How to Recognize Fake Digital Scratch Cards in India

Digital scratch cards have gained immense popularity in India due to their convenience and the promise of exciting rewards. However, with the rise in their usage, the prevalence of fake digital scratch cards has also increased. Fraudsters use deceptive tactics to lure unsuspecting individuals into believing they have won prizes, only to discover later that

Beware: is Fraud, Not trustworthy at all! is a fraudulent website that claims to provide quality products (smartphone spare parts like, display, touch, camera module, etc.) to its customers, but in reality, it’s just a front for a complete fraud. I had the unfortunate experience of ordering a Vivo Nex replacement display from them (since it was not available on trusted

How to get Double data on Jio 4g data recharge from Main Balance

In the current ‘Work from Home‘ scenario and worldwide lockdown constraints, data usage has increased at phenomenal rate, such that even tech giants providing video service like YouTube, Netflix, etc have reduced default video playback quality to manage network traffic. In India, telecom operators have come forward, especially, Jio, by decreasing the cost of 4G

How to get Dark Mode & Night Mode on Windows 10 [Tutorial]

Did you know you can enable Dark mode and Night mode on your windows 10 desktop, laptop, computer as well? Yes, dark mode feature is also available on your big machine, not just on your portable device like smartphones. Dark mode is really handy on any device with display, it feels easy on eyes especially