Top 10 Best Cases for Samsung Galaxy S4

There are tons of galaxy s4 cases available in the market so it becomes difficult for users to choose one. These sgs4 cases are available at varying price, some really cheap while some really costly. I’m among those users who do not like spend good amount on buying cases. I like to keep it cheap. In fact, I believe that if you’re going to spend that much amount on just cases which adds to the bulk of the handset increasing weight and dimension, it would be better to let your phone get scratches and enjoy the slim look n feel and when the time comes, get its body exterior ( or the back plate) replaced.

As per my experience of just 15 days with s4, I think it’s not as strong as I expected it to be. The plastic back panel is really highly prone to scratches. Earlier, I was of the view that galaxy s4 being plastic body, would require less care, but that’s not true now as per my experience. The side silver polish can be easily damaged in case of drops and so you don’t want to get any sort of dent on your phone, or shatter your screen within a month of usage, or damage your camera lens or the internal components; as physical damage will not be entertained under warranty.

Hence, in this post, I’ve embedded a video review of my galaxy s4 case that I bought for about Rs.275 in India from online. The case that I bought, mainly because it looks premium and kinda give vague impression of HTC One or iPhone-genre handset. Being galaxy s4 user, yet I aspire its design to be more like HTC One or iPhone, because frankly speaking, those are beautiful and sexy phones. A Galaxy S4 user like me has no choice to stand out from the crowd of other Samsung galaxy phone users as our high-end phone is often mistaken as mid-range galaxy phone in crowd. So, we do like to spend reasonable time researching for the best case of our taste. To ease your research, I’ve attached the images of some of the beautiful cases covers of Samsung Galaxy S4. Have a look at them.



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