Aircel rolls out two new Local Rate Cutter packs in Delhi

Aircel has launched two new rate cutter STVs (Special Tariff Voucher) for its users in Delhi. These packs are beneficial for local calls within Delhi & NCR circle. First STV costing Rs. 11  is for onnet (Aircel to Aircel) calls at 10p/minute with validity of 15 days. The second STV costing Rs. 27 for all local calls (onnet or offnet), reduces the rate of first 100 minutes at 10p/minute and after those discounted minutes, 40p/minute with validity of the pack limited to 21 days i.e. 3 weeks.

Plan Name/Cost Benefit Validity
Rs. 11 10p/min – Local Aircel to Aircel 15 days
Rs.27 10p/min for first 100 minutes – Any local network. Post 100 minutes, 40p/min 21 days

The first local rate cutter pack is simple and manifest. It is beneficial is your local circle of friends are on the same network of Aircel. At Rs. 11+ 11= Rs.22 per month, user can enjoy highly discounted rate of 10 paise per minute on Aircel to Aircel calls. This is indeed cheap. aircel-delhi-rate-cutter-plan

To understand the benefit of 2nd rate cutter pack, let’s to a little bit of calculation. At 10p/min, the total expense on 100 minutes amount to additional 10rs with this pack. Therefore, in other words, at Rs.37 (27+10), you’re getting 100 free minutes to any network and reduced call rate of just 40p/minute on all local calls post free minutes. This rate cutter also seems beneficial because at your default local call rate plan, you won’t be able to make l100 local minutes at expense of Rs.37, will you? The other thing that you should look for before subscribing is validity of the pack. So, calculate your total local minutes roughly and if you talk for over 100 minutes in 3 weeks, this plan might seem useful for you.


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