online, though MRP is Rs.2,999.     ambrane-p801-powerbank

  • Name: Ambrane P-801 Portable Power Bank
  • Capacity – 8000mAh
  • Warranty – 1 year
  • Cost Price for me: Rs.1300 (online)
  • Charging port (Input) – Micro-USB
  • Two USB Charging ports (Output) for charging two devices at the same time.

The package is nice. On the back of the package is mentioned weight, which is 300 grams. We also have the telephone number, customer care email and website address mentioned for support-related issues. It comes with 1 year warranty, but this is not indicated anywhere on the package, though there is a warranty card inside the box.ambrane-p801-price-weight

Here we’ve the seal at the bottom but the battery can be easily taken out from the top without breaking the seal making the whole point of putting seal useless here.

This is our power bank. It’s available in two colors – black, white. I’ve bought black because I like black color. It has silver polish midway on its sides. The design looks attractive.ambrane-p-801-power-bank-portable

There are 6 connectors for charging various devices, including mobile phones from Samsung, HTC, Sony, Nokia, Apple iPhone/iPad. The charging cable is very short. The connectors attaches with charging cable easily. Well, if you want longer wire, you can usb data cable of your phone to connect with this power bank as well.

It doesn’t feel heavy though the weight is mentioned 300g. We’ve two usb charging ports so that we can charge two devices simultaneously with this portable battery. The two ports emit different quantity of current. The upper one emits 2.1A current while the lower one emits 1A. This means that the device connected to the upper charging port will be charged faster in comparison to the lower one.8000-mah-power-bank-ambrane-two-charging-port And on the other side, we’ve the input port for charging this powerbank battery. You’ll need a separate charger for charging this unit as charger is not provided with powerbank. You can use your phone charger to charge this or use the given connector with usb adaptor or computer. During charging, the led lights keep blinking. If all the four led light glows continuously without blinking, that means the battery of this power bank is fully charged.ambrane-power-bank-review

On the back, we’ve a paper sticker pasted, labelled, Super power pack. 8000mAh capacity. Input of 5V 1A, and the output as discussed before. On the front , we’ve a button for checking the remaining battery capacity as well as turning power bank on. There are four led light here which means that each one should represent about 25% capacity, but in real, the last two LED light goes off very soon, which means that all the four charging LED light are not very well calibrated to represent 25% capacity each.ambrane-portable-charger  I’ve already tested it. It takes about 7-8 hours to fully charge itself. Based on the battery capacity of your phone, it can charge 3-4 times. It can charge my galaxy s4 about 2 times. You can expect performance of about 4500-5500mAh. Don’t expect complete 8000mAh charging capacity. The charging speed is fast though. I’ve not exactly measured time but it charges my galaxy s4 in about 2 hours, I think. For faster charging, you should insert the cable in 2A usb port of this power bank.

The front power button sometimes gets stuck. When you connect your device with powerbank, you may need to turn it on by pressing the button. Unplug the cable and your phone after charging. The powerbank turns itself off automatically after few minutes (15 minutes as given in user manual).

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  • Two charging ports for simultaneous charging of two gadgets. Charging speed is different with each port.
  • 6 different charging connectors
  • 4 LED light charging capacity indicator
  • Power button to turn it on.
  • Turns off automatically after 15 minutes post unplugging of charging connector.
  • Power bank can be charged via any usb-powering device like laptop.
  • Huge 8000mAh capacity
  • Appealing Design
  • Faster charging with 2A 5V output charging port. The second port is of 1A 5V.
  • Intelligent Single Chip control for protection against overcharging, over discharging, short-circuit.
  • It doesn’t heat up while charging your device.


  • No Torch light. Some of the models come with torch light option as well.
  • The power button sometimes stuck.
  • True performance capacity is less than 8000mAh. As per my testing, it’s about 4500-5500mAh output.
  • It is thicker. The physical dimension should be like smartphones, long and wide, but not too thick.
  • Charging LED indicator is not very well calibrated with the battery of this power bank. There are 4 LED light so each should indicate about 25% of the remaining battery capacity but the two outermost LED light represent the majority of the capacity while the remaining two account for much less capacity as per my testing. The outer two LED: the inner two LED= 65:35 ratio.
  • No charger for charging power bank. (You have to use your mobile charger or plug this power bank to usb port of your computer)

At the price (the price at which I bought, not MRP), this power bank is certainly very good, and reasonable. The capacity on paper is huge, but the real-performance capacity is less. Advantage of charging two devices at the same time. It’s portable, but it is thick. You can keep it in your pocket, but it may be very difficult to adjust if you want to charge your phone in your pocket by keeping powerbank and phone in the same pocket.

An affordable portable Power Bank from Ambrane, 1 year warranty, protection from overcharging, short circuit, deep discharge; BUT like most of other power banks available in market, this one fails in true total output capacity which is much less than what is advertised on paper.

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  1. i have 2 queries

    1. Some power banks cannot charge gadgets when its own battery is being charged (i.e. when it connected to a wall socket) A few good reliable brands like Sony has this feature of charging gadgets even when it is connected to a wall socket. Is this feature present in this particular model ??

    2. My other query is, how long is the charge retained in the battery over a long period..?? can it be stored without charging for 1 or 2 months without loss of charge ?? Suppose i fully charge the device and keep it aside for 3 4 months.. and then forget to check the charge.. is the charge retained ??


    1. 1. It doesn’t charge while its own battery is being charged..
      2. As I said in my review, that I have not used it for such a long duration; but I believe it should retain charge with little.. (though not tested)

  2. Hello Saurabh!
    Nice video review by you. Keep it up. As mentioned by you there are other good true power banks in the market. Can you mention them too. I am looking for high capacity power bank + it can charge devices while charging itself. Thanks again

    1. No, it yields poor performance.. Now, I think it produces total output of around 3500mAh only..
      Also, I’ve observed that some tablets doesn’t charge with this.. My nexus 7 tablet doesn’t charge when plugged into this powerbank.

  3. Hiiii i have also bought p-880 power bank of Ambrane which is having led battery level indicator. What you expect from p880 as now I am thing afeter reading your last review that i made wrong decision as u mention that it ambrane performance is not good.

    will please suggest some good power bank which can retain their performance even after 6-8 months.

    Waiting for your reply.

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