How to check Aircel 3G Net data balance

Aircel has lucrative data plans and packs, several of which are 3g packs with fup i.e. high speed limited 3g data with unlimited low-speed 2g data. For example, 198rs 3g data pack gives 1gb of 3g data and unlimited 2G data with validity of 30 days. Likewise, the highest plan of 997rs gives users 10GB high speed 3g net balance with unlimited low speed 2g data. See the tablet given below for the details of common high speed net packs available in Aircel.aircel-3g-data-tariff Keeping track of your 3g data usage and the remaining balance helps maintain usage control so as to avoid wastage of expensive bandwith. Here, in this post, we’ll see how to find remaining 3G data balance on our aircel number and its validity:

  • Dial *130# and it will show you both 3G+2G data net balance.
  •  Use this as alternative if the code mentioned above doesn’t work as this code might give you wrong info sometimes (from personal experience ). Dial *122*122# from your aircel mobile number. This is mainly for checking remaining data balance of unlimited plan
  • This also works from data card, just use the USSD option of the data card software.
  • If the code given in 1st/2nd point doesn’t work, you also try *122*011#  or *111*9# or *111*10#

If the above codes don’t work for you, there might be some temporary issues on operator side, or you might not have any 3G data balance left on your number. If you’re certain that there is 3G data available on your number, but the above code doesn’t show the same, you can comment here with your region info and we’ll try to get you your answer. We’ve also wrote about how to find own aircel number via ussd code.


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55 thoughts on “How to check Aircel 3G Net data balance

  1. Aircel 3g data balance codes given here does not work.
    Loc. – Bangalore..

  2. the above codes don’t work. I am an aircel customer residing in jammu and kashmir

  3. Nikhil Pradhan says:

    I have recharged my net pack of rs.198 just 2 days before an my availabel balance is showing 1148 mb but the problem is that the net is running to slow an not being able to download anything an for ur information my phone supports 3G an its activated..please help me anyhow an fix tis problem as soon as possible. .

  4. piyush kumar sinha says:

    Works in bihar circle….

  5. can anyone tell me how to check the remaining data balance on aircel 3g

  6. you can try this *133# to check the data balance in Aircel.

  7. thank you :) that helped :)

  8. Thank u krishna. Ur suggestion worked. ….

  9. i m from una himachal pradesh. n i m not able to find 2g net balance

  10. DEEPAK PAREEK says:

    Dear Sir,
    I am using Aircel 2g/3g net pack but i dont know how will i check my remaining net balance so help me and provide my ussd code for tamilnadu net balance cheak

  11. ZIDIEL DEEP says:

    Ek v ussd codes not working in odisha :(

  12. Above codes not working in orissa circle..
    Someone tel how to know remaining 3g net balance

  13. For Odisha circle :The working USSD code is *126*6# :)

  14. why don’t we just give up on messed up Aircel and start using !dea, AirTel, Vodafone, etc.

  15. I hv got a new aircel connection with 2gb 3G data for three months…the net is works nut i m unable to know my 3G balance….i tried the codes but they ate not working….. Plzz kindly help me

  16. HAIII i cnnt 3g data balance ,i am from andhra pradesh kindly help me….


    Snapdeal se ek data card purchase kiya tha, snapdeal se ek offer mila tha, 3g net for three month, per month 1gb…but remainning data balance not shown, please help me..

  18. The code to find remaining data balance for combo 2G/3G balance is *143*0#

  19. I activated a 5 days 3g/2g plan of Rs. 67.For odisha the code is *126*6#.When i use this code it shows 3g and 2g volume available is 0.Can anyone help?

  20. You can check your data balance with *126*6# or *126*7# and *122*122# if you are from AP circle.

  21. surya pavan kumar says:

    Hi I m frm hyd.
    I recharged vt 455 rupees I m unable to check the bal pls help me n give me the codes to check the bal

  22. I got a data pack done at 11:00 in the morning, but the data pack balance showing is 0 mb; though I am able to use net. How much time does it take to get the correct data reflected after recharge?

  23. Ian from Hyderabad, Andhar Pradesh. Not getting 3G net balance.. Tried all code..

  24. I am not able to check net balance with the codes how….?

  25. Pujashree Sharma says:

    None of the above codes work for me I am an aircel user in Guwahati city, Assam (781028)

  26. Hi I’m in tamil nadu chennai. How to check 3g mobile data balance pl provide. …

  27. Hey i live in Guwahati (Assam) and i recharged with Rs. 1599 data pack (Aircel) but i am unable to know my remaining data balance, i’ve tried all of the above codes it does not work. Please help me out…

  28. The first really work in Bihar circle
    THANK YOU:-)

  29. I am using andhra aircel sim and i am using 3g/2g net but I don’t know how to cheak my remaining data..
    plz any one can help me…

  30. How to check data balance while such card connecting through laptop?

  31. how to check in aircel postpaid Rs 399 scheme?

  32. I have tried all ussd code but it does not show any remaining 3 g data in Bhubaneswar odhisha show MMI eroor please jlhelp us

  33. I am using Aircel 2g/3g pack in kolkata circle.but I don’t know how to check net balance.So would someone tell me how to check?thank you………………..

  34. Recently i brought aircel sim and at the same time I recharge 3G pack but is not upto the mark very slow net work

  35. please give me the number to check my data available in assam

  36. I am from Odisha circle. The ussd code *126*6# is showing zero 3g and 2g net balance when I have just got a data pack of 37… Please help me to know my data balance.

  37. Hi, I’ve tried all USSD codes, but still I didn’t get, Bangalore

  38. It is useful for check balance if ul data *122*011#. If Lt data *111*99#

  39. I want my phone no offers

  40. sandeep kumar says:

    thanks it’s working , *122*011#…

  41. It doesn’t work…

  42. Today I have recharged my aircel no by rs 155 for 1gb 3g data.. it is working very fine n fast but I m not able to check the remaining balance with the ussd given. either it is showing wrong or nothing is coming.. can anybody please help.

    location : Kolkata.. my no starts with 9804…

  43. how to check aircel 3g in kolkata circle?

  44. I have tried all code but it’s not working so please help me n send me code of how to check 3G balance in Hyderabad circle …. ….


    type *143*0# to know internet balance for limited use plans

  46. None of the above code work to findout aircel 3G balance in Chennai circle

  47. what is meant by CDVOL balance

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