PlayStation 4 Release Date, Price, Features – All you need to know

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The billion dollar industry of Gaming or say, interactive entertainment is idle? Well, no. Projects are underway, next-gen consoles and game titles are being in development. If the rumors and reports are to be interpreted in a genius way, one can surely tell that Sony is working on Playstation 4 and it’ll be likely to […] Continue reading →

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Specifications Price Reviews

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If there is a smartphone bigger than this, I’d like to know more. Samsung Galaxy Note 2 (N-7100), the successor of Galaxy Note (N-7000) phone or say phablet, is 5.5 inch large (Predecessor Galaxy Note is 5.3 inch large). The display is of 1280*720 resolution (little less than the previous Galaxy Note which has 800*1280 […] Continue reading →

Mozilla Firefox 15 Free Download

Update: A new version has been released, get Mozilla Firefox 17 instead of downloading this version. Mozilla Firefox is the best open-source browser known for its security, speed, flexibility and stability. It is being rapidly developed and so Mozilla Firefox 15 has been released for windows xp, windows vista, windows 7 including the newest upcoming […] Continue reading →