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Sony C6603 Yuga Release Date, Specification, Price

When we wrote about HTC J Butterfly smartphone on our phone blog, we predicted the upcoming trend of Full HD resolution i.e. 1080p on high-end flagship smartphones. Our prediction now holds true as leaked images of ‘Sony C6603 Yuga‘ phone has come to spotlight. Sony C6603 Yuga phone has 1080p display with resolution of 1794*1080 […] Continue reading →

All you need to know about Windows Phone 8

Taking leaps and bounds, it amazes us the way technology moves forward. Few years back, we were using Symbian devices from Nokia and were content with those under-powered devices while some used windows phones. Those with deep pockets started using iOS devices i.e. Apple iPhones. But then, android platform rose, initially not given due respect, […] Continue reading →

Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini Specification, Price, Release Date

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Gadgets mill always keep running with companies launching fresh new products every day so that we customers could get more choices and exciting gizmos. Google’s Android OS has changed entire phone market and has made smartphones reachable to every person on this planet. Samsung caters to all kinds of valuable customers, those with deep pockets […] Continue reading →

HTC One X+ Specification, Price, Release Date

2012 has been the year of gadgets and phones. This year, we witnessed launch of several android smartphones from several manufacturers. Android has really grown and the companies want to leave no space empty to lure customers of all kinds. Going along the line, HTC One X+ is announced officially as upgrade to the successfully […] Continue reading →

Buy Samsung Galaxy Note 2 in India

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Update: Samsung Galaxy Note II phone is officially released and is available for purchase at price of Rs.39,990 in India. +1 to us as Techotv expectation/guess for the phone was about Rs.40,000 as given below which is approximately equal to the original price revealed above. Exclusive launch offer of free bluetooth headset with every purchase […] Continue reading →