28 thoughts on “How to Recover Gmail Account | Google Account Recovery

  1. m.maheshkumar says:

    always useful for me..
    and others.. i am reminded

  2. kenneth mitchell says:

    hi i have tried for 2 days to get my old gmail account,i got a new phone from sprint and i was told that i could get into my gmail account and retreat my contacted. this experence have not been great. i didnt want to create a new account, i am up in age dont need all this difference account.Is it easy to get the password to the old account. please i need help

  3. I cant remember my password and my number is nit the same to recover account

  4. I have forgotten my pass word and can not access Google for games and to make my phonebook I can’t even put a phone number in my phone new phone please help me.

    • Did you follow the recovery steps listed on the link in the given article above? be more specific about how you tried to recover..

  5. veronica peterson says:

    Having trouble with my account telling me wrong username n password..

  6. Cant get into my exiting gmail. Can you please help me. I need my gmail back bad. Thank you.

  7. Hillman Goggins says:

    I am trying to recovery my password and the user name that match I have try all the names and password that I have and nothing matches I was rob for my cell phone and truck at Gun point. All my information I need is at google account.

  8. hi.. my gmail was ha cked and i cant recovery it i already try to recover it via recovery form like 50 times and still the same.. and already speak to recovery team 6 times .. im sure my account is misused because i saw my gmail was log in from philipines.. and im from malaysia.. its so stupid that gmail recovery team cant detect it.. thats why im sure..

  9. Kenneth bottoms says:

    Need help with my Gmail password

  10. Carrie Mounce says:

    I had to reset my phone BC it was shutting off and on and now I got to redo my Google account but it won’t let me sign in

  11. My google account password was changed,but not by me,I had two step verification bot that failed also,because they also changed my Yahoo password,then to top it off my phone was disconnected,therefore I couldn’t access 2 step verification.I have managed to find files pertaining my email thus verifying my identity,since I can’t sneer the recovery questions to their satisfaction
    ,they need to change those stupid questions,I don’t email.they could at least give you the opinion to choose what programs you use on google.If given the chance to speak on my behalf ,I could bring my files in proving my identity.But this is what I concerned about they are hacking my network connection,so it does no good to change the password,They use fake window pages error code shut down my internet connection I have an 189 page print out of events and UP address going in and out of my computer.Well enough said if you know of anyone I can trust to give my proof to please email me .But I will only give them in person I don’t sending them on line. THANK YOU. E.DOWDY

  12. mike crabtree says:

    I need my email recovered

  13. I forgot my password and I am not recieving the OTP message. What is the way to get a voice OTP for password reset.

  14. I have a new phone and keep having trouble resetting the phone I made a new gmail acct. It took the new Email address but it wants my previously synced google acct. and what ever iI try it keeps telling me the same thing.My phone is stuck at this and will not let me use it.I must of hit a wrong key on the 1st Set up and I am stuckand can go no futher, please help me.

  15. My lap top keeps putting a V in my address and will only take the Y in a Capital letter.

  16. nazariyiah kllam says:

    goggle is some bull shit they ask yu for all this information and still make it unable to get into your account the website just redirts you to another site which is morbull shit

  17. Manickaselvi says:

    I could not recover my gmail account. But, I know my username and password. I tried so many time through which steps the gmail provide to follow. But, I could not remember the answer for the security questions. Please, help me. I need my account.

  18. darren webb says:

    i dont know my password and cant use form good enough to get it unloked i got id and phone if you can change number on account

  19. Jeannie Taylor says:

    I can not get in my e mail

  20. I can’t get into my old gmail account I can’t even use my recovery email or the phone number that’s on my account I don’t have that number anymore and someone else change my recovery email password to plus help me

  21. Hi, I’ve done all the steps and everything i could, i look at YouTube and every other big cites and could not find what i need, mine problem is my account has been stolen by someone and they change my recovery email and the phone number as well, please help me if you can, Thank You

  22. My son forgot his password for his email. His recovery info is not the same. how can i get into his account to make the necessary changes? This has been going on for 4 days

  23. I activated my phone in august and the it was deactivated and now I reactivated it and I cant get in to it because I forgot the password to the goggle account to the phone. I cant receive the code to open the phone via text because of the gmail account.Can you help?

  24. I have been trying for 3 years now to get into my google account. Someone has stole my phone right after i changed my password and i cant for the life of me remember what i could have changed it to. I of course by now have a different number, so the whole text message code ordeal is out of qs eestion. I have tried to submit every date i can think of without actually going through and trying every month and every year. PLEASE HELP! i had this email for years and it has all my old pictures and emails// past times on it. I called them and they said they have no access to the account dates or any other way to help me.

  25. joseph oloo says:

    i forgot my password and i cant remember my frequent flyer number nor the date i opened the account

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