How to check Airtel Postpaid number balance, bill, plan, other details

Are you a postpaid airtel customer? You might be surprised with very little info available on the web for postpaid customers. Well, in this post, we’ll go through all those useful airtel postpaid sms shorcodes that every user must know. On postpaid, we don’t have account balance, instead we’ve outstanding unbilled balance because we don’t need to have talktime on our number to make call. Use first, pay later – That’s the concept of Postpaid connection. So, we don’t need to worry about making recharges and top-ups prior to engaging in hours of calling. This leads to heavy usage as customers are ignorant of their usage pattern and thus resulting in heavy bill. So, it’s always advisable to keep track of your usage. In our recent post, we wrote about how to check reliance postpaid number details. Now, it’s time for

  • To know your unbilled outstanding amount i.e. amount that has not yet been added to the monthly bill but has been charged to you – Type UNB and send it to 121. You’ll soon get a sms with details of your recent unbilled usage.
  • To know your total outstanding amount i.e. the amount that is due on your airtel number, type OT and sms it to 121.
  • To find out the details of your last generated bill for your airtel postpaid number, sms BILL to 121.
  • You can even know about your current bill plan by sending sms BP to 121.
  • You can also track your previous payments details by typing PAY and sending it to 121. You’ll then receive sms with payment details of last 3 payments.
  • To find all these and other details on your airtel postpaid number via USSD, just type *121# and hit on call button from your mobile. Follow the instructions as displayed on screen.

For more details, just hit on the image above and also store the image on your mobile or computer to keep it as reference in case you forget.

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36 thoughts on “How to check Airtel Postpaid number balance, bill, plan, other details

  1. eswarkothapalli says:

    thanks lot bro…………..and one more thing i have 600 free minutes on my numb so how to check those things……….culd u plssssssss………….

  2. R.johnson marianathan says:

    Postpaid bill payment.

  3. Thnx bro.. Helped a lot.. good work


    after requesting so many time till date I have not received my call detail bill dated 03.07.2014.Can I port the airtel number

  5. sachin dogra says:


  6. how to check my free minute and free sms in airtel postpaid

  7. I have 360 free minutes on my number so how to check those thing…….?

  8. mine is a company number which the bill will be paid by the company but I am getting the messages frequently Rs 99 is number is 09567869674.can you just tell me what is that for.

    Jeren Edwin

  9. how i chake my mobile bill

  10. Dear sir
    Right now, I am residing since July 2014 in Sector -29 LIG Pkt, Rohini, New delhi-49, I have two air tel numberbut both are lying dead as there are no/poor signal. Please do the needful.

    Yours sincerely
    Manoj Kumar

  11. Actually I wanted to check my postpaid bill details with the help of given web site by you but I didn’t get it .please don’t make the procedure so complicated as we people can’t get details.will you please make it simple?

  12. Hanumanthappa says:

    How to check my postpaid airtel free minutes, in a 700 minutes

  13. I’m using airtel myplan right now and I have 300 min talktime. How to check how many minutes have I used till date. Thank you

  14. pls let me know my balance

  15. bill due amound

  16. How we can check our Mobile No 9999984308 current date outstanding on line or visit at Airtel store and check it and payment the amount

  17. how to check free minute ????? in plane…..????????????

  18. srinivasreddy says:

    How to check my postpaid airtel free minutes, in a 700 minutes

  19. meenakshisundaram says:

    How to check bill payment in airtel post paid if any customer care number?

  20. Airtel service customer care is worst because no answer 198 number and eny customer help line

  21. ansari hashim says:

    i want my airtel bill info for last 8 month call and internet history its my airtel no pllzzz send to my email id

  22. Use call timer app…… It tracks everything

  23. Arvind S Mallya says:

    I want to know my airtel plan 299. details of freebies

  24. Pavithra nag kn says:

    I need call details of prepaid. Number. Plz help me

  25. Pavithra nag kn says:

    Please reply me

  26. anjum siddiqui says:

    I have 800 mins free in airtel postpaid hiw ti chk my balance minutes left

  27. aakanksha vats says:

    I need call details postpaid no. Please reply me..

  28. pankaj kulchandani says:

    we are not reciveed the bill and other detail from the side of airtel .
    i am also not get good service . so help me .

  29. I think the airtel dont have the answer of how to check the remaining postpaid minutes in account…. so its not goood its very disappointing to customers so my request to airtel to start facility for the same so user could know the remaining minutes in their account……..

  30. Navnath Yadav says:

    I need my mobile call details from last 2 months

  31. I am getting higher then higher my postpaid bill which is not expect by me…that much more than double post paid means cheating people …

  32. how to check my airtel postpaid no my no is not start


    my previous balance amount Rs.600.08 not adjusted so far for my same number which is converted from prepaid to postpaid.

  34. how can i know my cug call history, as in the bill they haven’t given the column for cug to cug calls.

  35. i have 840 minutes free so how can i check my balance minutes.

  36. plz advise how I can get my bill..

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