Top 10 Reasons NOT to buy Micromax A116 Canvas HD

With Micromax A116 Canvas HD, Micromax has shaken the phone industry. Mobile phones freaks, gadgets lovers, industry analysts, media and bloggers – whether they love it or hate it – they’re are talking about it. We all know that Canvas HD makes a killer phone at the price at which it is selling, but let’s point out the negative side of such a killer phone. Let’s discuss top 10 reasons not to buy Micromax Canvas HD phone :micromax-canvas-hd-cons-disadvantages

  1. Display – It has HD IPS display, yet the display quality as not as good as featured high-end smartphones from Samsung. The brightness level is not that appreciable either.
  2. The display is not scratch-proof, nor protected by Gorilla Glass, therefore makes it vulnerable to scratches, dust and easy shattering.
  3. Magnetic sensor – Lack of magnetic sensor means compass won’t work. You might wonder who uses compass these days? Well, such sensors are used in determining direction in several maps and other similar apps.
  4. Rear Camera – Although the megapixel count of camera is good i.e. 8 megapixel, yet the camera sensor and lens is not as good as those present in high end smartphones from Samsung. Camera in Canvas HD won’t be that good. Furthermore, when it comes to taking photos in lowlight, Canvas HD camera simply sucks!
  5. No Full HD video recording i.e. 1080p video recording is not supported at all. Micromax Canvas HD camera can shoot 720p videos only as per official specifications listed on Micromax official website. But some of our readers and Canvas HD phone users are reporting Full HD Video recording support as well, so this is really weird. Micromax Fail or sign of poor/mistaken/misinformed marketing! Micromax should be clear right on their part and not create confusion of any sort.
  6. Front Camera – Although the front camera is of 2megapixel, yet the quality of it is not as good as it should be.
  7. No NFC, No HDMI – How will you be able to connect Canvas HD phone to Large display, like HDTV?
  8. OS and Future firmware updates : It’s almost express that you’re buying Jelly Bean phone, but don’t expect android version updates in future. When it comes to pushing out OS version updates, all these domestic vendors including Micromax sucks.
  9. Lack of Developers support– Moreover, since these phones are limited in their niche and market, Not many android developers take interest, which means that you’ll find a lot of difficulty in getting support for customization of your phone on android forums on the web, for example in case of rooting, modding, etc.
  10. Low internal memory – Internal storage is very low i.e. just about 1.7GB. This is really too low for high-end smartphone. Atleast, 8GB of internal memory would have made more sense.
  11. Brand recognition – Micromax is still seen as cheap chinese kinda brand by a major population. They disregard Micromax phones as cheap Chinese phones. So, if you care about show-off or exhibiting pompous feel/pride, Micromax is not for you. Period!

We’ve not commented on CPU/GPU of this phone nor on battery, because comments on these aspects require thorough benchmarking and testing, but the 10 reasons listed above duly points out why you should not buy Micromax A116 Canvas HD phone. We’ve also heard of poor after-sales support but this thing is different in different cases. Feel free to express your opinion in comments!

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170 Replies to “Top 10 Reasons NOT to buy Micromax A116 Canvas HD”

  1. pehle price dekho micromax canvas hd-13990 rs. aur high end smartphones samsung ka price 21000 rs. h (galaxy grand)……………
    samsung sucks but micromax fucks (nothing like anything)…………lolzzzzzzz

    1. Well, I didn’t compare the price.. All the disadvantages, micromax canvas hd cons mentioned above are irrespective of price concern. I just made the point that if you want high-end phone with best of everything, Micromax is not for you! But, if you want close-to-high phone at budget price, Micromax here is certainly good deal.. Let me ask you this way.. If you’ve to choose between Samsung Galaxy S3 and Micromax A116 Canvas HD phone as a free gift to you, which one will you choose? I hope you understood the point of this article..

      1. wearing samsung glasses are we? or def cash rich! “irrespective of price”?? think again..the whole point of A116 are the features/spec it offers for that price! for that price!! not for 20k or 30k or 50k. But for ~15k.
        Talking about your oh-so-wise-example..SIII will be a gift for 1st position and A116 will be for 10th position.
        Now nobody in their right mind will ask you to choose between a merc and ambassador..if they do then they think you are stupid. If you chose ambassador then you are stupid. Either way you are stupid!

        1. Why comment with anonymous identity?
          Anyways, you’ve said it yourself that SIII will be a gift for 1st position and A116 for the 10th.. In the article, I’m highlighting negative points of Canvas HD keeping this phone in high-end category, and this way, price here is pros of this handset, whereas highlighted points/views in the article can be considered as cons… Canvas HD is a good *alternative* to high end handset at medium budget (Note ‘alternative’).. But if you’re looking for really a high end phone, you’ll go for those 30K phones if budget is none of your concern..
          Let me rephrase my point in this way – I’m looking for the best handset in market and I’ve more than enough money.. Which phone should I go for? Canvas HD or SIII?

        2. I actually quite agree with your comment, i have bought the mmx 116 and quite frankly think its stupid to buy a 20+K phone(which i must say i have been guilty of in the past) just because its branded. Frankly I get bored with the phone after 12-18 months and looking at the way technology rolls out with sumthing new every few months I definately wouldnt wanna be bogged down with one phone because Ive spent oh so much on it!. plus its soo much easier to transfer info now days so its nt such a big deal swapping phones more often.. (says sumone who used the last phone fr 3.5yrs!). All said and done I dont think a phone defines you and if it does thats just sad! oh n Saurabh srry bt i too prefer ta be anonymous when im disagreeing with strangers online!

      2. Wel.. Saurabh, ur reviews r quite gud… I want some more suggestions frm u regarding disfone…so plz help me out to choose a nice fone wid great features and specifications ….

        1. I am using micromax a116. And while during a call I can’t end the call.can’t unlock the screen and it remain dark. plz help.

        1. It’s Chinese phone white-labelled as Micromax.. Even Canvas 4 is white-labelled phone, originally similar to Blue Life One..

        2. To reduce the costs of manufacturing they have to get the materials from china… Just for your FYI please open the higher branded phone and check the serial numbers some of the components are manufactured in china (hongkong?) this is to save the cost again. You cant expect micromax or any other phone to manufacture the components in house in india for low cost, that too by doing the entire R&D again when there are components are easily available in the market. One more point you should consider that even though the components are from china they adhere to the standards (FCC?) which you would not find in the cheap china phones otherwise

      3. Saurabh , will you be able to provide a samsung phone with the same features at the same price , forget about getting a free gift, how about purchasing it yourself, would u spend 21000 for something u get for 14000

      4. Its easy to compare this phone with a Samsung. I am a proud user of this phone and 99% of apps run smooth on this. I have used the phone on all sorts of platforms, be it games, business, shopping, ordering foo. This phone has never disappointed me. Why would I want to connect my phone to a large TV? Why would I need 8gb internal memory when I can have 32 GB of external? OS can be updated without having to visit the service centre. Camera is not up to the mark, low light snaps are disappointing, agreed. Compass tool is a compulsion, you can download the app and run supporting apps. I would give Micromax a couple more years to build its market, its not a fuxking China phone, its made by an Indian company which I am proud to own.

        1. +1

          BTW I own Note 1, Grand and Canvas HD, I have even owned the Samsung phone in 2001 when the phones were very disappointing, should say micromax has come a long way just like samsung and will be there in coming years. It just needs some time…



        1. What about a Sony phone compare to ur fcking mmx device………mmx really suck…..India is not so advance in tech… its simple that they will Creat low quality phones…… my opinion dont waste ur money on any Indian Brand……..go for….. Nokia…..Samsung. Etc.

