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Microsoft reports crunching numbers about Xbox console

As we’re nearing the launch of Xbox 720 or the upcoming new Xbox console, let’s look at the crunching and interesting numbers revealed by Yusuf Mehdi, chief of Microsoft’s interactive entertainment business, at D:Dive Into Media conference. In the conference, Mehdi proudly announced interesting numbers about Xbox 360 console, which has been the best product […] Continue reading →

GTA V Release Date | GTA 5 Game Details

I love You – As these three words are divine in love and romance world, so are these three letters in gaming world – GTA. The entire Grand Theft Auto series is famous and has changed the way games emulate real-world life. Several other games have tried to mimic the open world arena presented in […] Continue reading →

Dance Central 3 for xbox kinect Released

Reaping on the success of Dance Central game franchise, Harmonix has released Dance Central 3 exclusive for xbox 360 kinect game console. This is the game which teaches you dancing in effortless manner that you enjoy playing addictively on your xbox machine. This game truly utilizes the good performing points of kinect to harness its […] Continue reading →

Free Music Streaming on Windows 8 – Xbox Music

Here comes iTunes Competitor for music services, Xbox Music. Xbox is generally taken as the gaming console but in Microsoft terms, it is its entertainment service (When Xbox 360 or Xbox 720 is specifically mentioned, is being talked in context of gaming console). So, Xbox Music is All-in-one music service, note the bold, for your […] Continue reading →