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  1. shirley jacob says:

    Forgot my password

    • lillyana nail says:

      Can’t use grandaughters phone,completely locked up ..cant remember password so unable to get any information from google besides unable to verify account

  2. Please e-mail my password to me. My phone was damaged. Got a new one but all my info is inaccessable. Thanks

  3. Kayla Ahumada says:

    My phone quit working I had to buy another, my account/ password is not accessible.

  4. cannot get into my Gmaiil

  5. can’t access my account

  6. I bought a new phone and cant remember my password

  7. Help me recover

  8. Shelly Maroney says:

    i have forgot my usename and password

  9. I can’t log in. I don’t know what happened. maybe my account has been compromised

  10. I try to type in my username and password and I keep getting an error saying either one or the other is wrong

  11. Stephanie akins says:

    Lost everything in my phone help please

  12. My phone factory reset itself and will not let me access my accounts.

  13. Phone was reset and cant access any acounts.

  14. nancy wilson says:

    Irecently got a new phone and have fogotten my password.I recieve a message saying my username and password do not match

  15. Isiani Amobi says:

    I do not know what happened. gmail message came telling me that my username does not match my password. Now, I am awaiting an urgent mail from someone.Please asist me.

  16. Audrey M Davis says:

    bought new cell phone from us cellular and forgot password.

  17. pls help me retrieve my password

  18. anwei misline says:

    i forgot my password

  19. Martin Rodriguez says:

    I went from T-Mobile to Verizon wireless. Just need to recover my email back. Don’t want to create another one. I forgot my password. Please reply

  20. greggorysellers says:

    Got a new phone and can not retrieve my info from old phone which is damaged.

  21. Larry harrington says:

    Got new phone can’t access account, password. Help!!!

  22. My phone information got erased I lost everything even my gmail account trying to get it back

  23. cyril allard says:

    It says user name and password don’t match

  24. .I can’t access my account. ..I have the verification phone no…Please help me. all documents are there in my account. ..Please. …

  25. geoffrey bulega says:

    I forgot my user name. Kindly help to retrieve

  26. l got my password

  27. Johnathan Beam says:

    Someone changed my password and all of my recovery options … I had to reset my phone and when I tried to sign back into Google I couldn’t … now I have no way of getting my information back and I have no way of getting back into that account that I can think of it seems to be a continous cycle I go through with the recovery form because they are telling me my own information is wrong

  28. onesmusmbilanzyimi says:

    I will be so happy to get my a count

  29. anwar zeb khan says:

    I want to get my account back but I Forgot password, forgot recovery email address, forgot security answer

  30. janelle jaranilla says:

    I forgot my password

  31. deantha michalski says:

    Can’t access gmail. Name and password don’t match.

  32. Changing phones and trying to access Gmail account.please help

  33. I deleted my account and I would like to have it back

  34. Sam Henderson Jr says:

    I can’t into my G mail account. I am trying to get my phone to start working again. And i need all of my passwords and user names. So i can get the right one to unlock my phone. Thanks for your help. Sam Henderson Jr.

  35. Bernice Valdez says:

    I have a new phone and phone number and I cant sigh in to my gmail account because 2 step verification goes to my old number and I need help

  36. Matthew J Kutch says:

    My password does not work to gain access. Need to get new password.

  37. Gary Potthoff says:

    My problem is same as Bernice Valdez above !!!! 2 step verification goes to old number, and I get no response when I try to tell it I want to try another way to sign in (8-digit backup codes) !!!! Help me, please !!! I don’t know what to do !!!!!!!

  38. i was trying to set up my new phone.i had to reset it because the screen got locked all of a sudden. after restarting when i try setting up through google account i get message” try to log in using owners own account”. i have used correct email id and password .pse help

  39. not able to get in e mail -shut down says suspius activity my phone 334-538-3571 ? not able to do anything from this site?????????

  40. muhammad salisu says:

    I want my gmail account send to me

  41. Simeon Donatus says:

    It Says user name and password
    Don’t match

  42. Rhonda Reeves says:

    I am not sure. I know I forgot my password. But than yellow said I had the wrong email address. And I know that is not possible it’s my sisters name and the year she was born. I’ve used for the past 2 yes after she passed away.

  43. Corinna Karl Hoover says:

    I don’t know why but someone change my password to my gmail and the password to my recovery email to and my cell was took so the recovery number I don’t have any more so plus help me all my pic are on that gmail thank u

  44. HALIMA KAHIYA says:

    I recently changed my date of birth wrongly and my account is disabled.please assist to recover it.

  45. Victor Weaver says:

    Can not acsess my user name or password. Trying to set up new phone thanks

  46. Godwin Mijares says:

    I forgot my password pls help me .

  47. richie rebucas says:

    i forgot my password

  48. Any type of password I tried to make it won’t accept, it keeps saying forget password.

  49. Smashed sceen got a new phone,my passwords for different accounts were saved in my clip board .I can’t sign in to my gmail or google accounts.can you help?

  50. Belton wooten says:

    I can’t get in to Google accounts for months might be close to a year please help me

  51. fernando vazquez says:

    ok I got a phone from a friend and he moved away so when I went to set p the phone its askin for the google account that was synced to the phone, but I don’t no noe of that and ant cantact the friend, how do I go about resetin the phone so I can put all my info and google password of my own

  52. I cant logging my facebook id

  53. Gary M Potthoff says:

    Don’t have old phone.. 2-step verification keeps me locked out because I don’t have a backup phone number, now, to receive sms messages!! Please help! !

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