      6. I purchased a116 at 14k 2014 I give 5 star on user reviews but 1 months
        Later I use the headset its not working service centers support nothing I used this phone last 15 months it’s a worst phone 4 time touch screen changed one time display changed 3 time battery changed now again touch screen problem

    2. u r right broo…. canvas hd is d best in this price….and a 4.2.1 jellybean update is there by which we can increase internal storage from sd card….im happy with this smartphone…. :-)

    3. ya u are right krishna… My friend has a Samsung Galaxy grand but lacks in many applications and high end games but my canvas HD handles all of them very easily… And Galaxy grand has a ridiculous screen resolution.!! Canvas HD rocks…!!! :)

  2. good points….i was looking for all the places and all they talk abt is how great this phone is after 3 months this phone will suck….

    1. dude , i think u feel that if shit is wrapped in golden gift paper , it is a better proposition , if it is expensive it has 2 be better, by the way even samsung is manufactured in China , also i remember when samsung was launched in India, till the ad blitzkrieg and the freebies, no one used to touch them,

    2. I have this phone for more than a year and it’s flawless. It’s strange why people post ignorant comment with no actual knowledge of the phone whatsoever.

      And though at night camera is poor, in the daylight the photos are even better than that of Samsung S3

  3. Why comment with anonymous identity? – irrelevant
    If I am looking for best high-end phone and I have all the money in the world then do you think I would worry about reading reviews? Money speaks. Volumes.
    And thats the point that is escaping your brain. If A116 is providing such features as it claims at ~15k then all those features are its ADVANTAGE and not cons as you put it in the article. Then SIII or grand are at disadvantage as they will have too cut down a percent of their price to compete in this ~15k segment..not in ~30ksegment. If A116 is selling like hotcakes would you imagine anyone in India buyin a Grand? A116 will be hit for ~15k, SIII will be hit for >30k
    Yeah if a vendor launches a phone with such specs in A116 price range then you compare then you say cons and then you make sense. Else you are just getting hits! or one of those who are feeling a bit cheated by their high end phone recently bought

    1. Did you skip some part of my article.. Let me quote that again “Canvas HD makes a killer phone at the price at which it is selling, but let’s point out the negative side of such a killer phone.”.. (Note – killer phone at the price – This validates all the arguments that we’re having).. Whenever price budgeting comes, there comes compromises and my article highlights all such fronts.. And did you check out point number 8, 9 & 11? Are all these points advantages? How come compromises be advantages? Moreover, I think you’ve not met such people who will be more than willing to buy Galaxy Grand, rather than Canvas HD, disregarding the latter as something not worth at all..
      On your last remark, if one has already bought high-end android phone of 30k, I bet that person won’t feel cheated, even to a slight extent, not because of this phone (of course, unless the person is on debt)..

      1. compromise is overrated. And its never relative
        A 10lac car gives you only driver seat airbag. A 20lac car gives you driver+passengers airbag. And you are saying that damn that 10lac car is compromising with features. funny eh??

      2. well if budget is not your concern then your much beloved samsung S III not even stand in top 5 phones of his category, but micromax does dat in his category of budget android phones.

        and as u already said u havn’t checked the chipset, so better look at it and then u are free to compare it with galaxy grand, s II, or even s III . maybe canvas will losse to sIII but will give it a tough competition.

        and if budget is not of concern then I would rather go on HTC one, i phone 5, HTC butterfly, Lumia 920.

  4. Remove point No 5 – It does record & playback 1080P Videos.

    5. No Full HD video recording i.e. 1080p video recording is not supported at all. Micromax Canvas HD camera can shoot 720p videos only.

    1. Hello Nady,
      You’re wrong, misinformed.. I always check info before publishing anything on my blog.. Micromax Canvas HD can not record 1080p videos.. You can check official Micromax website.. It’s given there.. Canvas HD can play 1080p videos, but it can not record 1080p videos..

      1. Dear Saurabh,

        The information mentioned about the Video recording and playback is wrong in the Micromax website itself.

        In fact, the phone CAN record & play Full HD Videos.
        Iam using this phone since 15th Feb!

      2. canvas hd supports 1080p and 720p recording in 4.2.1 jellybean but supports only 720p recording in 4.1.2 jellybean

  5. 1. Display- The display is 720 p with IPS (being used in ipad) with 294 ppi which is more than note-2(267ppi)
    2.Display not scratch proof:Agree,but can be dealt with by using screen protector.
    3.Magnetic sensor: not really useful now a days.
    4.Rear Camera-capable of taking descent pics and 720p HD videos.If you want better, buy SLR camera/Handy cam.
    5.No NFC, No HDMI :Agree.
    6.OS and Future firmware updates-Future is bright for this company, which is hitting the greedy MNCs on their face.All updates will come.Just wait and watch bro.
    7.Lack of Developers support:Are you in limbo.Visit XDA site and then comment.

    8.Low internal memory: With phone to SD app it is not a big issue.
    9.Brand recognition: Micromax is a respectable indian company showing its presence in India as well abroad.
    I myself had purchased galaxy s3 three years back, and regretting today also, how much it is lagging in performance.

    My humble request:Pl don’t think that today’s tech savvy people are fool enough to waste their hard earned money on Greedy MNCs offerings.Your blog must not smack of being on payroll of some MNC.Best wishes to your blog.

    1. Hello Suresh,
      Thank you for your constructively analyzed view!
      1. Even Galaxy Note 2 has 720p display.. Higher ppi in Canvas HD is because of lower screen size in comparison to screen size of Galaxy Note 2.. I hope you know how ppi is calculated!
      2. Screen protector is solution, but doesn’t justify display being prone to scratches, easy shattering. You can have one such solution for everything that is lacking on your phone, can’t you?
      3. Certain maps app require magnetic sensor to accurately determine your direction.
      4. My reply mentioned here in point 2 applies to this case also. Furthermore, the way smartphones are packing more hardware and features onboard, the motive is to minimize the number of gadgets one carry and to make life more portable, not to add more gadgets to backpack.
      6. Lets see..
      7. Really? I still feel its not enough, but lets give it a chance!
      8. Again, you’ve pointed a solution, which I see here as kind of compromise.
      9. It’s your view! I mean, are you putting your data based on some sort of research or words of a limited group of users? Still, there goes majority of population who do not regard Micromax as worthy brand, especially those who believe in showing off, exhibiting pompous feel as I mentioned in the article above.

      At last, your humble request – Oh yeah, Micromax is great phone at the price it is selling, no doubt (I even mentioned this in starting paragraph of my article. This makes my view unbiased)! But it’s not equivalent to 30k-40k phone for sure! Now it’s upto people to see if their 30k expenditure for high-end phone is justified for the extra features mentioned in the article, of if they want to go with the current offering of Canvas HD.
      BTW, my blog is not funded by any MNC.. This is independent blog reflecting my own unbiased view as I always try to vision both sides of the coin!

      1. Hey guys saurabh, gaurav, sandeep.

        i want to buy new phone. please help me. which phone shud i buy. my opinions are Samsung S Duos, Samsung Grand or MMX Canvas HD…….

        Which of them shud i buy.
        pls help me.

        Plz help me guys. Which phone is best. Coz i dont want to waste my money. I want to buy a gud phone. which shud be having all the features. ….a that phone which cud serve me till 6-7 years.

        Plz guys sugest me a gud phone….

        1. Samsung S Duos is priced about 12000-13000 whereas Canvas HD is priced around 16,000. Galaxy Grand is priced around 20,000. Out of these three handsets, Canvas HD seems to be better choice, but you’re talking about 6-7 years life which I doubt personally for Micromax handset. I think no android phone can serve you 6-7 years unless you just want to use the phone for basic usage.. Xolo Q800 has also been appreciated by many users and is priced much less than MMX Canvas HD. If screen resolution doesn’t matter much, go for Xolo Q800..

