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HTC One Benchmark Test Result – Comparison

So, HTC One phone is launched and you’ve been eagerly waiting for its benchmarks score in comparison to other high-end phones, well here it is. HTC One has Snapdragon 600 chipset clocked at 1.7GHz. This chipset is really the most powerful for now as HTC One easily wins the benchmark tests comparison with other phones […] Continue reading →

HTC One VS Samsung Galaxy S3 VS iPhone 5

Reigning smartphone of 2012 i.e. Samsung Galaxy S3 is now old, yet it is worth stacking up Galaxy S3 against HTC One in ring square-off. Since, we’re keeping Galaxy S3 on the stand against the mighty HTC One, let’s include Apple’s iPhone 5, the fierce rival of top-notch android phones. Let’s see how these three […] Continue reading →