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PlayStation 4 Release Date, Price, Features – All you need to know

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The billion dollar industry of Gaming or say, interactive entertainment is idle? Well, no. Projects are underway, next-gen consoles and game titles are being in development. If the rumors and reports are to be interpreted in a genius way, one can surely tell that Sony is working on Playstation 4 and it’ll be likely to […] Continue reading →

Sony Playstation 4 to support 4k UD resolution

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In one of our previous posts, we talked about the launch of LG TV with 4k resolution , well, LG is not alone in the race to push 4k i.e. ultra definition resolution to consumer space. Sony is also aimed at propelling additional support to 4k screen resolution by launching similar TV (Sony XBR 80 […] Continue reading →

LG reveals new 84 inch UD 3d TV

There are several HD-TVs available but when it comes to UD TV, do you know any select name? When it comes to TV niche, LG mesmerizes us with innovative development and this time, it has come up with world’s first 84 inch 4k 3d TV. TVs of this dimension is not something new as we […] Continue reading →

Laptop Buying Guide

Count on us if you want to buy a laptop as we’ll be there to make your decision easy. Buying a laptop is not an easy task since your laptop is going to be your fun, work, nonetheless your friend. You need to make sure you’re buying what you need rather than what you want. […] Continue reading →

Micromax Funbook Pro 10.1 Inch Tablet Review Specifications Price

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Micromax Funbook Pro Tablet Reviewed by Techotv on August 6,2012 Of late, Micromax launched another pocket-friendly android tablet. This time, it sports 10.1 inch display, upgraded specifications and more. Micromax funbook 7 inch tablet has been very well received by the consumers owing to the cheap price and competitive offerings. In the entry level tablet […] Continue reading →

10 reasons why you should upgrade to SSD | HDD VS SSD

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SSD or Solid-State Drive, as they say, is relatively newer technology but in fact, its origin dates back to 1950. It had emerged during the era of Vacuum tube computers. In one form or another, SSD has been part of computer evolution. Rather than digging stories about its early developments, let us see why we […] Continue reading →

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 Android 4.0 ICS Tablet launched, Specifications

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Samsung has officially announced the launch of Galaxy Note 10.1 Android 4.0 tablet with proprietary S-pen. This is the best android tablet with high-end specifications as powered by 1.4 GHz Exynos quad-core processor and massive 2 GB of RAM. An intro video is live on Samsung Mobile YouTube channel where they flaunt the awesome productive […] Continue reading →