      2. Hi There,
        To be honest, this post about A116 is pointless.
        You already have said “Great phone for that price”. :D
        And comparison is done with in the phones of same league, i.e. HTC One v/s Sony Z.The specs you get for 16k is hell a lot than for any expensive one.

        And reading this blog for clearing any confusion about the quality, specs and handling of Canvas HD is futile.

        I think if you can buy it, you will buy it. No matter if its an HTC One or Canvas HD. It all depends on you pocket in the end and GSM arena for comparison. :D


      3. I myself being a user of the canvas HD,(plus I am commenting here using it), I agree with the author of this blog in the points of demerits on canvas HD he mentioned. This phone is awesome but has those flaws plus one more, GPS takes too long to get locked or doesn’t until I use GPS fixing app.

        being Muslim, I hate this phone for not having magnetic sensor for compass as I won’t know the direction of kabaa to face for praying plus in navigation.

        one more thing, sometimes the touch sensor behaves wierd when connected to charger or PC.

        Lack of HDMI is also very dissapointing :(.

        app to SD card is not a solution to move apps to SD card in this phone as it has 1gb+ memory partitioned from internal storage to behave as SD card. rooting was the solution for that.

        finally one good point about this phone. lag is less even compared
        even to galaxy grand. one weird thing in grand NFS most wanted didn’t work that is screen was black, nothing was seen. but works perfectly fine with Canvas HD.

  6. Hey , Micromax is gonna be in the top list of mobile brands very soon..

    remember before 4 or 5 years , we considered samsung phones like a low end chineese phone, and everyone was afraid to buy samsung phones. Only nokia was the trusted brand..

    But things change.. we cant predict anything.. see and watch micromax emerging up !! PROUD TO BE AN INDIAN !!!!

    1. Well, I agree with you Rahul.. Brands change and so do reputation. Nothing is guaranteed in this world..
      But, that FUTURE is not now.. Take example of windows phone. Windows phone is great and looks promising in future with increasing number of apps, but currently Android rocks.
      When Micromax will be in league of top brands, we’ll see other low brands evolving, and soon another ‘Micromax poised to be Samsung’ will be in the market and the same story/cycle may repeat once again :)

  7. Hello dear ,this phone a116 hd can record and play full.hd formats

    cauze i am using it and recorded some video it has resolution of. 1988*1080p…

    1. No, it can’t record as per official specifications.. You’re unique case here. There must be something weird/wrong in your case.

        1. This means that it is a fail on Micromax’s part. They’re not even informed of what their phone can do! OMG! Updated the article accordingly!

      1. dude u dont have a mmx canvas HD and i have it i have even changed it from 1080 to 720 p Duh!!!

  8. dear friend this is the hottest phone of 2013.micromax is a branded company not cheap as those of chinese.the mobiles u look for such as samsung and applle etc etc. Cost less than 20 thousand but bcoz of their reputation and brand they cost it over 40k mark.they are fooling peoples.canvas hd is selling like hot cakes all over the world and dont worry micromax has established their brand in world market and their products now would come as of same price as of any high end phones,mmx is praiseworthy and do know that rome was not built in a day thank u.

    1. that is never going to be possible dude…….with all those crappy cheap hardware and such pathetic after sales service they cann’t ever take on the gaints on equal footage…..micromax will always remain as the budget alternative and cann’t ever come at equal pricing coz nobody is gonna buy micromax if the price of micromax and samsung becomes equal…….samsung leads in innovation technology while micromax blatantly copies……..and samsung don’t even consider them as a rivals

  9. saurabh better dont post anything bad about micromax bcoz people love this brand and i love i too much,most of the users have commented against ur topics it shows how much mmx is loved by people so posting against it waste of time. Canvas a116 is selling like hot cakes and bad news is that micromax has taken over samsung in phablet catogary in indian market,so peoples are just appreciating it and for me canvas hd has no negative points its all rounder with positive points.

    1. You can’t change my opinion, can you? I’m not against Micromax.. I’m not against Samsung or any other brand.. If it’s waste of time, why did people like this post? It’s not waste of time, because I know who are reading my post. I know several people around me who don’t want to buy a single Micromax product.. No doubt, Canvas HD is selling in huge demand.. And whatever points I suggested in my article above, I fully agree with those points.. I agree that Canvas HD is good handset at its price, but I also agree that Canvas HD is not better than high-end 30k handset of Samsung.. I know what compromises you’re getting with Canvas HD. My views are unbiased the way I’ve presented. If it doesn’t click your mind, it’s ok. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions!

      1. no need to care man bcoz truth is already there in front of us but we dont want to accept it,peoples spending on phones such as s3 or apples are no less than a fool and u calling chinese phone cheap and useless let me remind u then please google about umi x2 and jiagu 4 or 2 idont know but please have a look at their spec and price and then tell me.

        1. I didn’t get your point? Now you’re talking about umi x2, really? Do you want to go with those Chinese phones? I already know about them and have received request to write about them, but didn’t.. What is said on paper, and what is real – Sometimes matter.. Brand valuation, integrity, support, fame, recognition, services, availability, presence and many more stuff matter.. And remember, if a person is using s3 or apple iPhone, it doesn’t mean they’re fool. They might be more inclined to certain thing/aspect about the concerned device that no other handsets offer..

      2. You asked why people liked this post. You are just lucky that there isn’t any dislike button on this blog post. And stop being a moron by propagating false information. Only the point 2, 3, 7, 10 and 11 are true. Out of which only the point 7 matters, and that too only a minority of people. Also, the thing you keep on saying about magnetic compass, compass are you dumb or what? How could an app use it to find the location? Perhaps give me an example of one of the innovative apps you use for locating yourself. This is just plain bad publicity post. Complete nonsense. I hope that you get paid for making a fool out of yourself.

        1. 1. What matters for you doesn’t necessarily mean the same for you! So, stop acting as if you know everyone. Don’t force your opinion, just put it.
          2. I’m dumb? Excuse me, but I don’t want to bring myself to fool’s level like you! Compass is used for determining direction, not the location. I’ve indicated the same in 3rd point.. If compass had been useless, other manufacturers wouldn’t bother equipping their device with magnetic sensor.. Thank me that I’ve made several people aware that Canvas HD doesn’t have magnetic sensor.
          3. Publicity post? Again, do not enforce your views on others.. You don’t really have anything contrary to say against my views. You’re just one of those who act idiotic and try to bring others down to the same level.

  10. umi x2 already on sale in online market.the thing which u will get on umix2 is far more better and advanced then any other phone in the market today at such a price.the only problem is the brand and thats all where other phone beats it.i know a friend of mine who was a soul lover of aplle i phone and samsung galaxy but after having a glance at micromax canvas hd a116 chose to buy it and he is using that and beleive me its gorgious and i am too gonna buy it tomorrow,very excited for that, i think people using costly phone are feeling cheated bcoz of release of mmx and umi x2.i think the case is same with u,by the way what phone do you use? And when micromax will release its next big budget smartphone the world will see it.with their jaws open wide.

    1. Well, I don’t feel cheated.. I know the difference between Micromax, Samsung, Apple or any other company.. Good for you and your next purchase.. And believe me that there are many people who are currently happy with their high-end phones and they don’t feel cheated at all.. From your comments, it is manifest that you’re a big big Micromax fan :P Let other people be the judge of their decision!

