10 reasons why you should upgrade to SSD | HDD VS SSD

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SSD or Solid-State Drive, as they say, is relatively newer technology but in fact, its origin dates back to 1950. It had emerged during the era of Vacuum tube computers. In one form or another, SSD has been part of computer evolution. Rather than digging stories about its early developments, let us see why we […] Continue reading →

Top 5 Free Addictive games for Android Phone

There are lots of free games available for Android phones which will take you to another level of mobile gaming. In this post, lets talk about some of those addictive games which take most of your leisure time and are so addictive that even adults become kids for the time being. These games are either […] Continue reading →

How to use eBay.in Gift Coupons | eBay Discount Coupons

All this year right from the start, eBay.in has been offering gift promotions at regular intervals especially on Indian festivals. Gift on your cumulative purchases is really a lucrative offer for buyers as well as for sellers on eBay because during gift promotion period, shopping activity on eBay increases manifold. Unfortunately, many people are not […] Continue reading →

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 Android 4.0 ICS Tablet launched, Specifications

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Samsung has officially announced the launch of Galaxy Note 10.1 Android 4.0 tablet with proprietary S-pen. This is the best android tablet with high-end specifications as powered by 1.4 GHz Exynos quad-core processor and massive 2 GB of RAM. An intro video is live on Samsung Mobile YouTube channel where they flaunt the awesome productive […] Continue reading →

How to create gmail filters to organize inbox

Usually, a power internet user receives and sends a lot of mails and for him/her, email is a priority task but unfortunately, with time inbox gets cluttered. Mails from various senders, newsletters, notification mails, business & work mails, personal messages – all clog up our inbox. Hence we need to organize our inbox in a […] Continue reading →

Why has Microsoft launched another free email service – Outlook.com

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Speaking of as normal internet user who doesn’t welcome changes so easily unless required, the question is – Will I welcome with open and embracing heart, the new free email service from Microsoft  – Outlook.com? This is Microsoft’s new flagship web-based email service providing minimalist design, simplicity and faster approach to webmail. Outlook.com is their […] Continue reading →