      1. damn bro, you waste your time by replying every single time to their baseless and senseless arguments :P

  11. Comeon Man I am surfing since weeks and reading articles on Micromax A116, But this is the only blog which is kinda weird opinion. I dont know whether this is some Jealsouy towards MMX or you want to do something extra ordinary stuff (publicity stunt) or you really wanna showcase other arena of MMX. God Knows.
    But let me tell you one thing I have been never MMX fan, but looking at its specs and price, I found a perfect balance which I do not see in Samsung phones. I do agree brand value of Apple and its valuation policies and therefore I respect it. But at present MMX is 1 step ahead of Samsung smartphone at this specs segment. I think this will surely shrink the market share of samsung smartphones in India and Samsung will have to change its pricing strategy after this coz somewhere I read that MMX is going to launch some 20 smartphones this year, which I believe would be great pushback for Samsung and Nokia.

    But still I liked your article. Good research


  12. I agree with Saurabh.. I don’t understand why you guys are so reactive, like a bomb :P There is not a single point where he is wrong. Before becoming die-hard fan of Micromax, you guys should give the company some time and then make definite conclusion. Over time, you’ll understand the difference. Micromax doesn’t invest heavily in R & D. I don’t want to buy Micromax Canvas HD handset because MMX doesn’t fulfill all my requirements that I expect.. I already own Samsung Galaxy S3 phone and am looking forward to buy galaxy s4 when it releases.. Saurabh has pointed out all such things where Micromax may not be the best choice and I certainly agree with his view.. If you love Micromax, get the phone, noone is stopping you from that, and like he said, Micromax Canvas HD is the cheapest high-end android phone, that comes with certain compromises. If you guys can’t accept the fact, this means, you guys want to feel that you’ve bought the best handset and you guys want to convince yourself that Canvas HD is much better than all those costly android phones. Suit yourself!

  13. Samsung may be costing more for the modifications in their phone UIs. while we can see that canvas HD uses the standard version of android. and also most people would like to rely on samsung because of their after sales values…

  14. I agree with some of the points mentioned by sourabh but still the phone is value for money and wins over other expensive phones from Samsung. I agree on Camera Quality from Micromax were never upto the specification and during night the phone camera sucks.

    However, the phone is reliable and strong as i have been using micromax phone since 2 year (touchscreen) and has undergone lot of stress due to mishandling and it keeps on falling to ground but still it is one peice

    Lets talk about some facts
    Micromax as a brand is gaining recognition, read below

    Home-grown handset and tablet PC vendor Micromax has beaten international majors Samsung and Apple to claim the top slot in the Indian tablet PC market.

    According to a CyberMedia Research (CMR) report -India Quarterly Media Tablet Market Review – between April and June this year, Micromax emerged the market leader with 18.4 per cent share in tablet volumes sales. South Korean major Samsung was second with 13.3 per cent market share. Apple’s iPad was third with a market-share of 12.3 per cent during this period.

    Micromax, currently, is the third largest handset vendor in India after Nokia and Samsung.

    “During the second quarter of 2012, about 47.4 per cent of tablet sales were from new entrants focussed on addressing application areas in education and entertainment segments. This trend demonstrates clearly that vendors are positioning their devices at India’s youth,” said Faisal Kawoosa, Lead Analyst, CMR Telecoms Practice, in a release.


  16. value for money? umi x1s new quadcore price 10500rs and more hardware inside than hd 116 micromax does not have compass forget gyroscope others have even gionee dream 1 has 9 sensors

  17. Plz help me guys. Which phone is best. Coz i dont want to waste my money. I want to buy a gud phone. which shud be having all the features. ….a that phone which cud serve me till 6-7 years.

    Plz guys sugest me a gud phone….

    1. If your requirement is that you need a phone to serve you 6-7 years? All phones can serve that much period but you need to like them and every year new hardware and software changes are coming in with new innovations so it’s completely upto you to manage with any phone for the next 6-7 years. But still if you want something rock-solid and handy – Then go for iPhone ;)

  18. Dear All,

    I just purchased one A116 and have started using it. Previously I was using a motorola defy. What I definitely like about A116 over motorola defy is its large screen, better camera, dual sim. But honestly, I expected much more from this phone. Let me explain why. Motorola defy was a barely 800MHz phone but strangely there is no significant change in the speed and at times I feel defy was faster. Defy used to be quite rugged in terms of build quality with scratch resistant display, waterproof and shock proof. A116 has none of those qualities and the build quality does not feel top of the line. Absence of Magnetic sensor is another drawback especially for me as I need a compass quite often due to the nature of my work. Touch sensitivity of A116 is not as good as the defy either. I expected a superb resolution. A116 does offer a fairly good resolution but to my surprise Defy’s resolution seems much better. Moreover Defy came with lots of preloaded handy apps. I really don’t mind about this part (thanks to the playstore). Regarding texting, it is not as user friendly as the defy which has multiple options of keyboards which are more superior and thoughtful. Voice quality and speaker quality is not as good as the defy at all. Email sync and internet connectivity was faster in the Defy. The list can go even longer but honestly speaking it is undoubtedly a good phone, above average, but has a long way to go to be termed “superb”. In its price range its mentionworthy. But for me its worth a buy over Defy kind of phone only because of the screen size, 8 mp camera and dual sim. But sincerely, if motorola or any other company can come up with a Defy-like phone with dual sim capabilities, slightly better camera and a little larger screen in this kind of price range, I would not have any hesitation to buy one because all the rest are already experienced by me.

  19. Samsung S4 has compromised on providing a basic feature on phones…i.e. Radio….

    I find it ridiculous when “High end brands” price their products stupidly high when they do not even offer basic features that are considered essentials in mobiles nowadays…e.g, iPhone’s are priced in the 10’s of thousands but choose not to offer Bluetooth for file transfer, Samsung has done something similar with not offering a radio feature on the S4!!

    I know that If I want a radio, I can just pick up one for 400-500 INR…but if I am going to pay 40-50k for something that is so advanced in technology but scrips on absolutely basic features…then my friend, I find it ridiculous…

    Previous phones used: Nokia 3310, 3330,5510,6230, Sony Ericsson K790i, K800i, C905, ELM, LG GM200, Last phone used SE Xperia Pro & just purchased the Micromax Canvas HD yesterday.

    With the way technology evolves, it is only natural that our phones & devices get outdated quite quickly…On an average people (at least I have so far) change their mobiles once in 1-2 years. The talk of people here wanting mobiles to last them 6-7 years is just wishful thinking & more of a way to put down certain brands than anything close to practicality.

    To put things into perspective, the Nokia 6230i was launched in 2004 & had a 1.3 MP camera that housed a 27×27 mm screen. This phone was considered to be the Best on offer at that time. 9 years on, even the most basic of phones nowadays have 1-2 mp cameras… I would love to actually hear from the same guys / gals here after 6-7 years on what brand / phone they have switched too.. :)

    No offence intended to anyone. However I feel that this review although made for an interesting read, is way off the mark in terms of being unbiased or anything close to being an honest review.

  20. It feels good top see one of my Indian company, who has just started in the race of smart phones is now used discussion/ comparison with other grand grand companies.

    By the comparison is meaningless because, of the price. Think again.

    I don’t know why we people welcome outsiders with several reasons, but criticize or own with few reasons. Micromax has started recently, and I hope will become baap of all.


  22. No updates huh?
    You are mistaken cause I just got my a110 updated from ice cream to jelly bean.
    So there!

  23. Only d compass part i c is lack of technology in this phone rest is all finebut
    To all Indians be proud of our India nd
    keep buying Indian products only.
    Jai Hind

  24. help me out on this isue cause m attracted on dis phone mmx canvas hd. hws da screen n resolution

  25. Tum jaise logon ki vajah se hi apne desh ki company aage nhi badh paa rhi hai ab 15000 me kya tujhe iPhone chahiye

    1. yeah, but Xolo Q1000 is selling at higher price currently. You can check its latest price here :

  26. Hello sir i want to buy canvas hd but now i m confused becoz all the features of this phne is very gud but you are not telling those properly so i m disappointed from u and plzz give all other features like phne has low cost than other android phones of this features and categories hv.. and i know that canvas can record 720p videos but its sufficient and like 1080p also.. so plzz give a proper features from next time.. ok

    1. Well, this article is about demerits of the phone. The merits (great price, good set of specifications) are obvious and clear to everyone, but the demerits are not. So, we’ve tried to point out those compromises that comes with such phones of similar pricing. If you’re okay with the compromises listed in the article, then go ahead, buy it. You have to convince yourself and find out your needs. Ask yourself, am i getting what I need from this phone. If yes, then buy it, else, hold on for better choices.

    2. Know this before you buy:

      1. Call Quality – Poor call quality than Samsung phones. Hardly any ‘base’ on calls, just ‘treble’, that’s because of immensely INFERIOR EARPIECE.
      2. Low speaker output from Loudspeaker. Its hardly audible on a phone call. POOR QUALITY SPEAKERS.
      3. POOR MICROPHONE – That means you are not heard cystal clear to the other party. You sound as if you are speaking miles away!
      4. No DEPTH in pictures or videos, 8MP of MMX = 3MP of Samsung – Even Worse.
      5. HEATS up tremendously during GPS usage to the extent that you get a warning like – The battery temperature has exceeded the maximum please close etc etc.

      1. exactly dude…….and all the micromax device goes out of order within a year…….very few survives till the end of a year……and the buy back value of the mmx devices are negligible

        1. God Damn!!! you both are full of anger.
          I am using A116 since launch i.e. Feb 13 and no complaints so far.

          You wrote this review on Jun 13, that means 2 months after launch and you claimed it doesn’t last more than a year…. :D

          Now coming to the point, why I am here. From today I have started facing a problem, that’s my battery started displaying Out of Temprature warning.

          Looks like time to change battery (after 15 months of usage)…

  27. Listen noob . Canvas hd will receive OS update . The IPS display is very good and the brightness is normal as all phones .

    Why would you give out fake info on your blog ?
    Shows your incompetence and noobness (y)

    1. Canvas HD may receive OS update as the scenario seems changing, but it’s not certain, for how long. Can you expect that Canvas HD (being flagship handset of Micromax) will receive firmware updates for the same length as Galaxy S2 of Samsung has?
      The IPS Display may seem good to you, but in my view, nothing beats Super Amoled Plus display.. Also, few users have reported reduction of touchscreen sensitivity in MMX Canvas HD phone.
      I do not give out any fake info on my blog. If such has been my purpose, I would not have approved so many negative comments from people like you against my article.
      I’ve put my own opinions on my blog, and so have you! Feel free to add your views, but act mature before you dare tag the other person as noob or incompetent!
      Canvas HD is still my favorite at its price, but I’m aware of the compromises(or demerits) that one has to make opting for this phone.

    1. When you receive email, there is a link in the bottom of mail body to manage comment subscription. Use that to unsubscribe.

    1. Well, we’ll be able to find out after 2-3 years. No one can assure of anything for certain since it has just been about 3 months since the launch of this handset

  28. Guys its simple…. A person goes out to buy a phone. He has a budget of 30-40k this guy for sure is not even gonna waste time comparing a phone which is of 15k. if its the other way round, he has a budget of 15k, he for sure will do a comparison saying man, the phone looks just like Samsung and pretty much has all the features. After his purchase he will take this phone to his friends who has a Samsung and tell them dekh bhai tera phone hei 40k ka mera hei 15k. ek jaisa dikhta hei :-) End of discussion. Don’t know why people got offended with Saurabh, he just gave his opinion abt different phones.

    1. Agree with you Vinay!
      MMX produced many nice looking stable phones. All most all brands of phones manufactured in China. All it depends on brand name, hardware, presentation and advertise! These days no one use a phone more then a year. 3-4 years are too long, we are not going to last for 100 years, our life span has reduced to 50-60 years, buy what you like and enjoy :)


  29. this is best smartphone for its price.
    i bought it because Micromax is Indian company. Just wait for some years Micromax will be biggest smartphone company in India and abroad.
    that would be great we will have a great Indian hardware manufacturer.

  30. Oh god. Mr.admin, Y r u comparing canvas with 30k high end phones?. . It is best for it price.if u want to compare. . Then start with handsets at same price in various brands, Is samsung giving these specs with this canvas price? Never never kid And galaxy grand,s duos, grand quattro are worst,. .

    1. u r totally crazy dude………samsung provide better display(even though canvas hd has 720 p display it looks pathetic despite good ppi), better sound, better call quality, better camera, quality hardware, better aftersale service, better music, and the gaming is also comparable and gaming is better in case of grand compared to canvas hd, better buld quality, better optimisation and more……..
      mmx is good alternative for below 12k devices but certainly not a better choice in 15k or above price bracket………and thus canvas 4 and cancvas doodle 2 has just totally failed to make any considerable buzz in the market as nobody is fool enough to risk money on these untrusthworthy cheap brands

      1. Well. obviously you are not the target customer for a MMX. Even I wasnt, till I experienced MMX Canvas 2 and now canvas 4. Watch MMX – this company is surely going to scale up. BTW, the same phone is sold under various brandnames in 18 countries and is quite successful. The only difference between MMX and Samsung seems to be the service organization, but with the price difference, who cares?

        1. What about its service centers ? There is someone in the below comments who said that battery is not available, although that seems unlikely… I’m worried about service centers.. and second, the battery… how long does it last ?

  31. Hi Sourabh,

    First of all I would appreciate your analysis, I have Micromax a 116 and performs very good for it’s price tag. Yes micromax uses the Chinese goods, even Iphone uses the Chinese Electronic goods. let me tell you my experience with micromax the a116 product is worth for it’s price tag, the Price is decided based on the processor that used in the phone. the sony uses snapdragon processor in it’s Xperia z and Micromax uses the same processor with lesser clock speed on it’s a111 doddle with enormous of price difference. even sony upcomming phone uses the Mediatek processor. I am working in a leading Computer manufacturing company, these big companies make their product cost 75 to 100% Higher than their manufacturing cost, that,s for future warranty claims as they will replaces your Defective with the new product. Where we cannot expect that from micromax. so the Service centers are very poor in Micromax the reason should their Price tag…. Now Samsung has launched Grand quadro with the same Price range which Compete model to A116. Now Samsung able to do this price Slashing.. Think..

    Mahesh Ram G

  32. now a days many international products are not worth for it’s price tag Some of us from India has done some good price worthy products please encourage them and or don’t discourage them. yes they are doing business for thier sake. if the Product worth for it’s Price that’s nothing wrong in Buying it. If we are not encourage our indian product who will buy our product in International… think… 100% I would have gone for samsung HTC or Sony if micromax was not Performing good. so my point is please encourage our Good indian Products.

  33. Hey everyone I do agree that mmx canvas HD has it’s drawbacks as Saurabh mentioned but it’s a budget device so it makes complete sense as why it has those issues, but still canvas HD is the best choice for you under 18000 price bracket, but Saurabh canvas HD does come with a screen protection architecture called layer protect and it offers some protection to scratches and falls but not to the degree of gorilla glass and yes it can shoot 1080P videos but it has been wrongly stated in their official website and my friend mmx has launched jellybean 4.2.1. Update to canvas HD and that has eradicated most of its drawbacks like now it’s GPS works much faster and locks better and panorama feature is introduced, and you have a option of selecting your app storage location to sd card and this update brings OTA support and the famous flipboard app now works on this device and doesn’t crash and this update has increased the stability of the UI/OS and other bug fixes, improvement and refinements that comes with the update and after this update the only thing I accept from your post is 3 and 7. And believe me saurabh micromax has a lot of fans, tons of them visit their Facebook and twitter page you will come to know of this fact but still there are some people who consider this brand as a low end Chinese one

  34. It appears you have been looked after by the outdated NOKIA firm, so that you are promptly pointing out/advocating not to buy Canvas A 116. I am one of the regular user of NOKIA fromN 95 8Gb to N97 mini and all that. Now I have changed my phone to A 116 and I feel the world is in my packet I can do any thing entertaining myself. I dismiss your 8 reasons out of 10 that too the remaining 2 reasons could be tolerated for the sake of price.

  35. Im gonna laugh at all canvas users when i’ll be on android 5.x something and they’ll be stuck on 4.2 .

  36. Micromax canvas hd is a very good phone…i have been using it since one month..and there is no problem….as u told that the shortage of internal memory could be overcome d by a SD CARD..and due the jellybean 4.2.1 upgrade you can install apps on sd card it self…As you have told that high end phones are better than canvas hd…i wish to tell you this……Samsung galaxy GRAND priced at 21500…had a low resolution display and few of the games are not compatible with it…for example…the latest version of SUBWAY SURFERS…when you try to install it on Samsung Grand it displays that the app is incompatible ..where as in micromax The game works excellent …..and i have been playing the whole day…and the battery lasts upto 1 day…..So you expect us to buy a high end mobile which does not even support games which could be played by kids….So i recommend Canvas HD..and the exact price for which i bought is 13250 only..

    1. You paid 13250 for playing game only… think about it….. in 19k you would have got PS3…………… I bought this phone… I would say over hyped ki wajah se fas gaya….. using it from more than 4 months….

  37. Kuch bhi bolbo rhe ho micromax is a indiand company which is placed in gurgaon checked checkedit . And canvs give low price which is affordable for middle class. Jiske pas jyada paise hai wohi s3 lega na

  38. quite frankly, the argument “irrespective of price” is bunk. what are we getting at ?
    i mean I could say these:

    * S4 sucks goatballs for not having an 808 class image processor
    * S4 does is not water proof/ shock proof (forget their active counterpart)
    * S4 doesnt have a stylus
    * S4 doesnt have a battery like droid maxx
    * S4 has no concierge services like vertu

    similar absurd arguments can be made for ANY phone. so every phone is made for a purpose AND most importantly – price. ever tech writer worth his salt should know this. pointlessly countering your stand with riders in the comments later sounds a bit ridiculous frankly.

  39. I am totally agree with Saurabh, Say Micromax is for masses not for Class..
    for me compass app is imp.. I didn’t know that such a highlighted phone in market doesn’t have magnetic sensor… Navigation app is pathetic… N/W coverage is not good… HD clearity not upto the mark…,
    Above All Service Center, quality of service of an so called Indian brand phone is pathetic in India….. Mai bhi Indian brand ke chakkar mey fas gaya……

  40. Micromax sucks in every aspect. And all these losers here are no one but micromax employees itself so ignore thr heap marketing. Saurabh is talking about the cons and not anything else you morons …

    1. Cons based on what grounds Gem? there should be a similar grounds for comparison! I do not think any one is a Micromax empolyee here. but continuing with your argument it does seems that you are a samsung employee B)

  41. I m using this phone since a month
    the display is quite good the viewing angle is very nice the full hd ips display makes it all
    the brightness level is also nice better than galaxy grand as said by some webside

    though not gorilla glass protection but there is some kind of protection layer in this phone u can check gsm arena and after installing screen guard u r assure thst ur screen wont get scratches
    the company promises that the device can capture 720 or hd videos at 30 fps
    when we set the recording to fine setting the hd become full hd but fps drops to 23-24 so u cannot say that the company does not know about this phone the company only said that it is hd at 30 fps
    I agree ,that the camera lens is not so good but u cannot except dslr in phone at this price
    furthermore there are sone goodies in this phone like burst mode which allows u to take 99 continuous shot and that too at 8 mp which is quite good
    micromax is alteady giving 4.2 update
    the apps are made for android and not for specific phone so we do not need to worry regarding apps
    it supports 32 gb sd card so low internal memory is not a problem
    also we can aleays root the phone for installing the apps on sd card
    micromax is noy a chinese brand u can google it
    it is indian brand furthernore it is well established in india with the third largest seller of mobile in India after nokia and samsung
    also it is second largest on smartphone category.

  42. i am using canvas hd past 6 months no lacks no hang issue awesome speed work like water amazing phone with best battery life 12 hrs consumes only 37% enen after talking

    have used samsung s3 also and let me know how many users are facing heat issue? in almost all samsung smart phones worst battery backup ever

    1. Dear Mahendran, I went to Reliance digital on 31st august fully decided to buy a Lumia 720 (with 5% discount on usage of HDFC card).

      Was skilfully guided to various Lenovo, Panasonic and Micromax phones by a salesman. Finally ended up buying micromax canvas 4. Now, it’s just 3 days, but I’d like to say the phone has inconsistent quality, and several features are not implemented well. However, it doesnt appear to be any poorer quality H/W than say samsung (yes, tested call quality, GPS, battery life, no crashes etc) and the screen quality was the best among all on display except galaxy s4/note II.

      Keeping my fingers crossed I dont need service. But again, which company is giving us decent service nowadays. Am going through the process with LG – and it appears micromax isnt worse than LG or sony etc Samsung? well, I’ve experienced pricey but available service from them..

  43. Hey guys…come on… give a its already mentioned at the beginning…Saurabh has just listed some negative points about 116. He is not encouraging or discouraging anyone from buying it. BTW…I am typing this comment on 116 only. At the end its up to a person if he wants to have a compass, and some other features @15000rs extra or not.. I think this article is good for someone who is wondering why 116 is so cost effective. So thanks Saurabh..good job..

  44. Hi. It seems you have reviewed the Canvas 2 or 2+ and written it as a Canvas HD review. The drawbacks you’ve mentioned exist with Canvas 2. As such, it is a budget smart phone and trying to give the most for the price range.

    I agree that the Canvas range of phones have a pathetic camera, but the one with Canvas HD is pretty reasonable for the price with BSI sensors and other good features; hence the low light imaging is decent, but not excellent.

    High end phones come with high prices and that’s the reason they can include better features, like multiple physical lenses in the camera, better exposure levels etc. But Canvas HD gives you the most it can for the said price.

      1. A116 has a sony ex-more sensor, which is a back-side illuminated sensor alright. Most smartphones with >5MP cameras have a BSI sensor nowadays, very few with CCD’s.

    1. No you are mistaken. I use a A116 too, and I think its the best MMX yet (a month old now), but it does have shortfalls as Saurabh mentioned, and lacks some sensors. GPS time-to-lock is a major pain in the a**.

      Alternatives at this price point – Nokia 720 and Samsung Grand are well-integrated packages but have low end specs so they wont be exciting or upgradable 1 year later, so I chose A116 for it’s really good screen and finish. Happy

  45. I have an Iphone 3GS 32GB which i had purchased about 3 years ago and was looking to replace it with a Samsung Galaxy S4. Checked the prices ( was around 42000 in Vijay Sales and Croma), then was introduced to the A116…i was reminded of an advertisement that KIA motors came out with in the late 90’sto promote their luxury car (I think it was the Opirus) .. If you are a snob with money to throw then buy a Merc or BMW else buy a KIA.. I am no technical expert but what i can definitely say from personal experience having bought the A116 is that it offers excellent value for money…

  46. Hi
    I’ve been using micromax canvas a116 for about a month now… I find this phone quite good and user friendly…ur review has been biased and about video recording it does support full hd recording…sure it doesnt come as scratch proof or break proof…but if u r buying a smart phone because u wanna compromise on d budget then u ought to really take care of ur phone unlike those who have a loooot of money to spend…and evenmore they have prooved that even gorilla glass is not scratch proof(try youtube for proof) nd i’ve watched nd observed 5 phones with the display shattered with just one fall…(2 galaxy notes one note2 nd two s3s)…
    Sure samsung has brand value and s respectable company but since when…i’m one among the first users of samsung even b4 they launched smartphones…at that time samsung was nothing compared to the then giants nokia…Its with the launch of d still superb phone s2 that samsung came in level with nokia….just wait nd c

  47. I bought micromax a116 6 months back. after 15 days it developed a snag i.e its flash was on all the time. I went to micromax service centre at Jammu and they took it from me with making a job card. After that I approached the service center continuously for more than 4 months for my phone. And after literally begging they returned it. During these four months I lost its battery. This phone has made my life hell because battery is not available through out Jammu, Pathankot, any website even not on micromax site. I purchased it from my hard earned money. But Micromax world’s largest manufacturer of mobiles are not manufacturing their batteries. Now again I am left with my phone which has become a burden on me.

  48. can you compare a car with cost of 3lack with car of 12 lack, similarly it how can u compare a 13k phone with 25k phone ?

  49. “Top 10 Reasons NOT to buy Micromax A116 Canvas HD”

    When I found this link, I thought it speaks mainly about the h/w and s/w defects of this phone. But sad fully it was a comparison with the costly high end SAMSUNG Phones.

    Actually this is not a bad work like everybody says, but still this explanations will be useful only for those people who don’t have any kind of budget problem, so they can stop searching for MM phones and can go for high end SAMSUNG phones.

    Dear Bro Saurabh,
    We all know MM is one of the low budget phones available to us.
    So when you wish to make comparisons, Its better to compare it with the other low cost phones available in the market.

    Or else if you want to compare it to the SAMSUNG phones, then you must have compare it with the phones which is available close to 15-20k price.
    So people can think that, ‘should i increase my budget a bit more to grab SAMSUNG'(Only iF samsung got better spec and features in that price)

    There are things you have said about the problems of the phone like about the quality of the camera, after sales experiences etc. Yes, these are the types of explanations that we people are actually looking for.
    But most of the things was just about the specs. Like No NFC, NO HDMI etc. . . Bro, these things can be clearly viewed from the sites which says more detailed about specs of the phones.

    Hope you get my points.


  50. Hello Saurabh,


    This is exactly what you have done in this article. Samsung S3 and MMX HD belong to different class of phones and these phones should not be compared at all.

    Samsung S3 can be compared with other phone of its class.

    A 30k phone must be compared with a 30k phone itself and a 12k phone should be compared with a 12 k phone itself.

    Think like this, if you need to travel from Bangalore to Hydrabad, there are Volvos as well as Normal delux buses, both offering push back seats, AC, and other comforts to passengers.
    If Volvo charges 1000 Rupees and the other Delux bus charges 500 Rupees, and if both the buses reach the destination in a negligible difference of time, I will surely choose the 500 Rupees one, because this bus also has AC, pushback seats, runs fast (not as fast as volvo).

    My point here is if you had to compare MMX HD, you will have to compare it with Galaxy Ace or Galaxy Core

    Venkatesh Prasad

  51. @Saurabh

    Well brother, don’t be offended, but don’t you think you are a little too much influenced by the higher brand names and their reputation? The drawbacks you posted are true indeed, but given the price such compromises, as they are somewhat trivial(except no.8), and I believe, can be accepted. However, regarding the update issue, I have been informed that your point 8 is no longer valid. Apart from that update complaint, the other niggles are likely to be ignored and moreover, you have to pay 10k-20k more to have those trifling, or of lesser importance features to possess.
    And also you are to consider that the fast pace in which the technology is moving forwards, it is almost impossible for tech-savvies to stick to one gadget, or phone. So if one invests such an amount in a ‘reputed’ phone, I can bet he/she shall regret tomorrow or the day after that. What do you think?

  52. See micromax biggest problem is faulty hardware and faulty hardware because it does not manufactures any thing as it buys phones from cheap manufactures of china so this is a indian company but the product is not indian so u people need not to have senti abt undian and blah, 2 to 4 sets have some sort of harware faults atleast other companies have mostly software issues but not that much hardware issue i am commenting this from canvas HD , Will you all buy a chinese phone from gizchina wich more or same feature in same money if not y r u taking side of micromax when u dont know how a peson who does not have that much money buys a canvas 2 or hd and cries in service center of micromax

  53. The whole point of comparing the products as done above is baseless…
    common bro face it, if you compare economy phone with high end phone and then say you should not buy this economy phone because it does not have the high end features.. makes no sense… compare the products on the same price range…

    The title for this blog “Top 10 Reasons NOT to buy Micromax A116 Canvas HD” is purely misleading! It looks like you are more leaned towards the high end phones and thus suggest others not to buy the economy phones! Don’t buy Nano because you wont get the features of BMW / Ferrari ! strange blog i should say

  54. I have purchased micromax A116. I was happy till I was in India. But when I came to USA. It stop working for me. The frequency of network in USA is not supported by A116. Now it becomes a raw useless box for me. Even cell phone of my friends of different company Apple, Samsung and Nokia are working fine.

    Now I can say its really a local company There is no global standard.

  55. M in 9th class so my parents wud not let me buy a 20k phone so i decided to buy a 15k .. @ first i 2 didn’t liked MMX as a brand bt now dat i hav it i love it and as yu were saying dat its bad on OS update u r wrong . I got it updated from its service center and after the update its letting me save apps on internal storage . And the service centers r a lot and vry frndly .. I wud recommend MMX ir LG or Sony compared to any Samsung devices . i hav owned a samsung monte bar .. it was horrible.

  56. every phone is made in china if u don’t agree see the box of the phone that u have purchased. because materials and human capital is found in china at very low cost as compare to India or other countries. got it. I have used every company phone except iPhone cause its a us phone that’s y its cost is very high.

  57. hiii.. friend I m using mmicromax canvas HD 116 . but it do
    es not sync my facebook contacts in my phone so what should I do…? pls give me suggestion…

  58. I am using this phone from past 10 months and have not faced any issues with it. Also I feel the build Quality of this phone is quite durable depending on the fact that I have dropped this phone many times. Not sure whether those were lethal angles or not but height at which it slipped was definitely more than 4 – 5 ft which could have been lethal for phone. Now coming on to the graphics processing part I have played asphalt 8 on this phone and it runs pretty smooth. all the apps which would be often used by majority of smartphone buyers would run smooth.
    It has enough juice which would do almost all processing task you need.

    Pros : Big 5” HD screen, Sleek phone , Good viewing angle , Good performance, Sturdy phone.

    Cons: Brand is not very recognized which would let down many show-off guys.
    Camera quality is ok ok , in my word average. Earphone Quality is not so good which makes the audio Quality poor.

    I am not a person who would use a phone for more than 2/3 yrs and acknowledging the rate at which technologies are advancing I wouldn’t prefer buying a high end costly phone who would be recovering all their RnD cost from my money.

    Micromax offers you practicality and those high end phones manufacture offer you Quality in all aspect. As a normal buyer you decide your budget and the very best under that. Which off course micromax is.

    now those who say about chinese manufacturing , I would ask them to chek the iphone manufacturing. researched and designed location and manufactured in what location. Only difference among these brands are there QC checkpoints, whihc has exhaustive checklist and Quality measures in high end phones and less on budget phones.

    I have chosen micromax based on my long experience of buying high end phones which started from nokia models, windows smart phone ) . and I am not listing my older samsung and sony ericsson phone in those high end phone becasue those were considered inferior at the times when I biugh those nokias.

    Honestly I feel what samsung did to nokia on sales and apple on design is the same what micromax is doing to samsung on sales and designs. Could be karma effect ;)

  59. People who are using samsung,nokia,sony,LG should feel shame why because ,MMX purely belongs to INDIA, iam feeling proud to use my country product ,Buy Indian be indian, purchasing foregin goods and increasing foregin countries income,


  61. Hi Sourabh,

    You are correct with the downside of the CHD. I know you are trying to tell what we can not expect from this budget phone. But, don;t say you are comparing it with costlier phones. That would be injustice. Compare apples to apples.

    You may have to strike off the few points.
    9. There is a good number of developers in XDA. I have tried their after market OS. They are great.
    10. Due to the above, the 1.7 GB is immaterial. You can swap the memory and load everything to SD card. Guess, my 32 GB card has turned into internal memory. Isn’t that great.
    8. Hence, if people are making use of these forums, they should not be worried about the OS version too (My phone is on 4.2.2. Micromax gives only till 4.2.1, as I am aware of).

    Well, I am using this phone from more than a year. Really happy with the performance. I play Asphalt 8 on this without lag.

    I would say, the only compromise I am making with this is the camera.

  62. Who says it does that this phone will be have no developer. Actually Micromax has one of the biggest xda developer community and they are now going to rolled the device to KitKat. Which phone ia going to get KitKat update from Samsung having price lower than 18K.

  63. I am using Micromax A116 for almost a year now and it was working fine for almost 10 months and now there are several problems in my mobile:
    1. Touch sensitivity is very bad
    2. Battery almost nill
    3. Hanging problem: Even when the there is no game/ only 1gb of music and only one gb of data files.
    I really dont consider anything like high resolution camera/too much of external memory but the biggest issue that i facing is touch , secondly after sales service is very poor from Micromax.

    I also bought this phone because of the price and features but before buying it also needs to be considered that how long the phone will survive.

  64. If You don’t want to get yourself in trouble and don’t want to waste your time then Dont go for this brand micromax..its wastage like anything…!!!…After sells service sucks….and a big headache.Initially we see less price and good configuration the thing i also did.and now after seven months i suffered so many problems with micromax if you are smart and dont wanna get fooled dont go for micromax…go for samsung,htc, other good brands.

    1. True…… their after sales service is a scam where they can easily sell their sub standard parts for phone without any warranty.
      People don’t have a choice at that point.

  65. First of all thank you for your comparison but still I rigid with your comments. Because in comparison features and price both are important.Samsung is providing the smart phones only showing the quality and brand name.It is not analyzing the Indian economic factor.That’s why people have a desire to buy a smart phone still go for Nokia Lumia or Micromax Canvas not for Samsung.You can get a proof of it by goggling the user views or by surveying.
    The second point is quality.If u analyze costumers mind maximum of them will sustain with one smart phone hardly for 2 years,then they will go for a new one.So for this such a huge investment is waste.Because if you purchase a phone in x price u can not sell it in 2x price.(depreciation is there) and I hope Micromax is maintaining that much of quality to use a phone for 2 years.
    The third point is maximum phones of Micromax having updated OS but maximum Samsung phones having older OS, you need to upgrade. If you go to upgrade your Samsung device,first see the user comments.
    Like….my phone is now a brick,a slate and how much of undesirable words they are using.
    Overall you don’t have a mind to compare two things. Comparison comes there where range is same.You can compare two reach persons,two poor. Likely you can compare Samsung with Sony or HTC. If you go for comparison definitely you will go for Sony or HTC.Real quality is there. Micromax is now an Indian company preparing smart phones according to Indian market requirements.It also reduces the selling of other smart phones in India.It just proves nothing like anything. I am providing this post as I have used many high end smart phones from HTC,Sony,Samsung,Micromax etc…

    Dear Micromax User if you are having problem with calls (both incoming and outgoing)then you change your flip cover with another original one. If the issue persists then there is some problems in sensor….

  66. Micromax Canvas HD A116i Great phone! I used it from last one year it’s very smooth and samsung phones an d i phones are wastage of money use mmx and make pleasure with value of money

  67. I used grand in past and then switch to canvas hd thats the best decision i took the phone is brilliant compare to grand and picture quality is far superior than many samsung phone yes s4 which my brothr has is better bt it comes in a price 4 times more than canvas hd so i must say mmx a116 is worthy n best

  68. i totally disagree with your article. if someone wants to point out the negative specs in any phone, everyone can have countless points. no product can fulfill all the requirements of every customers. so stop writing this kind of stupid article.

  69. Those who say Samsung is best just fuck off from here I am using canvas HD for more 1.5 years. No scratches no paint issues on edges and run any app and most of the games are fluid……
    Whereas my friend has s4 with almost same usage, silver paint on edges gone, battery half dead, full of scratches on back, and run even 1MB game it is super hot. Totally Chinese phone after 1year.

  70. Hi friends
    I bought two phones in May 2013.Galaxy Grand for 21000 and Canvas HD for 14500.
    The performance of canvas phone was amazing compared to Galaxy grand.Grand was very sluggish,The display was unattractive.I was so thrilled about A116 that I would recommend Micromax phone to everyone.My brother bought a A250 in Nov 2013 because of that.
    In June 2014 just 20 days after my handset was out of warranty a portion of the display became unresponsive.So I went to the nearest MMX service center in Palakkad(which is 18kms from my home) to get it fixed.They said the display would cost 1600+250 service charge.When I asked if there would be any warranty on the repair.They said no.I paid the advance.It took them 8-10 phone calls and 4-5 weeks to get the display and repair it but still I was OK with it as I could use my phone again after so many days.The “new” display had a protective cover over it I did not remove it as I did not want to get a scratch on the display.So I went to a mobile shop near my home to get a proper screen guard.When the guy at the shop removed the cover and was cleaning the screen I noticed there were many dead pixels on the screen A triangular portion of the screen was totally faded.I did not know what to do after almost 1and1/2 month I got the phone and I didn’t want to keep going to the service center again.After two weeks of use the touch became unresponsive again but since there was no warranty on the repair I didn’t take it to the service center.The temporary fix was to lock it using the power button and unlock it.The touch would work for some time after that but the touch would become unresponsive very often.Just last month Dec 2014 the battery gave up.I went to the same service center again to buy a new battery.It cost 600 but when I asked about the warranty on battery they asked if my handset had warranty.When I said no they said in that case new battery won’t have any warranty too.I have used many handsets before (Nokia,Samsung,Sony) they offer 6 month warranty on new battery why micromax doesn’t offer the same I don’t understand.If a manufacturer can’t give warranty on their brand new accessories what impression does it leave on customers?
    My brothers phone A250 has also started giving trouble.3G is not working on his phone,earlier it was working fine.It will only connect to 2G network.Friends I know many of you might think its something to do with the settings.Believe me I have tried everything in settings including flashing the latest firmware.The screen goes blank very often.Can’t even take calls sometime.It’s out of warranty and I dread taking it to the service center as I know their after sales support is terrible.
    The Galaxy grand is still working fine there are a few scratches here and there.Used Nova launcher to set up UI.Its slow though compared to micromax .
    Friends I am not a samsung HTC or sony fan.I love value for money(That’s why I bought MMX).I liked MMX cause it is an Indian company and was offering value for money but it has a long way to go.I am not here to prove anything.The above is my true experience with micromax over one and a half years and I am done with it.

  71. This Micromax really will make your life into abhyas. It is so frustrating to handle such a nonsense “smartphone”. It is so true “Nothing like anything” (in worst). Indeed a flop cell phone. Never gonna trust on this company again nor will recomend it to anyone

  72. been using 116i for more than 1.5 years, and am happy with it

    only prob is battery draining, won’t last a day typically

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